Quinn, Feargal

Thursday, 12 March 1998

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 154 Nbr. 13

Order of Business.

I support Senator Manning's position on the Adoption Bill. I will explain a point on which Senator Dardis has commented. Yesterday was the first time the parents of the Paraguayan children had a...More Button

I also ask the Leader to congratulate the Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment on two announcements this week of jobs for the west. Yesterday I phoned the president of...More Button

Central Bank Bill, 1997: Second Stage.

It is a pleasure to speak after listening to Senator Brendan Ryan's words of wisdom. This is the Central Bank Bill, it is not the EMU Bill. However, many Members are using this opportunity to spe...More Button

I am not going to speak on the question of whether Ireland should join EMU other than to say that Senators Ryan and Ross, who oppose such a move, gave no alternative. I have heard the warnings of ...More Button

Senators Ross and Ryan should go back to the 1780s in Philadelphia when Madison, Jefferson, Franklin and others were trying to form a United States of America comprising 13 states. Suppose they ha...More Button

I wish to say a few words on the role of the Central Bank in one area. I have looked at some of the advice given by banks in preparation for EMU. These are very good documents and we should read ...More Button

This Bill is a necessary part of the countdown to membership of EMU. It is also a timely reminder that the clock is ticking. We do not have much time left to prepare. It is time we gave serious ...More Button

What makes this so challenging is that it is happening at the same time as computers are facing another major change — getting ready for the new millennium. I tabled an Adjournment debate ab...More Button

The combination of these two enormous computer projects is very daunting, yet neither can be postponed. The millennium cannot be postponed and the introduction of the euro now seems to be cast in ...More Button

The other aspect of the transition to the euro which I wish to speak of is how cash transactions are to be handled. The Government and the Central Bank have a most important role to play in addres...More Button

We have a choice when it comes to introducing the euro as legal tender for cash transactions. The choice is very stark; there is a right way and a wrong way. As has been suggested, if we choose t...More Button

A drawn out transition would mean that over a period both currencies would be in use and that a person could demand change in either currency. Big stores and operators may be able to afford to deal...More Button

The alternative, which proved to workable in the case of decimalisation, is that one day be set for the changeover, from which date businesses would only give change in euros. For a few weeks good...More Button

Obviously, this instant change would not be totally without cost to business. A currency calculation would have to be made on receiving old money, which would be kept separate. However, this is r...More Button

In practical terms there is nothing to be said in favour of a slow transition and much to be said against it. It has been proposed only because the other countries, which have no experience of suc...More Button

It has been said that there would be a problem with vending machines if my suggestion was accepted. Every vending machine in Europe could not be changed overnight. However, an exception can be ma...More Button

I urge that, regardless of what other countries decide, we opt for an instant changeover. I also urge the Cental Bank and the Department of Finance to act as missionaries and advocates of this cau...More Button

On a point of order, I am concerned when you said a record will be taken of those who stood for a vote. I did not wish to record that I was necessarily going to vote against the Bill.More Button