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McGuinness, John

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Fibromyalgia: Statements (Continued)

I am sharing my time with Deputy Michael Moynihan.More Button

The easiest way for me to capture what people think about this is to read from a letter I received from a constituent in January. The content of the letter represents what most people would write ...More Button

That was in January 2019. Since my election to this House, and particularly in the past ten years, huge efforts have been made by the various organisations that represent those who suffer from f...More Button

On Sunday, 7 April, from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., in the Woodford Dolmen Hotel in Carlow, there will be a presentation and a full day to try to assist those with fibromyalgia to understand what they...More Button

There is a need to inform GPs and set out a pathway to care and to support financially the care that will be required. There is also a need for the Government to finally take action on the 1992 ...More Button

Childcare Services

I bring to the attention of the Minister the crisis in the not-for-profit community childcare sector. She will be aware of this issue because I have forwarded her considerable correspondence from ...More Button

It is also true that these facilities are dealing with parents and families, some of which are dysfunctional and some of which have great difficulties. As a result of that, children may arrive l...More Button

Childcare Services (Continued)

They are allowing families to get out of a cycle of unemployment or, in terms of school attendance and so on, neglect.More Button

While Pobal has a duty to audit, we as politicians, and the Minister in particular, have a duty to suggest to Pobal that there is a need for flexibility. Humanity can be a messy business and, th...More Button

I ask the Minister to remember that these services are being delivered at a value-for-money cost. Those being paid to deliver them are actually being underpaid per hour compared with the rate in...More Button

The Minister has spoken in general terms about the scheme and the new one that will come on stream at the end of the year. I would be the last to suggest that the Minister should ignore an audit o...More Button

The audit must have a human interest element in terms of these children. A balance must be struck between auditing a book and auditing a life. That is what is going on. If everything was as ro...More Button

SIPTU has agreed to support the staff in their efforts to get fair play for the sector and those employed therein. One man who has worked in the sector for the past 12 years has told me that he ...More Button

I have already written to the Minister about this matter.More Button

Report on Public Private Partnerships for Public Sector Infrastructure Projects - Liquidation of the Carillion Group: Motion

I move:More Button

Report on Public Private Partnerships for Public Sector Infrastructure Projects - Liquidation of the Carillion Group: Motion (Continued)

The evidence is that large companies outbid everyone else and get the contracts and that there is not enough scrutiny of their financial affairs. An examination of the balance sheets of the compan...More Button

On how many of the 19 recommendations is the Government going to act? In response to the committee's report, what action is the Department taking, in the context of the procurement process, to s...More Button

The issue of subcontractors also arises. Considering that a €14 million fund was mentioned, we recommend in the report that the subcontractors be paid. There was quite a hullabaloo at the time,...More Button

Subcontractors remain concerned. The subcontractors involved with Carillion and Sammon have still not been paid in the way they should have been. To witness railings being taken down and moved ...More Button