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Martin, Micheál

Friday, 6 May 2016

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Nomination of Taoiseach (Resumed) (Continued)

On behalf of the Fianna Fáil Party I will outline our approach to this vote and to the broader issue of how our country is to be governed during the Thirty-second Dáil. Today potentially represent...More Button

The result of February's election was unprecedented. Fianna Fáil won the support of over half a million people. We had the highest increase in vote numbers, percentage of votes and extra seats ...More Button

The election represented an overwhelming rejection of the Fine Gael-Labour Party Government, its policies and its hyper-political behaviour. That is why we have sought to completely replace that...More Button

When we last voted on nominations for Taoiseach, there came a point at which we had to move on and consider alternative approaches. We did this because, unlike Sinn Féin, the hard left alliance,...More Button

As the House knows, we entered into lengthy discussions with the Fine Gael Party concerning the formation of a minority Government. These negotiations were not easy, and they confirmed the serio...More Button

Just as important, five years of dominating the Labour Party and aggressively spinning everything has left a deep impact. As we saw yesterday, Fine Gael's concept of partnership does not yet ext...More Button

The arrangement we have reached is similar in scope and duration to models followed in many other countries. As we said when we first proposed the idea of a minority Government, they are a regul...More Button

However, it leaves the majority in Dáil Éireann to decide on the vast majority of legislative and other policies. This confidence and supply approach is today in operation in a number of European ...More Button

The agreement covers three budget cycles, subject to an overriding framework. This framework requires that Ireland achieves the reasonable fiscal targets most parties accepted during the electio...More Button

In terms of specific policy areas, there are important measures, but again it does not seek to be a comprehensive statement of policies for this Dáil. In each of our priority areas for deliverin...More Button

In housing, immediate action on rent allowance and the housing assistance payment will prevent more people becoming homeless. There are commitments to build more local authority houses and to in...More Button

Every Deputy elected to this House believes that more immediate action has to be taken on housing. We also have to address mortgage arrears and variable mortgage interest rates as families are sti...More Button

The damage caused by regressive and divisive policies in recent years has been significant. The new Government has not committed to the scale of comprehensive and urgent action which we believe ...More Button

Since our arrangement concerning a minority Government was published, we have had the absurd situation where parties who agreed to nothing are condemning us for not agreeing enough. In many case...More Button

-----but the record of the House still shows that on this day last month he said, "I urge [Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael], therefore, to accept the new realities and that they are the only ones fit to ...More Button

The House will shortly get the opportunity to vote on the Bill which will suspend water charges. Following a reasonable process, the majority in the Dáil will then decide what happens to water cha...More Button

Deputy Alan Kelly, suffering from the withdrawal of his drug of choice, has claimed that it is treason to remove this regressive, inefficient and democratically rejected tax.More Button

If those in the Labour Party think it is treason to set out a policy, to cost it, to secure overwhelming public support for it and to try implement it, then that says much about the state of the La...More Button

The formation of a minority Government on the basis of a confidence-and-supply agreement represents one of the most radical changes in our politics since Independence. The rules of how we all do...More Button

It represents a major challenge to Government to treat the Oireachtas seriously and to build support for policies. However, it is also a challenge to every Member of the Oireachtas. As we have se...More Button

Certainly, there will be a good deal of game-playing - like what we have seen in recent weeks - from a party that wanted to play politics on motions and so on without getting down to the work of ac...More Button

However, I think we have seen over the past five years that the people are not fooled by such manoeuvrings. The Government will most likely regularly not get its way on motions and specific propos...More Button

We believed that Fine Gael should be replaced in government. However, the majority of the House refused to support us in this effort. We have accepted the responsibility we believe every Deputy...More Button

By our abstention on this vote and the vote on the nomination of Ministers, a Government will be able to be formed. Commitments have been given to the effect that the worst elements of the last Go...More Button

This new departure for Irish politics is a major challenge. It requires putting aside old assumptions and lazy conventions. It gives everyone a role to play and a duty to be active and construc...More Button

Business of Dáil

Is that enough?More Button

Business of Dáil (Continued)

I take it the Ministers want to read into their briefs over the coming week, but there is an urgent necessity for the Parliament to organise itself as well.More Button

I ask that early next week the Whips of all parties meet with the Chief Whip to work out, for example, how many Oireachtas committees there will be. We need to get the committee system up and runn...More Button

The Taoiseach may also indicate a realignment of Departments in his speech, which is equally important for the committees that will be established to monitor and hold the Departments to account. ...More Button

Appointment of Taoiseach and Nomination of Members of Government: Motion (Continued)

Irrespective of the political differences on various sides of the House, I would like first of all to congratulate the Taoiseach on his re-election to that office. I would also like to be first to...More Button

On behalf of Fianna Fáil I wish the Taoiseach well in the challenging work ahead. He takes up office at a time when the people of Ireland have demanded a new direction. They have said clearly t...More Button

The composition of this Dáil and the fact that we now have a minority Government, directly links to the fact that the people have rejected the old way of conducting the public’s business. As we ...More Button

I would like to congratulate certain Deputies and parties for their creativity in saying both that we had a duty to be in government with Fine Gael and that we are to be condemned for allowing Fi...More Button

This Government is being formed because of Deputies and parties who refused to support the only alternative available. Fianna Fáil’s Deputies are the only Members of this House who voted for an al...More Button

We have chosen the path of constructive opposition and will not bring down the Government if it honours an agreed broad policy framework. Equally, we retain the right and intention to use our ma...More Button

This is the first time that a non-single-party Government has been presented to the Dáil for appointment without the programme for Government having been published in time for it to be read in de...More Button

Of the eight Independent Deputies who are part of this Government, seven required specific policy commitments before agreeing to participate. We have been told no commitments have been made othe...More Button

When discussing this programme for Government, it should be remembered the last one became widely acknowledged as a work of fiction. Even though it was written to claim credit for developments m...More Button

The new programme again uses the language of fairness. From our experience of negotiations with Fine Gael, it is not clear the party has any real understanding of what that term means or the urg...More Button

This must be a Government and a Dáil which ends this practice and delivers urgent action combined with credible planning. The housing and homelessness emergency represents the direct outcome of ...More Button

The comprehensive failure of health policy in recent years is undeniable. The collapse of the former Government’s compulsory insurance approach and the massive increases in waiting times were on...More Button

Given how important health is and how there is no majority for the former Government’s policies, the Minister and the new Government need to commit to a genuine consultation. They also need to u...More Button

I wish the new Minister for Education and Skills well in the role. It is an exciting and challenging Department, as I know well. It is also an area which has been defined by drift and a distort...More Button

Some of the very worst decisions of the last Government were its regressive policies on education.  The commitments we have received on reducing class size, restoring guidance counselling and ext...More Button

Given the collapse of partnership within education, the growing conflict and the delay of important reforms, we believe that a new Green Paper on education is needed this year.  It should be info...More Button

Deputy Eamon Ryan’s claim earlier that the plain people of Ireland had been let down by the fact that water charges will be suspended and decided on by the majority of the Dáil is only true if on...More Button

This Government is taking office at a turbulent time internationally.  We unequivocally believe that Ireland must take a constructive and positive approach to reforming and developing the Europea...More Button

The disengagement from Northern Ireland over the past five years caused immense damage.  It must be reversed.  The continued decline in turnout for Assembly elections confirms again the level of ...More Button

We need to reinvigorate the working of the agreed institutions and policies.  We need a Government that accepts its role as a co-guarantor of agreements, and this includes insisting that the domina...More Button

As said before, we have chosen the role of constructive opposition.  We will hold Ministers to account for their individual and collective actions.  We will demand a decisive shift from the unfair ...More Button

This is not the Government we believe reflects best the priorities of the people.  It is not a Government that marks a clear enough break from the past.  It is, however, the only Government the T...More Button

I know the Taoiseach will be appointing the Ministers of State early next week or whenever, but what has happened in the last 48 hours leaves a lot to be desired and flies in the face of the sent...More Button

What transpired here today before the vote on the nomination of Taoiseach was shambolic and unacceptable and there are many disillusioned people on the Independent benches who are clearly annoyed w...More Button

It is not good governance that one Minister gets it for one year and swaps with a Minister the following year.More Button

The fact that it is on-----More Button

The fact that it is on-----More Button

I suggest to the Government that it needs to show confidence in what it is about because the fact it is yearly suggests that maybe the Ministers concerned are not that confident about the longevity...More Button

I would like, in particular, to congratulate the Minister, Deputy Ross.More Button

I want to let Deputy Ross know that my late father was a founding member of the NBU and we will be watching the Deputy closely. It is 35 years since Deputy Ross first acceded to a hereditary seat ...More Button

That said, we wish all Ministers well in their various endeavours. We will work to hold them to account. We want to work constructively in terms of this Dáil and in terms of tackling the problems...More Button