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Pattison, Séamus

Tuesday, 3 December 2002

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 558 Nbr. 4

Ceisteanna – Questions. - Departmental Estimates.

I am not sure how this relates to the issues covered by the questions. The Deputy is getting into the detail and specifics of the matters raised.More Button

The last question might be more appropriate to another Minister.More Button

As I pointed out to Deputy Sargent, I cannot see how that is included under the eight questions the Taoiseach is answering.More Button

Ceisteanna – Questions. - Strategic Management Initiative.

The Deputy should ask a question.More Button

Leaders' Questions.

A question, please, Deputy.More Button

Deputy Ryan, this is Leader's Question time and the only person entitled to ask a supplementary question is Deputy Joe Higgins. Deputy, you have other ways of raising this issue.More Button

Request to move Adjournment of Dáil under Standing Order 31.

Before coming to the Order of Business I propose to deal with a number of notices under Standing Order 31 dealing with three separate topics. I propose to deal with these topics separately and I wi...More Button

In regard to the first topic I have received notices from Deputy Jan O'Sullivan. I call on Deputy O'Sullivan to state the matter.More Button

Having given the matter full consideration I do not consider it to be contemplated by Standing Order 31.More Button

In regard to the second topic I have received notice from Deputy Cuffe. I call on Deputy Cuffe to state the matter.More Button

The matter is not in order under Standing Order 31.More Button

In regard to the third topic I have received notice from Deputy Gormley. I call on Deputy Gormley to state the matter.More Button

The matter is not in order under Standing Order 31.More Button

Order of Business.

There are three proposals to be put to the House. Is the proposal for dealing with Nos. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 without debate agreed to?More Button

The proposal is to refer the matter to a select committee.More Button

Is the proposal for dealing with No. 25 agreed to?More Button

Last Thursday a ruling was sought on the use of scripts in the House. Having considered the matter the position is as follows:More Button

Under a long standing ruling of the Chair dating from the 8th Dáil in the early 1930s “a Member is not entitled to read a speech but he may consult notes. A Minister, according to precedent,...More Button

That position is unchanged and while the rule has been applied in more recent years the Chair has taken the view that Members in consulting notes may do so from extended notes.More Button

The Committee on Procedure and Privileges touched on this matter when finalising the protocol on decorum in the House recently and the issue can be revisited if thought necessary.More Button

It is also important to point out that the Dáil itself saw the need for more spontaneity in debate by bringing in a new Standing Order 47 in 1996. The use of scripts runs contrary to the spi...More Button

The Deputy should find another way of raising that matter.More Button

(Interruptions).More Button

Deputy Timmins was totally out of order in raising an issue that should be raised in another way.More Button

I suggest that Deputy Gilmore puts down a parliamentary question.More Button

The Deputy is out of order.More Button

Deputy, I suggest you submit a parliamentary question.More Button

Within the Standing Orders, we would be delighted to facilitate the Deputy.More Button

That does not arise.More Button

That does not arise. The Deputy knows the Standing Order.More Button

I would not like to spoil the Deputy's opportunity on the Adjournment tonight to deal with the same issue.More Button

National Development Finance Agency Bill, 2002: Second Stage (Resumed).

Deputy, you might be going into too much detail outside the Bill. A passing reference is acceptable but—More Button