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Ó Cuív, Éamon

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 762 Nbr. 1

Medical Treatment (Termination of Pregnancy in Case of Risk to Life of Pregnant Woman) Bill 2012: Second Stage (Resumed)

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Social Welfare and Pensions Bill 2012: Second Stage (Resumed)

I am glad to have an opportunity to speak on the Social Welfare and Pensions Bill 2012. I am surprised by the changes the Minister has made to the social welfare system because they appear to amou...More Button

The previous Government had started to implement a decision to move to a total contribution system. This would have meant a person’s total contributions amounting to 30 years would receive a...More Button

The Minister then moved on to lone parents. I believe 90% of one-parent families are headed by women. While many people believe single parents make up a homogenous group, they include people whos...More Button

When I joined the Department there was considerable evidence that creating a distance between lone parents and the workforce was not good in the long term. I was also swayed by the arguments made ...More Button

As Minister, I identified the four levels of child care support needed. It is not needed for students who have completed the leaving certificate. Although young people of that age need contact wi...More Button

When we look at the care that a child needs when in primary school and when we look at the time at which primary schools close, we come to a completely higher level of support. The Minister sudden...More Button

It is interesting that when I spoke to the various representative organisations about the change I made, I think it would be fair to say that there was a certain amount of concern. Some of them ha...More Button

It would be interesting to hear what a court would declare if somebody challenged the constitutionality of this on the basis of the provision in the Constitution in respect of women not being force...More Button

We then have to add the Minister’s decision on the CE schemes to all of this. It is fair to say that in an objective world, we should never have given the two child dependant allowances. It...More Button

It seems the Minister is very determined to make targeted changes against women. I might also say that she joined the rest of her colleagues in the targeting of rural Ireland when she changed the ...More Button

A couple came into me recently and the husband was self-employed. The Minister’s good officials will know how much I argued against all of this stuff in my short time in the Department, and ...More Button

In the case of the CE schemes, it is ironic that the rug of the disability payment was pulled at a time when the partial capacity allowance was being brought in, and I understand the Minister is at...More Button

I would love to have an opportunity to talk about pensions. I want to ask the Minister what happened to the sovereign bonds and——More Button

——the idea of having Irish pension funds invested in Irish sovereign bonds instead of invested at a much lower and inferior rate in German bonds. Since becoming Minister, Deputy Burton...More Button

On the matter of the mortgage interest supplement, will the Minister abolish the 30-hour rule? It is ridiculous that a person is disqualified from mortgage interest supplement purely on the basis ...More Button

I would like to call a quorum.More Button

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Written Answers - Vocational Education Committees

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: the progress made to date in relation to the merger of the vocational education committees and the establishment of local education and training boards; and if he will make a statement on the matte...More Button

Written Answers - Banks Recapitalisation

Asked the Minister for Finance: if he has had any discussions with the banks in relation to the provision of credit in the construction industry; the results of these discussions; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button