Walsh, Jim

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Order of Business

That is anti-Catholic bias.More Button

That is surely a first.More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

I join those who welcome the findings of the European Court of Human Rights yesterday in the O'Keeffe case. The protection of children must always be prioritised. We should recognise that the Sta...More Button

I do not accept that the functions of that body should exclude Members of this House. It does not involve increasing the cost of the Exchequer but scrutinising and monitoring. There are many Memb...More Button

  Will the Leader consider this matter and also the continuing discrimination of Members of this House, who recently received a mandate from the people, and Members of the other House wit...More Button

Residents will not be too reassured.More Button

Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Seanad Reform: Motion (Continued)

I thank my colleague for allowing me a few minutes to speak. I also thank the Senators who tabled the motion. I support the broad principles of reform, although I do not support all the details i...More Button

The elephant in the room is Dáil reform, which is much more urgent than Seanad reform. That said, I fully support Seanad reform, which is urgently required. I put it to the Government Chief Whip ...More Button

The Government has become intoxicated by its own spin, of which this truncated debate is an example.More Button

I understand we are finishing at 5 p.m. today - Wednesday - because the Minister will not make himself available after that time. That is unacceptable.More Button

It is an example of why we must move from the rigid control by Government of these Houses.More Button

The Minister of State has no interest in Dáil reform, as has been evidenced in the past three years.More Button

It was the first time nobody from Northern Ireland was appointed.More Button

The Deputy should think of that when he goes on South East Radio.More Button

The Minister of State has brought "jobs for the boys" to a fine art.More Button

We cannot be listening to that kind of-----More Button

On a point of order, my understanding is that the Order of Business stated that this discussion would conclude at 5 p.m.More Button

The order is that we conclude at 5 p.m.More Button

I was going to ask the Leader to extend the time in order that others could contribute, too.More Button

We will not get into that issue. There is reform-----More Button

How does the Dáil work? It does not work. The debacle of Irish Water proves it. Look at the mess that was created.More Button

The Minister of State is primarily responsible for that mess.More Button

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