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Mullen, Michael

Wednesday, 5 October 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 224 Nbr. 5

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dublin City Vocational Schools.

asked the Minister for Education what was the total capacity of each of the city of Dublin vocational schools for 1965; and what is the present capacity of each school, and the number of students a...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Accommodation for Electrical Apprentices.

asked the Minister for Education if he is aware that because of the present financial restrictions the College of Technology, Kevin Street, Dublin is unable to accommodate a number of first year el...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dublin Vocational School Accommodation.

asked the Minister for Education if his attention has been drawn to a statement reported on Monday 26th September and attributed to him regarding a survey of accommodation in the City of Dublin Voc...More Button

Would the Minister be surprised to learn that at the last meeting of the City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee the officers of the committee denied any prior knowledge of a survey?More Button

Is the Minister aware that the first indication given to the school concerned was when an inspector arrived to take measurements? That is hardly a play on words.More Button

Thank you.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 27—Local Government (Resumed).

This debate affords Deputies an opportunity of referring to the different aspects of local government, but it also affords us an opportunity of saying what we have to say about the innovation which...More Button

There are many aspects of local government that are crying out for attention. The situation is not new. It has been in existence for a long number of years, and it has been referred to by previous...More Button

There is a similar situation in regard to roads nearby. In the Wadelai estate in Ballymun, which is within reasonable distance of the Finglas area, there are open spaces lying derelict. The local...More Button

We often have the problem before us in Dublin Corporation that certain laneways need to be taken in charge. A few years ago Dublin Corporation wanted to take laneways in charge but were told by th...More Button

Complaint can also be made about the public lighting system. In Dublin, the system is diabolical, particularly in the residential areas. In many parts of my constituency there are roads and avenu...More Button

In the final analysis, I suppose the real problem is the shortage of money. If that is so, the people should be told that the reason why they cannot have adequate lighting is the shortage of money....More Button

Complaint can also be made about the lack of provision of playing pitches for young people. Quite recently a man asked me to assist him in getting the use of a handball alley situated in an old Ga...More Button

I should like also to draw attention to the inadequate water supply, particularly in the Cabra area. Last week the position was so bad that the residents of Cabra decided to stop paying their rent...More Button

I should like now to say a few words about traffic regulations. There are many outlets from the city of Dublin on most of which a 30 mile per hour speed limit operates but there are many roads wit...More Button

I listened to Deputy Moore adverting to the traffic position in the city of Dublin and commenting on the way in which pedestrians converage on the centre of the city. Since the introduction of one...More Button

Of course, I am unable to understand why traffic lights were erected at the site of Nelson Pillar. More often than not a guard has to stand out on the road to ensure that the lights do not operat...More Button

I was glad to hear other speakers emphasising the importance of traffic regulations. I was wondering who exactly makes the arrangements. Is it a matter proper to the Minister? In part of my Dubl...More Button

I was pleased to hear some Fianna Fáil Deputies advocating the provision of public conveniences. There is a great need for the provision of public conveniences, and not only in tourist area...More Button

Having regard to the possibility of the population reaching one million and having regard to the serious housing situation, we must come to the conclusion that insufficient drive is being put into...More Button

What is planned in relation to housing? It is irrefutable, when you take into consideration what is being built at present and what is on the stocks, there is provision for only 7,600 houses and fl...More Button

I know of a place off Charlemont Street, Keegan's Cottages, otherwise known as Masterson's Lane. All the tenants are out of there with the exception of three families. One man lives on his own; a...More Button

When thinking in terms of housing, we should bear in mind the system of allocation. At present it is this. A husband and wife and three children are being housed if they live in a single room or ...More Button

Many people do not realise how bad the situation is now. The corporation are in such a bad way that, if a house is declared dangerous and there is a couple in it under the age of 50 and with no ch...More Button

I do not want to refer at length to the proposed rent increased in the corporation, which has caused a great deal of concern among the tenants. In the main, the tenants are good, decent citizens. ...More Button

We in the Labour Party have had quite a good deal of inquiry about this matter from various associations, a number of which are non-political. They are genuinely concerned about the position and ar...More Button

Because of the manner in which matters have been put forward, corporation tenants find themselves concerned about the suggested purchase of their houses. In that connection, a figure of £1,6...More Button

In mentioning corporation houses and their amenities, it is only right and proper that it should be known that, down the years, Dublin Corporation have gradually reduced the amount of services by w...More Button

When talking in terms of this housing problem, we cannot and must not overlook the fact that it applies to others besides people who are seeking to obtain Dublin Corporation houses or flats. Many ...More Button

It is true to say that a goodly number of these people, through no fault of their own, are living in abject poverty. True, there is a remission of rates over a ten year period but obviously this is...More Button

I am sure the Minister saw the Evening Press of Saturday, 1st October, 1966, which carried the banner headline on the front page “Vigil in the Rain for Houses”: “All Night Wait in Dublin”. ...More Button

I know that there has been much talk and complaint about it but I should like to ascertain if it is not possible for Dublin Corporation and Dublin County Council to tell people who apply for loans ...More Button

The time is long overdue when some advice or counsel should be afforded to intending house purchasers as there is a crying need for such a service. I am referring now, in particular, to people who...More Button

There is another matter in relation to housing, loans, grants and so on which affects Dublin city and county, that is, the absence of any reciprocal arrangement between the two bodies in relation t...More Button

With regard to the £1 per week increase for local government employees, there are at the moment some thousands of manual workers who have yet to get the £1. It has been indicated to th...More Button