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Ó Cuív, Éamon

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Agri-Environment Options Scheme Applications

Asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine: when he intends re-opening the agri environment options scheme to new applicants; the conditions that will apply to the scheme; the maximum payment that will be provided for in the scheme; if there...More Button

Agri-Environment Options Scheme Applications (Continued)

I welcome the Minister's belated announcement in relation to AEOS III. It is an important scheme for many farmers. Can the Minister outline the estimated expenditure on REPS in 2012 and in 2013? ...More Button

What will the maximum payment be? Will it be €5,000?More Button

The Minister did not say that. He said it will be similar to last year's maximum payment.More Button

I have no doubt that when we stack up the REPS payments for this year and next year, a significant drop in the payment will be noted. Even allowing for the €20 million that is being made available...More Button

In government we provided €329 million and €337 million in 2010 and 2011, respectively, between the REPS and the AEOS. The Minister has cut the figure to €243 million, yet he cannot tell me what f...More Button

I would have thought the Minister would have that figure on the tip of his tongue today because it is central to the negotiations taking place. Given that only €86 million out of €243 million has ...More Button

I am well aware of that. The problem is that the Minister did not do this last year, when he left €61 million behind him.More Button

Severe Weather Events

Asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine: the actions taken to date and the proposed actions to assist farmers affected by the bad weather this summer, in view of the effect also of the drought in the USA; and if he will make a statement o...More Button

Severe Weather Events (Continued)

Does the Minister agree that for most farmers this will be an incredibly difficult year but for some farmers it is an utter disaster? Some farmers lost all their silage while others could not make...More Button

The Minister is making a virtue out of something that happens every year, namely, the 50% first payment of the single farm payment.More Button

As the Minister said himself, that is more or less a standard approach. The disadvantaged area scheme, DAS, is always paid out around the time of the ploughing championship week. There is nothing...More Button

I presume the Minister made representations to his colleague. He could confirm that. The Minister, Deputy Coveney, did virtually nothing.More Button

As a result of the significant delay involved in farmers getting their payments, does the Minister intend withdrawing the DAS stocking density requirement on farmers? Will the Minister announce ...More Button

That is a different issue altogether.More Button

I understand there are considerable delays in getting stocking loans from the banks so that by the time one gets such a loan one probably will have been forced to sell the stock. What steps are be...More Button

Fishing Industry Development (Continued)

What is the current valuation of the total allowable catch and discards allocated to non-Irish fishing operations within our waters?More Button

That is not what I asked.More Button

Does that include discards?More Button

It involves fishing in our waters.More Button

Disadvantaged Areas Scheme Eligibility

Exactly.More Button

As the Minister is aware, no one objects to the change in the criteria as they apply to farmers from outside disadvantaged areas who are in receipt of payments under the disadvantaged areas payment...More Button

The major saving will be achieved from the change in stocking rates. How many letters issued to farmers on stocking density and how many of them responded by applying for a derogation? When will ...More Button

Is it the case that those who will receive a cheque this week were not informed of that in writing?More Button

They will receive the payment without being informed that their appeal was successful.More Button

On the basis of how many letters?More Button

How many letters were issued indicating to farmers that they did not meet the stocking density requirements?More Button

I believe it is 10,000.More Button

My point is that the vast majority of the people in question were not in the categories ascribed to them.More Button

Disadvantaged Areas Scheme Eligibility (Continued)

This Government takes the money off the poorest on the most marginal land. The Minister's policy is to hit the guys on the hill and marginal land. He does not care about them because they just ha...More Button

From all the Minister's actions.More Button

Of the 4,000 decisions made, how many were in favour and how many were against derogation?

  If farmers appeal to the independent appeals committee, is it likely they will have t...More Button

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine wrote to 10,000 farmers asking them to state whether they were in the agri-environment options scheme, AEOS, or the rural environmental protection...More Button

The Minister is holding up the hill farmers and those on marginal lands. He has created a huge bureaucracy which has little purpose and that will save him for very little moneys.More Button

The Department then asked farmers if their lands were designated as a special area of conservation, SAC, special protection area, SPA, or a natural heritage area, NHA. However, the Department ha...More Button

Of the 4,000 decisions made on derogation, how many were favourable to the farmer? When can we expect the independent appeals committee to complete all of its work? Why do we have the farcical ...More Button

There is a fault.More Button

That is it – the farmers can wait.More Button

Mair, a chapaill, agus gheobhaidh tú féar. Ar chuala tú é sin riamh?More Button

Yet the Department knows that already.More Button

I am not creating an issue because I am the one they come to when they have difficulties with the forms, particularly the older farmers. What they cannot understand is why the Department had to wr...More Button

It is a minimum saving. We agree on that.More Button

Forestry Sector

Asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine: his plans to sell off the Coillte Teo forest crop; the progress made regarding same; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Why does the Minister not read it out like we used to do?More Button

When I was Minister, the official answer was my answer not the civil servants' answer. If I thought there was something in it that should not be there, then I took it out.More Button

Will the Minister give us his answer? Presumably, his answer is the answer that will be in the record.More Button

Forestry Sector (Continued)

Has Coillte been consulted on this issue? What is its advice about the desirability of the Government policy in this regard? The Minister says the crop will strategically stay in ownership, but i...More Button

What is the amount of money involved?More Button

School Transport Provision

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: the financial assistance available for parents towards the cost of transport when they are living in excess of five kilometres from the nearest primary school or from the nearest school transport p...More Button

Citizenship Applications

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: when a decision will issue on applications for naturalisation lodged by persons (details supplied) in County Galway; the reason for the delay in processing the applications; and if he will make a s...More Button