Farrell, Willie

Tuesday, 28 April 1998

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 155 Nbr. 6

Order of Business.

Will the Leader arrange a debate on the media, particularly in view of the fact that some of them are now rattling the bones of the very brave in the grave towards commercial ends? It is scandalo...More Button

Implications of Alcohol Abuse for Road Safety: Statements.

This is an important subject and I thank the Minister of State for his attendance. Approximately 450 people were killed on the roads in 1997 of whom 150 were over the drink drive limit. As a resul...More Button

We also know that pedestrians who were killed had a high alcohol content in their blood. In last Friday's newspapers, the National Road Safety Council told us drink driving, speeding and failure t...More Button

People may not agree, but the drink problem is alarming. If on a Friday evening one walks around any city or town which has a college, groups of students are to be seen with six packs and carry ou...More Button

People were brought in from America and Europe to sit down in the North to bring peace and stop killing. We have a similar killing machine in the South in the form of alcohol and nobody says a wor...More Button

This is a major source of alcohol abuse. All pubs should be left open until midnight and there should be no extensions for hotels or otherwise. I have said this at health board meetings for years....More Button

I have great admiration for publicans and spent my time as a garsún around one and that old publican used to say “go ndéana Dia trócaire ar a anam.” If one puts people out of a...More Button

Will the Minister take action on the glamorising and advertising of drink? Cigarette advertising was stopped and a danger notice put on boxes. There is a huge campaign against cigarette smoking, ...More Button

I would like to see drink being less glamorised and a return to the old type of pub culture which is a very important part of our society. However, I am not in favour of drink being served at danc...More Button

I do not believe that a speed of 75 miles per hour on a dual carriageway or a good primary route constitutes speeding. However, a speed of 40 miles per hour on narrow country roads is dangerous. ...More Button

I believe that the majority of drivers wear seat belts and, in my opinion, the number of drivers killed as a result of not wearing them is very few. I saw a statistic some time ago that prescribed ...More Button

I thank the Minister for coming into the House. Drink should no longer be glamorised, we should return to the local pub culture, extend pub opening hours and abolish extensions for discos and so on.More Button

Telephone Masts: Statements.

I welcome Members' comments on this controversial subject because many people are concerned about it. I bought a mobile telephone when they came on the market and I have access to GSM at present. ...More Button

Mobile phones have proven to be very useful, particularly from the point of view of business. The dangers involved have been overplayed. Eight or nine years ago I tabled a motion at a meeting of th...More Button

I have no axe to grind in respect of this matter. Esat chose to use masts at Garda barracks and elsewhere because many objectors stated that a forest of masts would spring up throughout the country...More Button

Mobile phones are very popular throughout Europe. At Christmas, I went on holiday to northern Italy and I was contacted on my mobile phone by a man from County Leitrim. I could not believe it. T...More Button

The Garda authorities recently commented that because of the number of car drivers who use mobile phones, they were tipped off about instances of dangerous driving or drink driving and they were ab...More Button

I use a mobile phone and for that reason I cannot speak against them. However, regardless of the reassurances provided, the problem is that people continue to believe there are dangers involved in...More Button

We want modern technology, good television pictures, good telephone services and computers, but they all make use of airwaves of one sort or another and create radiation. I am told that the microw...More Button

I do not know how we will manage to address people's fears. I sympathise with those who object to masts because I know they are motivated by genuine fear. However, much of the fear is wrongly cre...More Button

Yet, the case may go before a judge and another opinion is given. Therefore, one must be wrong and another right.More Button

I do not know how these genuine fears can be allayed, but a system must be found to address them. Parents are afraid that masts are dangerous. I congratulate the Minister on the work she has done ...More Button

There are half a million mobile ’phones in the country and it is an expanding business. The related services create many jobs for technology graduates. We cannot go back to the era of the a...More Button

We have many educated experts at our disposal but even those who came from the same colleges, having studied the same courses under the same teachers and passed the same exams come to opposing conc...More Button

I see no danger with masts. There has been a mast at RTÉ in Montrose for the last 20 years and had there been any danger people would have been dropping like flies in the area. However, pro...More Button

I hope the Minister will find a way to allay people's fears in this regard. A good service should be provided, particularly to rural areas. The cities have the communications networks they need bu...More Button