Chambers, Frank

Tuesday, 28 April 1998

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 155 Nbr. 6

Order of Business.

In light of recent discussion in the Dáil on the licensed trade and the request from vintners for extended opening hours, it is important that the Minister comes before the House to outline ...More Button

Implications of Alcohol Abuse for Road Safety: Statements.

As someone with a background in the licensed vintners' trade, I fully understand the difficulties involved in the business. I also understand the difficulties raised in the debate relating to road...More Button

As a family man, I abhor the experience of attending funerals of young people who have died as a result of the carnage on our roads. The County Mayo coroner, Dr. Michael Loftus, has fought a campa...More Button

We talk about the growth and improvement in the economy but the personal damage that alcohol related problems cost the State's health services must be weighed against Exchequer returns from the dri...More Button

The approach by publicans, licensees and educationalists to alcohol should be similar to that taken towards cigarettes, even though it may not be as simple a matter. We are dealing with a drug whi...More Button

Over the last few years Governments have invested enormous sums in our nationals roads, including signage. The increase in traffic volumes has been enormous. The road from the west to Dublin was...More Button

Long ago people could get away with drinking and driving, but that time has gone because of the huge change in our laws and society. It is important to face up to this matter, but vintners have no...More Button

There were very few discos 15 years ago. The disco trade is now a major one and provides support to the tourism sector as it is the mainstay of many hotels. It also results in huge gatherings of ...More Button

The Assistant Garda Commissioner said today that the difficulties in the west as regards licensing hours were due to legislation we put in place. He is right but there is a responsibility on the Ga...More Button

Publicans justify their request for longer opening hours on the basis of comparisons with other countries which cater for tourists. At the recent conference it was suggested that vintners should p...More Button

I am concerned about young people congregating late at night and under-age drinking. The off-licence trade is not demonstrating responsibility in this area.More Button

Telephone Masts: Statements.

I welcome the debate on telecommunication masts. It is worthy and important that such a debate is taking place. If this debate had taken place earlier at local authority level, some of the curren...More Button

The quality of RTÉ's television service in County Mayo was mentioned. Perhaps the Minister can ensure that RTÉ will bear the cost of relaying the service to the Treenbeg area of Newp...More Button

The debate has covered an important aspect of communications. Partly it has arisen from the debate prior to the last election when the telecommunications service for the country became an issue. ...More Button

No one can give a 100 per cent assurance in any given situation, just as one cannot be sure that when gets out of bed in the morning one will go back to bed that night. Nevertheless, there was a b...More Button

As previous speakers mentioned, most of the places where concern has been expressed about masts are areas of high amenity which require good levels of telecommunication. However, these areas must ...More Button

I welcome the Minister's guidelines concerning the choice of sites which are suitable for the environment and which should be, as far as possible, away from areas of population.More Button

It is good that this issue is being discussed. The Government is constantly reviewing and monitoring the effects on the environment of microwave discharges from the service. This is necessary to ...More Button

Improvements can be made through negotiation. Individual counties can take steps to ensure that telecommunication systems are improved and expanded. We can create the necessary competition to prov...More Button

I support the discussion document which is very worthwhile. This process should continue to work in tandem with local authorities for the future development of the service.More Button