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Friday, 16 October 2020

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

An tOrd Gnó - Order of Business

I echo the sentiments and spirit of Senator McGreehan's proposal on the basis that I have had the experience myself, when dining in Kings Inns, of a senior member of the Law Library asking me what ...More Button

  I have three points to raise with regard to the changing environment and our requirement for compliance. At the beginning of this crisis, we had fantastic resources on the HSE website ...More Button

  My final point relates to Christmas shopping and returns policies. I would be loath to start Christmas shopping now, though I have a sister-in-law who I am sure has it all done because...More Button

Returns policies usually apply for 28 days so if one does one's Christmas shopping now, it will not be possible to return the gifts after Christmas. We need to support the Consumer Association of ...More Button

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Commission of Investigation (Mother and Baby Homes and certain related Matters) Records, and another Matter, Bill 2020: Committee and Remaining Stages

My understanding of what is happening with this legislation is perhaps overly simplistic and I may stand corrected before the day is out. My understanding is that a unique database was created whe...More Button

  As much as I desire to support the individuals who want disclosure and I wrestle with how Tusla deals with and decides whether something is third party information, which I intend to ma...More Button

  If one goes to the website of the commission, it answers that it was not charged with attempting to resolve tracing. It advised people to contact Tusla or the Adoption Authority of Ire...More Button

I, too, have been extraordinarily moved by all of the contributions. I am grateful to Senator Boyhan for his honesty, transparency and passion. Equally, I am always impressed by Senator Higgins's...More Button

  I oppose the amendment, not because I do not fully agree with confidentiality, as Senator McDowell so eloquently described it, but because I do not believe it is necessary. Mindful of...More Button

  The 2004 Act was introduced for any type of commission of inquiry. It set in place a series of principles that would allow us to arrive at a conclusion or report that would then be dea...More Button

  The object of the confidential committee was to fill out the story. All of us would be careful if we were to be cross-examined. Even here, I am nervous about every single word I say b...More Button

For clarification purposes, perhaps my emphasis was misplaced. The statutory instrument particularly states the confidential committee shall produce a report of a general nature. All that should ...More Button

Similarly records should not have been arising in that instance. If we are adhering to what is here, there should only be a general report.More Button

I have full confidence in Judge Murphy, having read all she has produced on previous commissions. I have full confidence in her integrity in ensuring the statutory instrument is completely adhered...More Button

  I observed at first hand the Gacaca courts in Rwanda, which was the manner of dealing with the necessity of putting on record the history and truth of people's experience following the ...More Button

This is about the database. The net point is the database. It is not about the bigger issue; it is about the database. There is a means of resolving it. I was not here in 2015. I had no say as...More Button

I am not saying they are supporters of the Minister. I have not stated that. To delay the report is to also delay justice.More Button

Yes, I have spoken to survivors.More Button

I am happy to agreeMore Button

The Bill is about the database. It is not about the bigger issue. It is a net point of the database.More Button

I have already expressed my reservations about how Tusla is handling the data. Some of the emails - I have subsequently spoken to some of the people who sent them - have been quite appalling in de...More Button

I will be brief. I have sympathy with the position of Senator Higgins, which I appreciate, as she knows. We are of one mind on Tusla and the Data Protection Act. I think this is a belt-and-brace...More Button

Within section 3, I see-----More Button

I will speak to the amendment then. I thank you for your precision, a Leas-Chathaoirligh. The amendments relate to the application of data protection legislation. In this section, I see the Mini...More Button

  It has been said twice that this is technical and it is about the database. That has been quoted or said without the context of all of the other things that I have said. I am more tha...More Button

  The reason this legislation has to occur and has to be put in place is to preserve that information and to make it available to Tusla to assist in tracing. While I have reservations ab...More Button

  We cannot take this database away from the wider context that is how all of the rest of the resulting information and the collection of records of the commission has come about. We can...More Button

I will not delay. I see this section as merely providing an extension to the agency, insofar as section 45 of the 2004 Act is operative. It just extends the requirement to Tusla as well as the Mi...More Button

The Minister has referenced the index. I support an index. As he is receptive to that, I invite him to take on board these legitimate and supportive comments.More Button

  With regard to the review, I 100% support what Senator Ruane is saying but I am opposed to the amendment. No matter how broad and thorough it is, it may inadvertently fetter the scope ...More Button

I completely agree with the sentiment of the amendment. There are broader issues, however, and there are other Departments that need to have a say in this as well. It is a bigger matter than mere...More Button

Now.More Button

Now.More Button

I thank the Minister and all the contributors to the debate. This has been a long and worthy day. On Wednesday, I expressed my confidence in the Minister to address the issues of tracing and disc...More Button

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Commission of Investigation (Mother and Baby Homes and certain related Matters) Records, and another Matter, Bill 2020: Second Stage (Resumed)

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Shannon Group: Motion (Resumed)

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