Manning, Maurice

Tuesday, 28 April 1998

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 155 Nbr. 6

Order of Business.

The Order of Business is agreed. Will the Leader ensure all Members will have access to copies of the consultants' report upon which the Government's final decision on Luas is to be based today? I...More Button

I refer to item 11 on the Order Paper, the Shannon River Council Bill. We meet three days per week and there are windows of opportunity when that Bill could be taken — for example, last Thu...More Button

Telephone Masts: Statements.

I welcome the Minister to the House. It is always a pleasure to have him in the House and I hope the debate will be as civilised as I heard him tell his civil servants Seanad debates usually are. ...More Button

This issue calls, most of all, for information and for hard factual analysis. It is clear that there is a great deal of concern, some of it expressed emotionally, throughout the country. I live i...More Button

It is important to place this debate in context. We have lived through a revolution in telephonic methodology and there is no going back. Mobile phones are one of the main methods of communication...More Button

In a few years we have moved to a position where there are 500,000 mobile phones in use. People find them extremely useful in looking after teenagers going out at night and for keeping in touch. T...More Button

The fact that mobile phones are a worldwide phenomenon should, in some ways, provide reassurance that what is happening here is not unique. We have a chance to learn from the experience of other c...More Button

One of the better results of the arrival of mobile phones was the introduction of competition. All of us have benefited from the fact that Telecom Éireann, hitherto a protected monopoly, has...More Button

When the independent licence was given to Esat there were strict conditions attached to it. It is important to emphasise that one of the conditions imposed by the State on the independent operator...More Button

Esat has also been faulted for using existing structures. However, this was in line with the guidelines issued by the Department of the Environment and Local Government which advised planners to f...More Button

The debate is concerned with the issue of whether these masts pose a danger to health or safety. This is the only concern of Members: we will not question the extent of the revolution which is tak...More Button

I hold no brief for anybody in this controversy. I have great regard for Esat. Many of its founding members were former students of mine and I have watched their progress with much pride as they b...More Button

The issue of fears is a scientific question which can either be resolved or not. The fears are either justified or unjustified. We are not talking about something which modern scientific evidence...More Button

This begs a question which Senator Gallagher posed on the way into the House, namely, whether people any longer believe anybody in an official position on such matters. In the past official bodies...More Button

The State must become more involved. It is not good enough for it to allow independent operators and Telecom into the field, derive revenue from it and at the same time almost stand back from it. ...More Button

I also believe that both the State and the companies need to become more actively involved in deciding on the health issue, and the Minister made reference to this. After all, it is the State whic...More Button

This debate will be useful if we can get from the Minister, and the report of the committee, agreement on independent assessment of what is at stake. None of us in this House is an expert. None of...More Button