Norris, David, Norris, David

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 191 Nbr. 2

Order of Business.

I am a little surprised to come back to the House and hear what seem to be echoes of the American Congress debate, which I thought was disgraceful, particularly the behaviour of the Republicans. G...More Button

I have not yet had an opportunity to look at the Bill, but I hope there will be something in it to protect the homes of the people. A number of people here — mine was not the only voice &mda...More Button

I wish to raise one other issue. We have often spent time discussing the Middle East.More Button

There is a question mark about that. President Bush should be impeached and is guilty of war crimes. There are many people in this House who would agree with that. The sooner he is gone the bett...More Button

I know, but I will defend my right to attack Bush in the interests of decency and international law.More Button

I indicated I have a question about foreign affairs for the Leader. This concerns the Middle East, in particular the situation in Iraq, where Mr. Bush has also stuck his jammy little fingers in to...More Button

A member of the Iraqi Parliament who visited Israel in order to understand the people so opposed to him has had his immunity lifted. On his previous visit to Israel, his two sons were assassinated...More Button

Human Body Organs and Human Tissue Bill 2008: Second Stage.

I welcome the Minister of State, Deputy Moloney, to the House and I welcome his useful review of the situation. I also very emphatically welcome the clear indication he gave of Government support ...More Button

5 o’clockMore Button

My brain is somewhere over the Mediterranean because I have just come back from Cyprus by a very circuitous route. I put that on the record partly because I am rambling but also because in reviewi...More Button

Among the areas the Minister of State reviewed was the question of opt-in, opt-out and the third option which is mandated choice. This is one favoured by the British Royal College of Physicians. ...More Button

We must also take into account the Madden report. I must say some of the communications I have received from Parents for Justice seem to have a slightly shrill tone, including suggesting that Sena...More Button

I note in his contribution, which I heard, Senator O’Toole used the word “harvesting” of organs. The Senator used the term in the neutral sense. However, in the wider global political spect...More Button

In the neighbouring island of Britain there was a campaign sponsored by The Observer newspaper — I am not sure if other colleagues have referred to it. It is interesting that the over...More Button

In his speech the Minister of State referred to Spain. I wish he had been more specific. He simply said something to the effect that although Spain has a very high proportion of organ donors, the...More Button

We know there are a considerable number of these operations. In case nobody else has put them on the record I would like to do so. Since 1985 there have been 261 heart transplants up to March 200...More Button

We must consider the matter in an overall European context. The Eurobarometer survey has indicated that 56% of European people are prepared to donate one of their organs to an organ donation servi...More Button

We need to consider the legislation very carefully. I commend Senator Quinn on producing it. It would be useful to place it in a European context and review the debate that took place next door i...More Button

I will come to the end of my sentence with the Acting Chairman’s permission.More Button

Not at all. We need to consider the matter in a European-wide context with a view to introducing an EU-wide donor card regime. I compliment Senator Quinn on his imaginative and very useful propos...More Button

Business of Seanad.

I support what my colleagues said. This seems to be a fairly chaotic proceeding. I am not sure why the Bill must be dealt with this evening. If this is a really serious matter, then it deserves ...More Button

As Senator Ross apparently said, and I am sorry I was not present to hear him, no good reason has been produced as to why this cannot wait until morning when we can consider it. The matter is unfo...More Button

I was just having a cup a coffee and saw someone on British television say that there are fears that this could be breaching competition law, and perhaps other Members have averted to that. That i...More Button

The only way the Bill will be completed is by guillotining it. Perhaps we will see it at 12 a.m. but what type of reasonable discussion is there likely to be in this House at midnight or after mid...More Button

Senator Walsh should explain that.More Button

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