Fitzgerald, Frances

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 191 Nbr. 2

Order of Business.

Yesterday, legislation was introduced for the biggest economic policy decision taken in this State. As Senators will have seen, this was done in a chaotic manner as the introduction of the Bill wa...More Button

I am concerned by the tone of some of the debate on this issue. For example, I have heard Ministers and others state that the legislation only provides a guarantee. I caution against this type of...More Button

If parents decide to act as guarantor for a young adult taking on a mortgage, they consider the matter very carefully. They know their child and weigh up the risks. The State, in taking this deci...More Button

Some Members, including Senator Ross, have been speaking about this for a long time. Do we know the banks well enough, as well as a parent knows his or her child, to be giving this sort of guarant...More Button

On a related point, a story is carried in the newspapers today on an issue we discussed in the House on a number of occasions, namely, the M50. Up to 20,000 people have received fines and notices ...More Button

——of the spending of the money of this economy during what has been called the Celtic tiger. It is essential that we see better management in the weeks and months to come, especially i...More Button

Human Body Organs and Human Tissue Bill 2008: Second Stage.

I welcome the opportunity to speak on the Bill and welcome the Minister of State to the House. I commend Senator Quinn of the Independent Senators for placing the Bill before the House and for usi...More Button

We need more debate on this area as it can be a frightening area for people to think about. I agree a public awareness campaign is necessary, as well as further debate and discussion. It is a dif...More Button

A major 2006 international study found that presumed consent can give rise to a 25% to 30% increase in organ supply. This fact is quoted in the editorial in today’s The Irish Times. ...More Button

As we know, many of these are young people. Our rate of donation is relatively high by international standards, but there is great scope for improvement.More Button

I said earlier that many people are frightened about this issue. We need to provide detailed information on donation to the public. If we support Senator Quinn’s Bill there will be question...More Button

A letter in The Irish Times today relates to the Spanish situation, where there is presumed consent. The letter writer makes the point that the Spanish policy was developed by the establish...More Button

Our debate is important. I regret it looks like the Government will not support this Bill, but I welcome the news that the Minister intends to introduce legislation. I hope it will lead to progre...More Button

While I welcome the overall objectives of the Bill, I would like to make some observations and pose some questions. These matters are not insurmountable and could all be dealt with on Committee or...More Button

While I appreciate that the Bill respects parental authority and makes no effort to usurp it, I wonder whether the presumed opt-in should begin at a certain age. A family may not have considered o...More Button

It will be important that good practices are followed in hospitals. Hospitals may be failing by omission in terms of not discussing the issues with families. Equally, a situation could arise as a...More Button

While I agree with the thrust of this Bill, any measure of informed consent should be supported by a framework which enables the maximum number possible of successful organ transplants. I support ...More Button

Business of Seanad.

The Government’s timetable on this legislation has been chaotic from the start and this is another example of it. It is very clear the Bill will not be finished in the Dáil by 10 p.m....More Button

I suggest to Senator Feeney that we not be disingenuous about this. We are quite happy to work throughout the night, if that is what is necessary.More Button

What we are saying is we do not want an unrealistic timetable being put to us now that asks us to come in at 10 p.m., when we know the Bill will continue to be debated in the Dáil until midn...More Button

What about my suggestion?More Button

I accept the proposal in the interest of this issue and in light of its importance nationally. I would like the Leader to communicate with the leaders of the groups in the meantime. I hope we can...More Button

The Seanad divided: Tá, 27; Níl, 5.More Button

Sitting suspended at 7.15 p.m. and resumed at 10 p.m.More Button

I understand the Dáil has agreed to sit late in order to conclude the legislation this evening and that it is considered important that this legislation be passed tonight, and as a result th...More Button

I take it there will be a break between the Second Stage and Committee Stage in order to allow time to submit amendments.More Button

We will certainly have to hope that the execution of the legislation is better than its birth.More Button

This is the way the legislation has been handled in the Dáil as well as in this House, and it could have been handled in a better way. However, we now have no choice but to meet again at 2....More Button

Will it even be 2.30 a.m.?More Button

Credit Institutions (Financial Support) Bill 2008: Second Stage.

The State has guaranteed €400 billion.More Button

Will the Senator confirm or deny it.More Button

I will share my time with Senator Phelan.More Button

I welcome the Minister to the House. It has been made clear that Fine Gael supports this legislation. We believe it to be in the national interest. I caution, however, against the euphoria and s...More Button

We hope it will give the kind of confidence in the economy that will safeguard our banking sectors and jobs and create a new economic dynamic. As we have seen in recent months, there is now consid...More Button

Take, for example, the property bubble where warnings were received month after month up to the 11th hour. Under the former Taoiseach, Deputy Bertie Ahern and the former Minister for Finance, Depu...More Button

Senator Donohoe spoke very well about the challenge the Minister has in the weeks and months ahead, given the powers he has appropriated in this legislation. The Minister will be required to repor...More Button

That is the point.More Button

Credit Institutions (Financial Support) Bill 2008: Committee Stage.

There has clearly been much concern about the governance of banks about which many Members in the Dáil and Seanad have spoken. The purpose of this amendment is to ensure an outside person i...More Button

The Minister may have seen the Fine Gael Public Appointments Transparency Bill 2008 which was published during the week. This Bill provides that the chairpersons or chief executive officers of sta...More Button

This amendment takes into account the concerns expressed by many people and sets a formula for appointing suitably qualified persons to a variety of positions in the banks to ensure oversight. I a...More Button

I thank the staff, particularly our own staff, and all the staff who work in Leinster House for their support this evening, which was essential. I thank the Minister for staying here with us all n...More Button

It is an historic occasion. It is the first time that all Stages of a Bill have been passed after midnight in this House, emphasising the importance of the legislation and its importance for the e...More Button

8 o’clockMore Button

Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

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