Quinn, Feargal

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 191 Nbr. 2

Human Body Organs and Human Tissue Bill 2008: Order for Second Stage.

I move: “That Second Stage be taken today.”More Button

Human Body Organs and Human Tissue Bill 2008: Second Stage.

I thank the Minister of State for attending the House for this debate. The objective of the Bill is to save lives. Ireland has a rate of organ donation approximately half that of Spain, which has...More Button

This Bill endeavours to tackle this issue by providing that consent would be presumed for certain permitted activities. In effect, the Bill would reverse the current position whereby one must opt-...More Button

I will attempt to explain the reason I am proposing this Bill; there is a personal background to it. I have known, as perhaps we all have, a number of people who have benefited from receiving an o...More Button

During the 18 months while they waited for a donor heart and during which time David got weaker, his mother, Margaret, contacted newspapers to highlight the need for organ donation. She ran a camp...More Button

Unfortunately, two days later, on the Wednesday after Easter, the transplant heart was rejected and David died on the following Friday. The medical advice was that the 18 month delay in waiting fo...More Button

At the same time in the same supermarket, two others were waiting for organ donations. These two colleagues were seeking kidneys and I saw their health deteriorate. One was Karl Carter, to whom I...More Button

All that occurred eight years ago. Since then I have taken an interest in the whole question of organ donation. I was impressed at the interest in the subject and the work done by Dr. Patrick Con...More Button

This subject is worthy of more open discussion. The Bill I have put before the House takes into account many of the concerns of citizens about the implications of such a proposal. Some 67% of the...More Button

I mentioned Karl Carter, a young man, who got an organ donation. He reminded me yesterday that donating two kidneys not only saves the lives of two people, it saves the lives of four people becaus...More Button

I will refer to some aspects of the Bill that deserve mention. The central part of the Bill is section 3. I will summarise what it states and not mention all the legal terms covered in it. It pr...More Button

I spoke to one mother whose baby died very early on. She informed me that she would have loved to have thought that, in death, her child might have helped someone else. However, she also indicate...More Button

The Bill appears to be quite involved because it focuses, in clear terms, on matters such as permitted activities. The objective of the Bill is to assist doctors who identify possible donors in ci...More Button

In the Bill, the aim is to ensure only permitted activities would be allowed. On first reading the Bill, some people were upset by the use of the word “storage” because it seemed to suggest that t...More Button

Another term which gives rise to concern is “commercial use” but this is not used in the Bill. This term is purposely not used because it is not a permitted activity. It must be remembered that t...More Button

To make the job of medical professionals hoping to encourage the donation of organs easier, the sanctions in this regard are expressed in the context of civil rather than criminal liability. The c...More Button

There are many worthy aspects of this matter which deserve to be debated. The Bill has been put forward for the purpose of saving and improving lives. It may not be perfect and I am sure there ar...More Button

I welcome the Minister of State, Deputy Wallace. I found this debate very useful and Senator Daly’s last words were very close to what I would have said myself.More Button

The aim in introducing this Bill on behalf of the Independent Senators was to achieve shorter waiting lists and fewer deaths. I believe the Minister of State’s comments that this Bill contai...More Button

I am heartened by the overall experience because the Minister of State spoke of coming together to further discuss and have public consultation. Those were the words of the Minister for Health and...More Button

I appreciate all the effort that has been put in. I have learned two things from this process. One is that Pope Benedict XVI carries a donor card, which I did not know. Mr. Mark Murphy, who is i...More Button

I am happy to adjourn this debate because of what the Minister of State said. I believe the Minister will achieve what she and I are both setting out to do.More Button

Debate adjourned.More Button

Sitting suspended at 5.55 p.m. and resumed at 6 p.m.More Button

Business of Seanad.

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