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Martin, Micheál

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Nomination of Taoiseach (Resumed)

Is nóiméad cinniúnach agus tábhachtach i saol an daonlathais é ceannaireacht Rialtais a athrú, go háirithe nuair a tharlaíonn an t-athrú seo i lár théarma na Parlaiminte. Tugann sé dúshlán dúinn u...More Button

Debates on the nomination of a Taoiseach have far too often been defined by loud partisan speeches and attacks on the legitimacy of the mandates held by others. In fact in some cases, the smalle...More Button

In addressing the nomination of Deputy Varadkar, I start from the basic belief that everybody in this House has a mandate and a sincere concern for the interests of our country.More Button

Nomination of Taoiseach (Resumed) (Continued)

There are deeply important policy differences between us that demand robust debate and different levels of commitment to the democratic republicanism that defines our State. However, the people wh...More Button

In addressing this nomination, I would like to deal with the role of the Taoiseach, the priorities of his Government and the work of this Dáil. Within this, I will of course deal with the basis ...More Button

As we showed repeatedly last year, our preference in this Dáil was for Fine Gael to be removed from power. In fact, Fianna Fáil Teachtaí Dála are the only Deputies who voted for a realistic mean...More Button

He has today started well in his decision to get someone other than Deputy Noel Rock to nominate him.More Button

As we all know, that did not end up too well last time. I hope Deputy Varadkar will respond to the rumour that he sent Deputy Rock out of the country for the duration of the leadership election an...More Button

Deputy Varadkar's decade as a party spokesman and Minister has shown us a lot about how he approaches politics but he will reach the office of Taoiseach with almost nothing known about his views ...More Button

Deputy Varadkar's views on the challenge of building a lasting peace, prosperity and unity on this island are largely unknown beyond the few general statements about being in favour of all three....More Button

The core reason Deputy Varadkar secured such a crushing victory in his parliamentary party is that his colleagues hope he will restore their political fortunes and not because he was offering the...More Button

Deputy Varadkar won their hearts conclusively by using his opportunities as a stand-in at Leaders' Questions to be more aggressively partisan in attacking opponents. This followed on from a series...More Button

The role of Taoiseach is profoundly different from that of Minister and party spokesman. It is only by him holding the office that we will see if Deputy Varadkar is willing to make the changes n...More Button

The confidence and supply agreement which we agreed last year is unusual in international terms in only one respect, namely, it is solely focused on policy. We have sought and received none of t...More Button

In broader terms, the past year has been one of ongoing drift and excuses from the Government. The two principal excuses have been that Deputy Kenny was on his way out which left a leadership va...More Button

The Fine Gael Party has the dominant control of Government. It has major staffing and financial resources at its disposal to develop and, more important, implement badly needed improvements for ou...More Button

I have been assured by Deputy Varadkar that he will fully implement the agreement and instruct Ministers to end delays on agreed funding. In addition, he has accepted the need to move immediatel...More Button

If Deputy Varadkar wishes to do more than talk about changing politics, he has an opportunity to do this today before the vote on the new Government. Yesterday's appointment to the Court of Appe...More Button

Added to this is the behaviour of the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Deputy Shane Ross. Where once he insisted on removing politics completely from such appointments, he has now agre...More Button

The challenges faced by our country are as they were last year. The obligation on the Government and Dáil to act constructively to tackle this challenge remains. After a wasted year of drift an...More Button

Appointment of Taoiseach and Nomination of Members of Government (Continued)

I dtosach báire, déanaim comhghairdeas leis na hAirí nua atá ceaptha anseo tráthnóna. Is lá ceiliúrtha agus den bhfíorthábhacht é dóibh siúd atá ceaptha agus dá muintireacha. Guím gach rath orthu...More Button

To be nominated to serve as a member of Government is a great honour. It carries with it great responsibilities. Each person nominated by the Taoiseach today to continue in government, or to jo...More Button

This Government is being nominated at a profoundly challenging time for our country, Europe and the wider world. Many of these challenges have grown over the past year because of the policy of d...More Button

To those who have been left off the list, I am sure that for the time being they are satisfied with reassurances that they will be considered for a position as Minister of State. Given the numbe...More Button

It is at best unfortunate that so many of today's appointments have been done on the basis of internal party concerns rather than on the basis of the most suitable person for the position. If this...More Button

The Good Friday Agreement represents one of the greatest achievements of constitutional republicanism. It secured the agreement to end an illegitimate campaign, take the gun out of politics, est...More Button

While we would certainly have had differences with Deputy Charles Flanagan in terms of the urgency and ambition of his approach to Northern Ireland, he is the only Member of Government to show an...More Button

The issue of Brexit is such that the challenges are changing every day. The terms of reference for the EU-side of the negotiations are very general and a non-specific start to what will be compl...More Button

The outcome of the UK election poses an opportunity to moderate the hard Brexit for which the previous Tory Government was pushing. This is a matter Fianna Fáil has been talking about in detail fo...More Button

I congratulate my constituency colleague, the Minister, Deputy Coveney, on his transfer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It is an excellent Department which had no obvious need fo...More Button

The separation of the Departments of Finance and Public Expenditure and Reform originated directly from the Labour Party demand for a share of the finance portfolio in 2011. With that party's us...More Button

In recent days, it has been widely trailed that the Taoiseach intends to abandon the rainy day fund and spend it on infrastructure. However, the fund is not yet in place and its creation is part o...More Button

Few areas have been more disastrously managed by Fine Gael than health. A series of damaging decisions and an obsession with managing headlines rather than services have led to real deterioratio...More Button

On its first day in office, Fine Gael abolished the place of community development at Cabinet. This has caused hardship in urban and rural communities and the damage is obvious to anyone who car...More Button

The ongoing crisis of confidence in key parts of the justice system has been the hallmark of recent years and was the most important impulse in the decision of Fine Gael to have a leadership cont...More Button

Why was no specific open advertisement issued in recent months for the job?More Button

Why was the job held open for nearly three months and then filled in this manner?More Button

Why did a Minister, once staunchly opposed to any political involvement in judicial appointments, quietly wave this appointment through?More Button

Was it anything to do with a decision to seek an interim report on facilitating the reopening of Stepaside Garda station, even though the full report is due in weeks? It has been said to me today ...More Button

There was a decision to cherry-pick one part of an interim report for announcement by means of a political banner in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown. The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport and every...More Button

Each Minister in the Government is obliged to serve the public interest and implement the basic agreements which helped him or her secure office. A record of growing division and unfairness has ...More Button