McGowan, Paddy

Tuesday, 28 April 1998

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 155 Nbr. 6

Telephone Masts: Statements.

I welcome this opportunity for Statements in the House. I have asked for this for some time. I welcome the Minister of State to the House also. He will be helpful, as is always the case.More Button

I am pleased that Minister O'Rourke afforded an opportunity to those who were concerned about the future of Digifone masts to raise their concerns at a conference. I was also pleased about the mee...More Button

I agree with Senator Manning that we will not turn back the clock, but I disagree that the only issue is the health aspect of mobile telephones. That is not the matter in which I am interested. I ...More Button

I do not agree with Senator Manning. The matter was badly handled from the start. When Esat Digifone tendered for the licence, it had the best tender on paper, which did not include the use of te...More Button

I, as a long time member of a local authority, oppose totally the waiving of planning laws for any reason. I and all of my colleagues must comply with the planning laws. If somebody wants to buil...More Button

Therefore, it is unacceptable to see a company which can be exempt from planning regulations. We can pad it as much as we like. Not only is the company exempt from the planning regulations, but it...More Button

The average person believes it is wrong to exempt from planning laws whichever company was granted the licence in the first instance. Subsequently, for a reason nobody knows, the Government and th...More Button

Esat Digifone stated in a letter to me that under S.I. No. 78 of 1997, it may change any existing telecommunications structure so long as it does not exceed the existing height and does not more th...More Button

Those are fine eloquent words. Whoever negotiated that is not as generous to Mr. John Bloggs who lives on the side of the mountain when he wants a bathroom extension. Those are extravagant words ...More Button

I come from a county where there is a real problem. I had a deputation with the Minister for Justice, who recognised that we had a problem. Esat Digifone plan to put an aerial or aerials behind a...More Button

The Minister said our comments would be taken into account when a new monitoring system was put in place. Nobody objected to the mast originally because Castlefin is two miles from the Border and ...More Button

I am a mobile telephone user so I do not sound sincere when I complain about telephone masts. I will not take this issue to court as some people did and had to pay the costs when they lost. I cont...More Button

I acknowledge receipt of your letter of 16th ult. regarding above and wish to advise that the measurements of the existing mast have been taken by the Council and any new developments will be look...More Button

Donegal County Council is on the ball. Planning exemptions for telephone mast extensions will not be granted without a Government direction. I want a level playing pitch for everyone, whether it i...More Button

I expect the support of the Minister and the Minister of State to ensure we get fair play. We cannot turn the clock back, but it is obvious that an injustice was done because those who applied for...More Button

I appreciate the opportunity to express my views on this serious matter. We are not experts on the health hazards of such masts. I am concerned about the planning aspects and I want to ensure th...More Button

At 10.30 a.m. tomorrow.More Button

Ballybofey (Donegal) Job Losses.

I thank the Minister of State for dealing with this matter of serious concern in Ballybofey, County Donegal, and I hope he can offer some assistance.More Button

Herdmans (Ireland) Limited have been in business for more than 100 years in Sion Mills in County Tyrone and it is nearly 50 years since the company set up a yarn spinning mill at Ballybofey. Those ...More Button

Herdmans have been good employers and have helped the economy of the area substantially. Very few jobs have been created in the Finn Valley, which stretches from Lifford to Glenties, in the past 50...More Button

The Minister of State served in the Department of Foreign Affairs previously and knows that Donegal suffered seriously because of its close proximity to the Border. We suffered in silence, as did ...More Button

The southern Border counties could not compete and that is why we gained little new industry. If we complained about this, we were told Donegal was doing well because it had the Fruit of the Loom f...More Button

For example, there has a tradition of shirt manufacturing in Buncrana, Castlefin, Lifford and Letterkenny which employed many female workers and was very valuable to the economy. This has been larg...More Button

A major mistake was made when public representatives, such as myself, did not speak out during the height of the Troubles. It never should have been 80 per cent funding for the North against 20 pe...More Button

Herdmans is doing what every other international company will do. They will choose where they can obtain support and funding and there will no difficulty for Herdmans in extending its factory at S...More Button

I appreciate the Minister's positive response and we will take up his offer to arrange a meeting.More Button

Difficulties have arisen in recent years and no reply was received to any of the four letters to Forbairt's regional manager in Sligo. That is not very satisfactory. I hope the Minister is not pi...More Button

The Seanad adjourned at 8.15 p.m. until 10.30 a.m. on Wednesday, 29 April 1998.More Button