Craughwell, Gerard P.

Friday, 16 October 2020

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

An tOrd Gnó - Order of Business

I compliment my colleague, Senator Murphy, on his speech and agree with everything he has said.More Button

  We were promised that, when the schools reopened, there would be no particular problem with substitute teachers, etc. A number of principals of primary schools have contacted me in the...More Button

  We are constantly being told by the Minister for Education and Skills that schools are not a source of transmission of the virus. I agree that the discipline in schools is excellent. ...More Button

  I propose an amendment to the Order of Business whereby the Minister with responsibility for education can come here and explain to the House the plans that are in place to ensure that ...More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

Well said.More Button

No, I will not press the amendment. I take the Leader's word that she will prioritise this issue and deal with it on the nearest possible date.More Button

  Order of Business agreed to. More Button

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Commission of Investigation (Mother and Baby Homes and certain related Matters) Records, and another Matter, Bill 2020: Second Stage (Resumed)

  The following motion was moved on Wednesday, 14 October 2020: "That the Bill be now read a Second Time."More Button

  Debate resumed on amendment No. 1:More Button

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Commission of Investigation (Mother and Baby Homes and certain related Matters) Records, and another Matter, Bill 2020: Committee and Remaining Stages

I came in here this afternoon with a very fixed set of views. The conflicts that are going on in my mind have been there since this Bill saw the light of day. Before I speak properly on the Bill,...More Button

It is absolutely disgraceful. The Minister's name will be on the Bill and his party's name will be associated with it. What were they thinking that they would allow this to happen? Why would the...More Button

  I was born and reared in Salthill in Galway and had a pretty easy life growing up. We were all fairly well-to-do. None of us was hungry but we were at the bottom end of Salthill socie...More Button

  One of my very good friends was living outside the country when she got pregnant. Her father was especially Victorian in his world view. She contacted home to tell them she was pregna...More Button

  I told the story the other day of a woman who met her daughter and started to tell her about the circumstances of her birth. When she got to the end of the story she told her that she ...More Button

  I am mindful of two brothers who were sent to Letterfrack because their mother fell pregnant a year after their father died. The family farm was taken from her and given to a relative ...More Button

  I totally concur with Senator Ruane. The State, and in this case the Minister is the embodiment of the State, promised citizens that if they came forward they would be treated with con...More Button

  I can guarantee that there are people watching this who want me to sit down because they want to know everything while there are others who will be thanking God that someone is trying t...More Button

  Having listened to Senators Higgins and Ruane, I accept that there is a discussion to have here but we cannot have that discussion in one afternoon, ramming through all Stages of a Bill...More Button

  I know there is a rush to get this legislation into the Dáil. I ask the Minister to accept the amendments and do the best he can for the people who put their trust in the State. I hav...More Button

  I listened to the contributions of Senators. Senator Boyhan would go through one when he talks about his experience. He is the only person present who has empirical evidence at his fi...More Button

When the Government was formed a number of people said to me they thanked God the Greens were there because they would make sure things are done right. This is not doing things right at all. This...More Button

  Senator McDowell was front and centre along with my good friend, Feargal Quinn, on the preservation of the Upper House to put a halt to the Government's gallop. That is what we are her...More Button

  Senators Higgins and Ruane and made some valid points. While I am totally committed to Senators Boyhan and McDowell, I believe if we had a Report Stage in a few days, we would have a c...More Button

  I am getting emails from people as I sit here pleading with me to slow this down. The Minister has to step up to the plate today and explain why we have to ram this through in a totall...More Button

  I know people like Senators Higgins and Ruane have their finger on the pulse with the organisations behind the amendments they are moving. I know Senator McDowell's desire to protect t...More Button

I do not know where the impression that everything will be lost if we delay this legislation has come from. Nothing will be lost. All we are asking for is a little more time, an extra 28 days, to...More Button

  The 4,000 people who have emailed me to ask me to slow it down cannot be wrong. I assume that approximately half of these people were involved in giving first-hand information while th...More Button

  To rush the Bill through the House in one day is absolutely insane and totally wrong. I again ask the Minister to commit to not going beyond Committee Stage today and to give us an opp...More Button

Senator Bacik has said practically everything I wanted to say. It smacks of laziness, of inappropriateness and of precisely what is going on here today, namely, the rushing of legislation through ...More Button

  I am sorry to give the Minister a bit of a lashing for it because I am sure he was asked to do this because of the urgency involved. However, it breaks my heart when I think of the wom...More Button

  I do not hold the Minister responsible. However, I would ask him to take the matter back to Cabinet and say that this is not the way to do business and to ask that they stop lumping on...More Button

I thank the Minister for his patience today as we ran the Bill through the House, or perhaps I should say as we rammed the Bill through the House. In ...More Button

That has to be said.More Button

It cannot be said often enough. It must not happen again.More Button

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Shannon Group: Motion (Resumed)

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