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Penrose, Willie

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Community Employment Schemes Operation

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: if he will amend the qualifying criteria for eligibility to participate on community employment and Tús schemes and in particular, the length of time a person has to be in receipt of a qualifying s...More Button

I am sure the Minister is aware that community employment, CE, and Tús schemes provide communities across the State with a deep network of services. They have always acted where State provision ha...More Button

I am pleased my question triggered some response from the Minister and his Department because I tabled a question last Wednesday and lo and behold, last Friday it all came tumbling out. I am very ...More Button

It is vital that people over 55, in particular those who use the schemes as a form of rehabilitation, are allowed to continue on schemes. There is nothing to stop that. It is all right talking ...More Button

There should be a change in the Tús scheme in terms of providing materials grants and educational and training opportunities. Does the Minister still plan to reduce the number of places on commu...More Button

Community Employment Schemes Operation (Continued)

Is an instruction in place from the Minister's Department that requires mandatory placement of long-term unemployed individuals with private companies? Are they prevented from participating in CE ...More Button

It has come to my attention that Intreo places greater emphasis on helping recipients into the JobPath programme, often without mentioning the potential of CE schemes for them. Is that a policy ...More Button

Family Income Supplement

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: his plans for reforms of the family income supplement scheme.More Button

I understood that last year, when Deputy Varadkar became Minister, he indicated that he had significant plans to implement reforms of the family income supplement scheme. More particularly, I beli...More Button

I agree with the Minister. I and the Labour Party would be very supportive of FIS. The one concern we have is that it is not used as an addition to, or substitute for, very low pay, that employer...More Button

The figure of €420 million signifies a significant element of low pay across the economy. That is what the starting figure is for this scheme. Of course, if a person has four or five children, ...More Button

There are two aims with the introduction of a working family payment, namely, to reduce child poverty and to ensure no family is better off on welfare than in work, which would have a positive ef...More Button

I thank the Minister. That is a sensible way of progressing this. As I said, I support family income supplement very strongly. It is important for large families. It encompasses two things and ...More Button

Social Insurance

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: his plans to reform PRSI.More Button

What plans has the Minister to extend and reform PRSI? He has recently spoken about this possibility. In particular, what plans are there to extend the range of benefits for people who make their...More Button

I got a letter today from the mother of a surrogate child. She is a teacher who pays PRSI. She gets no PRSI benefit, no maternity benefits, nothing. That is a huge hole in the availability of ...More Button

I was shocked by the letter.More Button

That could be the case.More Button

I note that it is the Minister's intention to roll the PRSI and USC into one scheme.More Button

Social Insurance (Continued)

How would that progress, and what impact would it have in terms of the various existing wage structures? I know the PRSI system is complex.

  I salute the Minister for attemptin...More Button

We had a comprehensive debate on this and there was a unanimous view among colleagues on all sides of the House. The range we focused on at that time was from 24 or 25 weeks up to 37 weeks. In th...More Button

Departmental Reports

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: when the report on the consultation on bogus self-employment and disguised employment will be published; and the policy changes he plans to pursue.More Button

Maternity Protection Entitlements

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: his plans to amend the rules on maternity benefit and maternity leave to allow for mothers of preterm babies by the time between the delivery date of the baby, the date the baby would have been del...More Button

Budget 2017

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: the proposals announced for his Department in budget 2017 that have yet to be implemented; and when they will be implemented.More Button

Broadband Service Provision

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: if his Department will provide 4G broadband via the NCTE to schools that are not on the fibre wire network (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Hospital Appointments Status

Asked the Minister for Health: the steps he will take to have a person (details supplied) seen by the vascular clinic surgeon at a hospital; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Services for People with Disabilities

Asked the Minister for Health: if he will liaise with the HSE to provide services for persons with additional needs (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button