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O'Keeffe, Jim

Wednesday, 27 March 2002

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 551 Nbr. 3

Request to move Adjournment of Dáil under Standing Order 31.

Will the Taoiseach appear before the committee?More Button

Order of Business.

Like that meted out to Paddy Teahon.More Button

They were like the three monkeys.More Button

Another blank cheque from the Taoiseach.More Button

Does the Government give a damn about the taxpayer?More Button

Order of Business (Resumed).

Hope springs eternal.More Button

Ceisteanna–Questions. - Official Engagements.

I will get one issue off the table as a lawyer and politician. Any notion of putting neutrality into the Constitution would be utter madness. It would leave every decision taken by the Government i...More Button

I turn to the main issue which is the Treaty of Nice. My concern is that everything is being left to the last minute again. It is more than nine months since the failure of the referendum on the tr...More Button

Does the Taoiseach accept that because the time has not been used properly there is a huge danger we will leave ourselves exposed to a further defeat? Will he accept now that the draft declaration,...More Button

It would also be useful to have the Defence Act amended to make it clear that involvement in the Rapid Reaction Force would require Dáil approval. One could claim this is unnecessary but onl...More Button

A draft would be fine for a debate.More Button

I will leave that issue. The Taoiseach obviously did not read the major paper I produced last October.More Button

I set out a six point plan, none of which was put into effect. I did not believe we should immediately return to the people.More Button

Did the Taoiseach hold discussions at the Barcelona meeting with the British Prime Minister on Sellafield, a matter of great concern here? My concern in this context is that there has been consider...More Button

It has expanded the plant.More Button

Priority Questions. - Declaration on Neutrality.

Asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs: if he will provide a draft of the declaration confirming that Ireland's policy of military neutrality is not affected by European treaties mentioned at the Barcelona European Council as being sough...More Button

As the Minister said, we have already spoken about the Nice treaty. The Minister should be specific on a number of issues. Is it the right approach to go off to Barcelona and talk about a draft tha...More Button

Does the Minister not accept that the procedures in relation to the democratic deficit and the use of the committees should now be in place? They are not in place and the extra resources needed are...More Button

Priority Questions. - Foreign Conflicts.

Asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs: if the Government supports President Bush's plan to target Iraq in the next phase of the war on terror; and, if so, the extent of such support.More Button

In regard to Iraq, I accept there is no imminent military action planned by the Americans. They are obviously putting a strategy in place, establishing bases, looking at the situation in relation t...More Button

In relation to the Middle East – this is linked because the Americans may have some interest in having a resolution of the Middle East problem before it actually moves on Iraq – where d...More Button

And EU involvement.More Button

Pressure.More Button

I still do not know what the Taoiseach said to President Bush.More Button

Priority Questions. - UN High Commissioner.

Asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs: if discussions took place with Mrs. Mary Robinson with a view to encouraging her to seek an extension of her term as the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights; and if discussions took place ...More Button

I pay tribute to Mrs. Robinson for the job she did as UN High Commissioner. It seems that, despite the Minister's tribute, Mrs. Robinson was left out in the cold by her own Government. I appreciate...More Button

If that were so, the Government could have used its diplomatic and political strength to ensure she was invited to do so.More Button

Is it the case that she was just left swinging there on her own, without any indication of support from her own Government? It was an utterly wrong thing to do. I appreciate that to continue in off...More Button

The Minister said there were, “no discussions with Mrs. Robinson on this matter”.More Button

The Government did not bother finding out.More Button

What answer did the Government get? More Button

Why did the Government not inquire of Mrs. Robinson as to her willingness to continue in office and offer support to her if she was so inclined? Did the matter not even warrant an inquiry?More Button

The Minister did not even bother talking to her.More Button

Other Questions. - Zimbabwean Election.

Asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs: his views on whether the recent election of Robert Mugabe as President of Zimbabwe was fraudulent and undemocratic; and the action he proposes to take either directly or indirectly through the Euro...More Button

Mugabe is a tyrant and a fraud and I think that is accepted internationally at this stage. His election was clearly unacceptable, undemocratic and fraudulent. I understand the Minister's position. ...More Button

Written Answers. - Foreign Conflicts.

Asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs: if there are steps which can be taken by way of trade sanctions or otherwise, to try and encourage an ending to the wholesale killings and destruction in the Middle East; if a role can be taken dir...More Button

Written Answers. - Grant Payments.

Asked the Minister for the Environment and Local Government: if redress is available to a disabled person who is unable to draw down a disabled persons grant, where the contractor is unable or has failed to produce the C2 tax certificate and where the contra...More Button

Written Answers. - Schools Building Projects.

Asked the Minister for Education and Science: the reason work on the extension to Schull Community College has not commenced; if there will be a continuing delay; the length of the delay; the reason for such delays; and when the project will g...More Button