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Norton, Patrick

Tuesday, 7 June 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 223 Nbr. 1

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Sales of Land to Non-Nationals.

asked the Minister for Finance the total value of land sold to non-nationals which would have been subject to the 25 per cent stamp duty if such duty were still in force in respect of the period Ap...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Sale of Land to Non-Nationals.

asked the Minister for Lands the total acreage of land sold to non-nationals in respect of the period April 1965 to the latest available date.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Landlord and Tenant Bill, 1965: Committee Stage.

I am finding it difficult to follow the intricacies of this Bill. I was not expecting it to be taken today, and I am rather at sea about it. I understand the Minister to say that where agreements ...More Button

The Minister agrees in principle?More Button

Where some tenants were unfortunate enough to have concluded an agreement with the landlord, would the Minister consider making the Bill retrospective in this way? Some rents and some leases will h...More Button

I do not quite follow the Minister.More Button

I move amendment No. 6:More Button

To delete subsection (2) (d) and substitute the following:—More Button

“(d) a person who, or whose predecessors in title has or have been continuously in occupation of the land during the whole of the period of fifty years next preceding the date of the service by the...More Button

What the Minister proposes to do will not cover a great number of leases from our point of view in the city and in the country generally. When I heard the Minister introduce the Bill, I was more o...More Button

But the Minister knows that many cross-Channel firms are coming in and buying blocks of property here. The tenant is normally entitled to get a renewal of lease when it expires unless the property...More Button

It is a pity we cannot do something to help these people before the Minister gets the report, considers it and then gets round to doing something about it. There will be very few of these people l...More Button

I remember that last year soon after coming to the House the Minister assured us this Bill would be before the House. This time last year——More Button

——the Minister was hopeful of introducing the Bill last August but then we had the printers' strike and something else. Now it is the following June and before anything really happens ...More Button

The Minister has suggested he would consider raising the figure to the equivalent of the valuation.More Button

Could we get the Minister to make it twice the valuation? It will still only cover a small number of people. The Minister is not on the side of the tenant and I feel that the Minister and the Hou...More Button

But valuations fixed 50 years ago would be very low and the Minister could double them.More Button

Only if the property was revalued. Most of them have not been revalued.More Button

I think the Minister put in a low figure at the beginning like the man who is going to bargain and then lets you haggle him up. I do not think the Minister is going very far.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Electricity (Special Provisions) Bill, 1966: Allocation of Time.

No interruption for questions.More Button