Daly, Mark

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 191 Nbr. 2

Human Body Organs and Human Tissue Bill 2008: Second Stage.

I welcome the chance to speak in this worthy debate because a time when we stand in this House with the opportunity to help create legislation that can actually save lives is all too rare. I thank...More Button

I am certain of one thing in tonight’s discussion, that the debate on the issue of organ donation is absolutely necessary. Beyond that point I am here to listen and learn from the opinions a...More Button

One of the criticisms of presumed consent is the impression it is part of a nanny state operation in that it takes the right of the person to consider and is involved in the decision to bestow the ...More Button

It may be far more effective to encourage the discussion of organ donation with families and loved ones to normalise the process for everyone involved. Public awareness campaigns and facilitation ...More Button

A survey by Spanish researchers found that of 200 families that declined to have their relatives’ organs removed, 78% changed their mind after the process was explained in detail. Very few o...More Button

A 2002 US study noted that because the quality of discussions between the potential donor and his or her family will depend on how well the donor is able to address vital issues regarding donation,...More Button

The United Network for Organ Sharing’s ethics committee has written that: “Intrinsic to the present approach to organ donation is the autonomy of each person to decide.” Autonomy, a paramoun...More Button

Clearly, under presumed consent the first principle of every person making a fully informed choice is compromised. Only those who go to the trouble of educating themselves and then either opting i...More Button

This challenge to organ donation occurs because a person’s decision to carry a donor card is not legally binding. It is only considered an indication of their intention. Consequently, a onc...More Button

A properly signed declaration, such as the back of a driving licence or an organ donor card, is a legal document under the Uniform Anatomic Gift Act in the US and is effective to authorise donation...More Button

Whereas the family’s permission may no longer be required under first person consent, effective systems will still include relatives in the process by explaining the donation process to the d...More Button

I commend Senator Mullen on offering his heart to us and much of what we have discussed has already been covered. Spain has been mentioned time and again but it is not the presumed consent model t...More Button

I ask that we begin by having people signing the back of their driving licence and having the information pooled in Clare. We have 1,550 people on dialysis in this country, which costs a staggerin...More Button

In my own county, it is somewhat encouraging to note there were nine times more organ donations in Kerry General Hospital than in a major hospital in Cork, and 18 people’s lives were transfor...More Button

Ultimately, we are failing because as legislators we have not put a system in place. To say we are tied at the bottom with Malta is not a record we should have this time next year.More Button

We will not vote on this Bill but as I indicated to Senator Quinn a Bill is coming. His input from the outline of this Bill has started a debate that will end in lives being saved. Even if what h...More Button

Business of Seanad.

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Credit Institutions (Financial Support) Bill 2008: Committee Stage.

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