McDowell, Michael

Friday, 16 October 2020

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

An tOrd Gnó - Order of Business

First, I put on record that the leader of my group, Senator Boyhan, received the Order of Business for today at 10.19 a.m. It is not good enough that we should receive the proposed Order of Busine...More Button

  Second, I propose an amendment to the Order of Business, as proposed by the Leader, to provide that the words "and Remaining Stages" in respect of the Commission of Investigation (Mothe...More Button

  Third, the House has been told that the urgency of this matter arises from the fact that the commission will stand dissolved on 30 October and therefore arrangements in respect of its d...More Button

Posterior is a better word.More Button

Yes.More Button

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Commission of Investigation (Mother and Baby Homes and certain related Matters) Records, and another Matter, Bill 2020: Committee and Remaining Stages

I move amendment No. 2:More Button

That was my understanding too. The database that is going to Tusla has nothing to do with an individual who, in response to the appeal by the commission, came forward to give the confidential comm...More Button

Nothing could be clearer. It was stated to people that they were not witnesses, their names would never appear in a report, no one would ever be given the right to cross-examine them or challenge ...More Button

It does not affect people tracing their ancestors and it simply does not affect the rights of survivors of these institutions one bit. It does not affect the rights of any third party that these a...More Button

I point out to Senators Higgins and Ruane that before the Minister clarified that nothing would go to Tusla from the confidential committee, amendment No. 7 stated: “This section does not apply to ...More Button

I ask the Senator to listen to me for a second. I am not trying to enforce any confidentiality on anybody. Senator Ruane made the suggestion that somehow this was my fault because the 2004 Act so...More Button

  The very words "confidential committee" was put in by these Houses before Senator Higgins and I became Senators and the word "confidential" was supposed to mean something. The legislat...More Button

First, like Senator Mullen, I agree that my set of amendments were concentrating on the rights of those who wanted to maintain their confidentiality because that is what I was concerned with. Sena...More Button

If one goes back to 2004 and looks at the situation that the then Government found itself in, it wanted to do justice to the victims of clerical sexual abuse. It wanted to establish an inquiry int...More Button

I ask the Minister to tell the House upfront what is to stop him extending. Presumably, the commission would agree to it and request it. What is to stop him extending the commission's life by 21 ...More Button

  The only thing I can see that is of urgency on this matter is the ridiculous judicial council issue that was thrown in to the rear boot of the legislation for safe passage through the r...More Button

What about the records then?More Button

The Senator is inviting Judge Murphy to turn on the shredder.More Button

The Minister-----More Button

Senator Seery Kearney said the people outside the gates are supporters of the Minister. They are not.More Button

Yes.More Button

In view of what the Minister has said, namely, that he proposes to bring before Dáil Éireann an amendment to this legislation to allow some mechanism for the wishes of the people who were before th...More Button

  I wish to make two comments. I tabled an amendment as part of a suite of amendments to extend the life of the commission. I was told that, under the Standing Orders of this House, sin...More Button

  If the Minister amends the Bill in the Dáil, he will have to return it to this House. I look forward to seeing him again. I thank the Minister.More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

Senator Mullen's five or six questions do require to be answered insofar as the Minister can do so. If the commission asks for another few days to carry out the consultative process, whatever that...More Button

Amendment No. 7 has not been discussed.More Button

I will withdraw amendments Nos. 7 and 21, in view of the Minister's statement.More Button

I will not be moving amendment No. 21 either.More Button

Commission of Investigation (Mother and Baby Homes and certain related Matters) Records, and another Matter, Bill 2020: Second Stage (Resumed)

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Shannon Group: Motion (Resumed)

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