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Moore, Seán

Wednesday, 29 June 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 223 Nbr. 10

Ministers and Secretaries (Amendment) Bill, 1966: Second Stage (resumed).

A Leas-Cheann Comhairle——More Button

I will waive my right to speak.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Resolution No. 3: Tax in Respect of Certain Goods (Resumed).

Many wise words have been spoken on this Budget and yet, to judge by the speeches, we do not seem to get any nearer to a true appreciation of the difficulties facing the country and, indeed, Europe...More Button

It is very easy to criticise the Dublin housing programme and its progress. Deputy Belton is well aware that, if we include the Ballymun scheme, roughly 3,000 dwellings are under construction at th...More Button

Include the Ballymun scheme with the traditional building. Money had to be found for that and for other things, too.More Button

The other local authorities say that but the Dublin fellows do not agree with it. Even Deputy Belton would not agree with that. I know that Deputy Tully and Deputy Belton are fair-minded men. Th...More Button

The Opposition Parties criticised the turnover tax and some Deputies claimed that it was the whole cause of industrial unrest, the shortage of money and the alleged general unhappiness. I would put...More Button

No, £16 million.More Button

I will stand by your figure if you give it to me. A Government cannot crib money; they have to get it by taxation. If you are to keep the housing drive going, you have to say: “We think housing i...More Button

It is being kept going. I am not going to fall into the trap of going back to 1957 or 1953. Deputy Belton knows what happened then. He knows that there was a complete mess made of the Dublin hous...More Button

Every scheme was held up then.More Button

Very few.More Button

We passed a scheme a fortnight ago in the Deputy's own area.More Button

Not so long. If you had your way and abolished the turnover tax, you would slow down housing still more. The Opposition should be honest and say that they accept the turnover tax because they hav...More Button

Deputy Belton referred to price control and to the fact that the Taoiseach gave the 12 per cent wage increase. I do not think the Labour Party would agree with that point of view. The fact is tha...More Button

It was in essence what I am saying now. I believe in facing facts although they may not be very palatable. It is the duty of any Parliament to face facts, both Opposition and Government; otherwis...More Button

They will get it.More Button

You people are trying to play two games at the one time and you cannot do it. You have to face facts and be honest with people. There have been references to the recent Presidential election and ...More Button

I am not going to discuss the election with the Deputy. However, I think he will find on the next occasion, when the municipal elections are held, that perhaps his Party will be rejected much more...More Button

I am calling for an honest approach from the Opposition to the problems which must be overcome. This Government set a headline for future Governments because when faced with grave difficulties, the...More Button

There are tremendous problems facing this country and the one hope of salvation is to be found in the present Government. It is a Government with a policy and whose Ministers have the ability and ...More Button

They have got the money for housing, for vocational education and for primary and secondary education. In regard to housing, we should look for a moment at our neighbouring island where there is a...More Button

I am not criticising their Government——More Button

We have not got the same type of tax. Ours is much better.More Button

We should try to see the difficulties of our own country at the moment. We are not alone in these difficulties. The great European countries like West Germany and Holland also have their problems...More Button

Opposition Deputies are continuously calling on the Government to resign but the Opposition do not want the Government to resign while there is a credit squeeze. When the credit squeeze is over in...More Button

It is a good thing to break with tradition sometimes.More Button

The Taoiseach broke with tradition when he introduced the Conditions of Employment Act which has become the workers' charter today.More Button

The Taoiseach has spent his whole life breaking with tradition for the benefit of the workers. I have little more to say, except to pose two questions to the Opposition. The first is whether if t...More Button