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Moore, Seán

Thursday, 16 June 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 223 Nbr. 5

Committee on Finance. - Resolution No. 3: Tax in Respect of Certain Goods (Resumed).

A member of your own union said that last week.More Button

To even the most patriotic citizen the imposition of taxation is not very welcome. That is all the more reason why it must be justified. There are two aspects of the present Financial Resolutions...More Button

Some time ago the Minister for Industry and Commerce said no country had a God-given right to prosperity. That is a thought that must strike each of us listening to the debate here. At present ev...More Button

I listened to Deputy Cosgrave yesterday. All I can say is perhaps the speech he made was not of his own composition. It was written by the grey eminence of the Fine Gael Party, who pontificates in...More Button

Deputy Cosgrave bemoaned the fact that the housing situation was not as well as it could be. We all agree with that. In this city we have 4,000 families awaiting houses. That is something we mus...More Button

I do not want to go back to 1957 but Deputy Cosgrave's speech forces me to do so. He contrasted the situation then and now. At that time the builders of this city refused to accept Corporation co...More Button

The housing drive is a heavy impost, but one which must be accepted. We must provide the money. It is a cause of the cynicism which Deputy Lindsay referred to that the Opposition cry for more hous...More Button

Go back to 1957 again. We woke up one morning and found a whole list of import levies imposed. Again, the people recognised that there was reason for the import levies but, because of the manner...More Button

The time has come when the Opposition must adopt a more responsible attitude than they have adopted. Simply to decry the efforts of the Government and try to place all the blame on the Government i...More Button

Today, while undoubtedly we have industrial unrest, a Fine Gael speaker said that every strike is for increased wages. It proves that the Deputy does not interest himself in matters affecting wor...More Button

The Minister for Transport and Power referred to the clash between white collar workers and manual workers. I am not going to deal with that but I should like to deal with the case of the lower-pa...More Button

——we could then go on to better the lot of the other workers. I do say, with all the sincerity I can command, that this is something which must be done if we are to start to build a re...More Button