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Quinn, Ruairí

Wednesday, 12 June 1996

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 466 Nbr. 7

Order of Business.

It is proposed to take No. 18, Pensions (Amendment) Bill, 1995 — Report and Final Stages — and No. 19, Garda Síochána Bill, 1996 — Second Stage (Resumed). It ...More Button

Scrambling back.More Button

The Deputy is putting it in jeopardy.More Button

I would not like to intrude on the partnership.More Button

The Government will take note of the fact when it meets later today that the Fianna Fáil Party, the Progressive Democrat Party and the environmentally friendly Greens voted on Second Stage a...More Button

It is what the Opposition did last night and there is no fudging that.More Button

The question of amendments proposed by Deputy Bertie Ahern — and he has been in this House as long as I have been here — is what I used to consider Committee Stage was all about. We ha...More Button

The two and a half Opposition parties have been caught in their opportunistic phase——More Button

——they voted against the principle thinking they would lose the vote but they have voted against the principle of light rail for Dublin.More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

We voted for it, the parties opposite voted against it. That is democracy.More Button

Did the Deputy's party not vote against it?More Button

I seem to recall that a Government of which the Deputy was a member accepted the principle of a Bill, proposed by Deputy Alan Shatter, on Second Stage which was subsequently amended on Committee St...More Button

The reality is that the parties voted against the principle of the Bill.More Button

The Government will consider the situation. We take it that the parties opposite are not opposed to light rail and, on that basis, will reintroduce the Bill as early as possible. We will take not...More Button

I am surprised that the Deputy with his experience of Government would not realise the implications of what he has just said.More Button

The Government will consider the situation and reintroduce the Bill as early as possible following consultation with the Whips.More Button

Of light rail.More Button

The Bill in question was defeated on Second Stage. By definition, any Bill introduced will have to be a new one. The Government will consider the situation today. It is our intention to have a l...More Button

Not on the Order of Business.More Button

Work on that very complex Bill is advancing satisfactorily and we hope to publish it in the autumn.More Button

The House will be aware that a recent judgment of the Supreme Court raised fundamental questions about the Bill.More Button

I do not have that information to hand. I apologise as I thought Deputy Ahern was referring to another Bill. I will obtain the information requested and communicate with him.More Button

The Independent Referendum Commission Bill, 1996: First Stage.

No.More Button

Written Answers. - Orthodontic Treatment.

Was asked: the concessions, if any, available for persons who have their orthodontic treatment in Northern Ireland.More Button

I am informed by the Revenue Commissioners that, under section 12 of the Finance Act, 1967, relief from income tax is available to taxpayers who receive orthodontic treatment from a registered prac...More Button

Written Answers. - Drug Seizures.

Was asked: the number of drug seizures at Rosslare Port in 1995 and to date in 1996; the quantities and type of drug seized in each instance; the proportion of the total national drug seizure during this peri...More Button

I am informed by the Revenue Commissioners that Customs made seven drug seizures at Rosslare Port in 1995 and three so far in 1996. Details of these seizures are as follows:More Button

In terms of estimated street values, the 1995 seizures at Rosslare Port represented some 3.4 per cent of all Customs seizures in that year. On the same basis, seizures so far this year at Rosslare...More Button

Three seizures of cannabis resins totalling 270 kilograms with an estimated street value of £2.7 million were made off the Wexford coast during the period in question. Customs made no other ...More Button

Written Answers. - Action Against Crime.

Was asked: his views on whether the Revenue authorities have failed to use their powers to target crime and drug barons; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Action to deal with criminals is primarily a matter for the gardaí. The Revenue Commissioners do, however, have an important part to play within their overall remit of assessing and collec...More Button

The primary role of the Revenue Commissioners in combating drugs trafficking is played by the Customs Service, which is responsible for deterring and preventing smuggling of illicit drugs. The Rev...More Button

As regards taxation, section 19 of the Finance Act, 1983, allows the Revenue to bring unexplained profits, whether derived from illegal activities or otherwise, into charge to income tax as “miscel...More Button

To successfully apply this section, however, evidence of ownership of assets or of lifestyle has to be available. Where criminals are concerned such evidence is frequently very difficult to obtain...More Button

The fact that Revenue have the facility to tax certain profits under section 19 does not make it any easier to prosecute and obtain a conviction in cases of offenders detected as having unexplained...More Button

Written Answers. - Flood Relief Programme.

Was asked: the current position in relation to the drafting of a national priority programme of areas to be considered for the execution of localised flood relief schemes; whether a report has been received f...More Button

Was asked: the measures, if any, the Office of Public Works will take in the immediate future to remove the risk of flooding next winter from the River Slaney in Baltinglass, County Wicklow; whether these ste...More Button

Written Answers. - Drug Detection.

Was asked: if representations have been made by the Customs Service at Rosslare Port for further resources for drug detection; the action, if any, he plans to take in this regard; and if he will make a statem...More Button

I am informed by the Revenue Commissioners that they have the question of staff resources dedicated to drug detection work under constant review. There are, at present, six assigned to the Customs ...More Button

The Revenue Commissioners are fully alert to the dangers of drug smuggling along the coastline, including the smuggling through ports in the southeast of the country. Experience has shown that int...More Button

The Customs Service has also enlisted the assistance of the public in the fight against drug smuggling through the drug watch programme, which was launched in 1993. Under this programme, the assis...More Button

In the circumstances, I am satisfied that the present measures taken by Customs in co-operation with the other enforcement agencies concerned provide adequate protection against the illegal importa...More Button

The Commissioners have informed me that they will keep the question of the deployment of Customs Officers in the Wexford-Rosslare region under constant review, having regard to Government policy on...More Button

Written Answers. - Tax Rebate.

Was asked: the current position regarding a rebate of emergency tax due to a person (details supplied) in County Cavan in respect of summer work with the North-Eastern Health Board during each of the years 19...More Button

I am informed by the Revenue Commissioners that the taxpayer was not in employment in 1993-94. Details of pay and tax paid in 1994-95 have now been received. A review has been carried out and a r...More Button

Written Answers. - Security Systems for the Elderly.

Was asked: the take-up level on the scheme of security systems and alarm monitoring devices in the homes of the elderly people living alone that was introduced in the 1996 budget.More Button

I am informed by the Revenue Commissioners that some 300 applications for the tax relief in question have been received to date. It is still a relatively early stage in the process and the number ...More Button