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Mullen, Michael

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess) (Resumed).

As the previous Deputy went back into the past, it is only right that we should go into the future and make submissions to the Taoiseach that he should go seriously to work and produce a positive p...More Button

In Dublin, the housing situation is still chronic. The emergency which was created three years ago as a result of houses falling is still in existence and some thousands of people are left in the ...More Button

Notice taken that 20 Members were not present; House counted, and 20 Members being present.More Button

It was not I who asked for a House and it is my understanding that it would not have been called for, were it not for the fact that Deputy Corry invited his colleagues to walk out. We are all con...More Button

Before the quorum was called for, I was adverting to the useful exercise undertaken recently by Dublin Corporation in trying to ascertain if those on the waiting list are still interested in houses...More Button

There has been a good deal of disappointment in relation to the much-vaunted Ballymun scheme. It was stated that these houses would be ready by a certain time but, so far, that certain time has fa...More Button

As I said at the outset, we should be looking to the future. We are not concerned with who went with whom in 1922 and the years following. Our concern is to face the reality of today in relation...More Button

While it is laudable to project improved health schemes, it is much more laudable to do something positive from the point of view of providing an adequate health scheme. Again, in this connection,...More Button

With regard to education, I am aware that arrangements will be made to give every child attending a national school an opportunity of further education. No Party would have the impudence to fall ...More Button

There is another matter the tackling of which is long overdue. I am thinking of the effects on some of our industries, if and when we go into the Common Market. It is wrong to say that our indust...More Button

This is an opportune time for the Taoiseach to consult with the Minister for Industry and Commerce and the Minister for Transport and Power in regard to the type of work our people are likely to be...More Button

There are other matters about which one could speak in this debate, but as I said, I am not one for asking what others did over the years. The time has come to face realities and the difficulties ...More Button