Moloney, John

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 191 Nbr. 2

Human Body Organs and Human Tissue Bill 2008: Second Stage.

I thank Senators for the welcome they have extended to me. I want to make it clear that no political divide exists on this issue. At a time when our attention is on the economy, I commend Senator...More Button

On 23 September, the Government approved the preparation of the general scheme and heads of a human tissue Bill to regulate the removal, retention, storage, use and disposal of human tissue from de...More Button

The Senator advocates moving to one of the two major systems for demonstrating consent for transplantation, the opt-out model, whereas the Minister is keeping an open mind on either opt-out or the ...More Button

I will now describe the different models for demonstrating consent for organ donation. The opt-in system requires the consent of the individual or next of kin before organs or tissues are removed ...More Button

One of the points to bear in mind about the opt-out system is that relatives of the deceased are approached as part of the donor screening process to seek a medical history of high-risk behaviour. ...More Button

This blurs the distinction between opt-in and opt-out countries and suggests other reasons for the difference in donation levels. I caution Senators that the Department has yet to consult the Atto...More Button

Factors which may be of equal or greater importance to improving and sustaining high organ donation rates include the organisation of transplantation services at a local and national level, nationa...More Button

To date there has been little sustained public debate on the model of consent for organ donation. The issue is of such importance and any change to the current system would be so radical that the ...More Button

I have already referred to the further option of mandated choice, sometimes referred to as required consent, whereby individuals must be asked at a specified point — such as when applying for...More Button

There is another feature of the Minister’s proposals that I wish to bring to the attention of the Seanad. In Ireland the current position is that when a person has indicated his or her willi...More Button

I will outline some other elements of the Minister’s legislation. The policy context behind the proposals lies in the discovery that post mortems had been performed and organs retained witho...More Button

An important aspect of the Minister’s human tissue Bill is the inclusion of provisions for consent to retention of human tissue once the coroner has concluded his or her investigations. Thes...More Button

The Bill sponsored by the Senator contains many useful elements and certainly is heading in the right direction. On the issue of consent for post mortem examination and organ retention, the Senato...More Button

One area in which the Minister’s proposals go further than those of Senator Quinn is that of regulation. The Senator’s Bill does not propose any formal regulation of the activities I h...More Button

Primary legislation is the only route for introducing the necessary safeguards, and the introduction of regulation, together with penalties for wilful breach of that regulation, is a proportionate ...More Button

I thank Senator Quinn and his colleagues for affording me the opportunity to speak in the House this evening and for opening this most important debate. I look forward to Senators’ support f...More Button