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O'Higgins, Michael Joseph

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess) (Resumed).

What about the Standstill Orders?More Button

The Minister seemed to jump to 1946.More Button

I object to this continued attack upon you, Sir.More Button

That is the sort of rubbish that passes for a political speech in this House, and applauded by the Fianna Fáil Party!More Button

The Minister was not in the House to hear them.More Button

To continue his intelligent contribution to the proceedings of the House.More Button

I am sure you are, but display it.More Button

Just for the record, that is not so and Deputy Corry knows it is not so. Deputy Corry knows that he is saying something that is not accurate.More Button

I did not say that he was speaking an untruth. I said he was inaccurate.More Button

He knows it because I told it to him.More Button

I said it was inaccurate and the Deputy knows it is inaccurate.More Button

Please do so.More Button

On a point of order, I want to know how is this rubbish Deputy Corry is talking relevant to the motion we are discussing here?More Button

On a point of order, Sir, I would like to point out that Deputy Harte has been subjected to persistent interruption.More Button

There is a declaration now.More Button

Sitting in this House listening to the debate, I felt at times a deep sense of depression at the manner in which the major Party now regard Dáil Éireann. I can only assume that, sinc...More Button

Certainly, the standards of debate and the contributions made by at least two Fianna Fáil Deputies, in my opinion, represent a very serious black mark against what we are endeavouring to do ...More Button

I want to assert clearly what my view is in this regard. I would like to remind Deputies, and the Taoiseach in particular, that prior to the last general election, when the Second Programme for Ec...More Button

These were the targets set before the people by the Fianna Fáil Party immediately prior to the last general election. These are the things by which they must be tested. These are the targe...More Button

I think it is fair to say that since the announcement of the Second Programme, when it was blazoned across our newspapers and media of communication, Government Ministers sat back, twiddled their t...More Button

It will be remembered that, in the last general election, the former Taoiseach drew a distinction and attached importance to the distinction between what he called “economic programming” and “econo...More Button

Our people were told that unemployment would begin to disappear. It has been increasing steadily. Today, ten years after this Government went into office, it tries one's patience to listen to som...More Button

We thought we were beginning to see the end of emigration not because of any conscious or efficient effort by Fianna Fáil but because we had almost scraped the bottom of the barrel. We thou...More Button

We had the slush wanton inflation of 1964 when, in a disorderly and inefficient manner, Fianna Fáil Ministers dissipated the available credit in the country and, in effect, almost printed du...More Button

I am sorry to say that I believe the reason for this appalling failure by the present administration is not lack of good faith; I believe they all desire these things. However, I believe the answe...More Button

We now have the impending approach of European membership. I should like if some neutral observer, some unprejudiced person outside our political arena, could pass unbiassed judgment on the Fianna...More Button

When the absurdity of that proposition dawned on him and his Party, followed by the failure of the British negotiations, nothing was done about Europe whatsoever, until eventually, as a result of i...More Button

What is the result? Europe has now become more probable, as we were saying all the time. It is now becoming nearer and nearer. But look at the wasted years, the years in which Fianna Fáil...More Button

The same thing has happened in our factories and in our manufacturing industries. As Deputy Tully has mentioned, there have been the usual clichés in ministerial speeches, the usual bromides...More Button

We said all along that accession to the Treaty of Rome, entry into Europe, meant for this country either a wonderful opportunity or a very real and grave danger—one or the other. At least fo...More Button

There are other things. In the last general election, just two years ago, the Fine Gael Party announced a programme, a policy, aimed at achieving a just society. We provided views and principles ...More Button

Our policy, Towards A Just Society, eventually evoked from the Fianna Fáil Party in the dying days of the last election, some evidence that our message was going home and eventually a...More Button

What has happened to the promises made here in the early part of this year by the former Minister for Health, now the Minister for Education? He solemnly undertook in a debate in this House that ...More Button

We now see some more promises by the present Minister for Education, a most promising Minister, with regard to improvements in our educational system. That is some little benefit. It does not go ...More Button

There are a lot of other things about which I could speak but I do not want to cover too wide a field. There has been a discussion here about the recent by-elections and other elections this year....More Button

These elections were purely on the political issue as to whether you support or oppose Fianna Fáil and they resulted in the most decisive condemnation in the two constituencies in which, in ...More Button

References have been made here to the inter-Party Government. I do not want to go back over old issues but I make no apology for the fact that I was a Minister in an inter-Party Government. I am ...More Button

In these two by-elections, if they are to be taken as a test, every Party lost votes except Fine Gael. The Fine Gael share of the total votes in both constituencies rose from 29 per cent in the l...More Button

We have all been very kind to the Taoiseach. We have all said what a nice man he is. I welcomed personally his election to this office. I heard some of his speeches in the recent by-election and...More Button

I am not going to make the Taoiseach's speeches for him, but I want to say this——More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

Do you hear the cackling hens?More Button

The Taoiseach has been elected with a great degree of personal popularity, and from this side of the House, too. He has been dubbed the reluctant Taoiseach and the reluctant leader. I will ask h...More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

Today the Taoiseach, in an intervention, said that what is best for Fianna Fáil is best for the country.More Button

What is best for Fianna Fáil is best for the country. If that is the kind of leadership our people are to get for the next year or for as long as this Dáil lasts, then I say “God help...More Button

Certainly the Taoiseach's sentiments appear to have the unanimous support of his Party. I wonder what the people will think of that in due course? Deputy MacEntee is back.More Button

Deputy MacEntee is back. The soothsayer! He had enough to say the last time the Fianna Fáil Government decided what was best for the country. “What went wrong?” he asked. They consulted ...More Button

In the course of this debate, the Minister for Labour said something I judged to be critical about Deputy Cosgrave having had the temerity to go to Brussels to inquire into the problems affecting t...More Button

He will not do what a former leader of Fianna Fáil did at a time of critical domestic problems — go elsewhere to fan up flames that should long since have been allowed to die down. I ...More Button

Why did you not repeal it if you did not want it? You are still there. You can repeal it tomorrow.More Button

I just want to conclude by saying, with Deputy MacEntee's permission, that the Taoiseach and his Government can take some consolation in the fact that, so long as we are the Opposition in this Hous...More Button

A monority vote.More Button

It is not usual to criticise people who are not Members of the House.More Button

Deputy Colley is looking at you.More Button

And swallowed by Fianna Fáil.More Button

Más maith é is mithid.More Button