McDonald, Lisa

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 191 Nbr. 2

Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2008: Second Stage.

I welcome the Minister of State to the House and the broad thrust of the Bill. In terms of the structures which many local authorities have been working through, it is important to have them in le...More Button

There are some issues which must be mentioned, the first of which is anti-social behaviour. All the Senators who have spoken before me today have mentioned this as a significant scourge on society...More Button

If we are to go down the road of strategising the problem and not go any further, we will not be taking enough action. I worked on a local authority until quite recently and we would sit down, get...More Button

This is in preference to just giving the power to strategise on the matter. We all know the problem of anti-social behaviour is desperate and the people involved must be dealt with but the issue i...More Button

If we are to move people from a local authority house, what is the next stop and where will they end up? Many end up on the street or in flats throughout towns and villages — usually towns &...More Button

The legislation must be policy-driven and all local authorities will welcome the fact they are being given the powers to strategise and put policies in place. Many already have such policies in pl...More Button

Dysfunctional families are dysfunctional for a reason. Local authority staff should be allocated to the area, and the social workers in the local authorities such as Wexford County Council, for ex...More Button

I heard Senators mention today the issue of single fathers and single men. In Wexford town there are 600 single men on the housing list. There are more people looking for single-bed units or unit...More Button

It is usually the mother who stays in the family home with the children and it is generally the man who moves out. I am not saying this is right or wrong but it is the reality. We must provide fo...More Button

When I say “single men” I refer to divorced men and those with families who wish to have access to their children but who may not have provision for them to stay overnight. This all leads to socie...More Button

I wish to discuss rural housing. Unfortunately I do not see it dealt with in this legislation. When I say rural housing I refer to rural towns and villages. There is a national campaign for loca...More Button

With regard to Part V, local development plans for local villages have fared quite well with social housing in recent years. However, the villages that did not have local plans, and where the loca...More Button

Sewerage facilities need to be looked at. I do not believe our housing plan suits rural Ireland. The villages in rural Ireland are unable to house their own people, which is a shame. We need to ...More Button

The incremental purchase scheme is an excellent initiative. It is something we could look at in this climate for people in the private sector. From a conveyancing point of view it struck me as a ...More Button

If no land is available, no land has been bought and housing has slowed down, Part V will not deliver in that regard. We need to look at the land bank situation and how we can buy more land. Give...More Button

I welcome the broad thrust of the Bill. Subject to the caveats I have set out, it is excellent legislation.More Button

Human Body Organs and Human Tissue Bill 2008: Second Stage.

I welcome the broad thrust of the Bill and fully acknowledge and support the enthusiasm and concern of Senator Quinn in bringing the legislation before the House. As he said, it is about saving li...More Button

Consent for the donation of organs for transplantation is a central issue. The opt-in or opt-out, or presumed consent versus the mandated choice, which have all been outlined by previous speakers,...More Button

I do not doubt that the presumed consent, the opt-in model, has meant that donation rates have risen in the countries that have adopted it. That financial resources have been saved due to the high...More Button

The issue of specified activities, which Senator O’Toole dealt with in detail, involving human tissue, the post mortem examination, the anatomical examination, the public display, transplanta...More Button

Senator O’Toole made the point in regard to the consent of the relatives and bringing them in on the process that if they consider what is being done is the donation of an organ as a gift tha...More Button

We are concerned here with a huge cultural change but it is a step we need to take. When I was in university, during Fresher’s Week there were tables from which one picked up a donor card. ...More Button

As a practising solicitor for the past ten years I have noticed that increasing numbers of people want to write their will, despite the fact that until recently, rural people found it taboo to spea...More Button

Recently I have noticed that some people say they want to be cremated after death. It is their wish, not their relatives’ wish. The first point I make to such a person is to tell his or her...More Button

In writing their post death testamentary dispositions, that is, their wills, people are also saying they wish their organs to be donated. Again, that is too late. Legislation is needed to deal wi...More Button

Business of Seanad.

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Credit Institutions (Financial Support) Bill 2008: Committee Stage.

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