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Martin, Micheál

Wednesday, 18 December 2002

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 559 Nbr. 6

Written Answers. - Hospitals Building Programme.

Was asked: when additional funding will be made available for the construction of Tralee Community Hospital as promised in February; and when permission will be granted to appoint a design team.More Button

The proposed development in Tralee will be tailored to meet the particular needs of its potential clients and will comprise a 50 bed nursing unit and back-up administrative and services facilities.More Button

The project as planned will incorporate a mixture of services including extended care, convalescent care, respite beds and palliative care support.More Button

The capital cost of the project, the most recent total estimate of which is in the region of €8.5 million, will be met from the national development plan. At present my Department is reviewing...More Button

Written Answers. - Child Abuse.

Was asked: if he has information or statistics on the number of foster children who were abused while in the care of the State; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Written Answers. - Autism Services.

Was asked: if a person (details supplied) in Dublin 3 will receive the maximum health care; and if services can be expanded to improve the quality of life for this child and its family.More Button

Was asked: if he will urgently intervene to ensure that a person (details supplied) in Dublin 7 who has Angelmans Syndrome gets respite care one weekend per month and also full medical care; and if the rights...More Button

Was asked: the action he intends to take to develop early intervention services for children on the autistic spectrum; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Written Answers. - Orthopaedic Services.

Was asked: if funding is included in the Estimates-letter of determination for the opening and operation of the orthopaedic unit at the Mayo General Hospital, Castlebar, in 2003; and if he will make a stateme...More Button

The provision of orthopaedic services at Mayo General Hospital is part of the Government's bed capacity initiative. I provided an additional €2.9 million revenue funding this year to begin the...More Button

Written Answers. - Nursing Home Subventions.

Was asked: if he will intervene in the case of a person (details supplied) in County Cork.More Button

Written Answers. - Death Statistics.

Was asked: the number of accidental deaths per year by paracetamol over dosage which occur here; if he has compared the Irish statistics to the equally deregulated USA and UK per head of population and the ph...More Button

The cause of death statistics are compiled by the Central Statistics Office. These statistics indicate the principal medical cause of death. They also provide for an external cause of death where r...More Button

*All but two of these cases have a principal cause of death due to poisoning from aromatic analgesics and thus Table 2 records only nine accidental deaths.More Button

The coding of external cause is not compulsory and thus the data may not be complete. Another problem with recording cause of death due to accidental paracetamol poisoning is that it is not always ...More Button

The Department has not compared Irish statistics with those of other countries. With regard to deregulation, which presumably refers to pharmacies, the impact is neutral.More Button

Written Answers. - Hospital Services.

Was asked: the reason there is a two week delay in the reading of X-rays for patients in the Carlow area; if he has plans to rectify the situation; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The provision of services in this instance is the responsibility of the South Eastern Health Board. My Department has asked its chief executive officer to reply directly to the Deputy in relation t...More Button

Was asked: the future role and designation of Monaghan Hospital; and the way in which the local people are to be provided with accident and emergency services and when.More Button

Was asked: if he has satisfied himself that people from County Monaghan should be sent outside the area and paid for by the North-Eastern Health Board for operations that could be carried out by the surgeons ...More Button

Was asked: if the maternity unit will be restored to Monaghan General Hospital; and if he will make a statement on the future of the hospital.More Button

I propose to answer Questions Nos. 171, 186 and 190 together.More Button

Responsibility for the provision of services at Monaghan General Hospital rests with the North Eastern Health Board. My Department has therefore, asked the chief executive officer of the board to i...More Button

Was asked: the resources being provided to Beaumont Hospital; the other resources available to the hospital including the income the hospital has derived from the public car-parks on the campus in each of the...More Button

Responsibility for the funding of services at Beaumont Hospital rests with the Eastern Regional Health Authority. My Department has, therefore, asked the Eastern Regional Health Authority to invest...More Button

Was asked: if the appointment of orthopaedic surgeons to the Mayo General Hospital will be affected by the embargo on public service recruitment; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

My Department has provided financial clearance to the Western Health Board for the appointment of three consultant orthopaedic surgeons at Mayo General Hospital. I understand that Comhairle na nOsp...More Button

Was asked: if the Mayo General Hospital has been seeking the replacement of a defective scanning X-ray machine for the past year without success which was closed down for safety reasons by the independent ins...More Button

The provision of medical services, including the replacement of equipment at Mayo General Hospital, is the responsibility of the Western Health Board in the first instance. My Department has recent...More Button

My Department is at present reviewing, from a national point of view, the NDP for the health sector in light of the outturn position for 2002. The review also encompasses providing for existing cap...More Button

Written Answers. - Mental Handicap Services.

Was asked: if his attention has been drawn to the findings of the service review carried out by the health board on the Gheel Centre for the mentally handicapped in Fairview, Dublin; if the recommendations wi...More Button

Written Answers. - Rehabilitation Services.

Was asked: if his attention has been drawn to the fact that a person (details supplied) in Dublin 14 who is suffering appalling brain injury as a result of vicious street violence is denied access to vital re...More Button

Written Answers. - Hospital Waiting Lists.

Was asked: the plans he has in place to deal with the extreme shortage of neurologists in the country to improve the services for people with neurological conditions with an increase in the numbers of neurolo...More Button

Comhairle na nOspidéal is the statutory body whose main function is to regulate appointments of consultant medical staff in hospitals providing services under the Health Acts, and to specify...More Button

To examine the existing arrangements for the provision of consultant-level neurology and neurophysiology services nationally and following consultation with the interests concerned, to make recomme...More Button

The Comhairle review is near completion and the report is expected in the new year. The need for additional investment in neurology and neurophysiology will be considered in the light of the review...More Button

Written Answers. - Departmental Properties.

Was asked: the State properties, both lands and buildings, in the ownership of his Department; the present use of same in each case; and if it is available for disposal.More Button

There are no State properties that come under the ownership of my Department. Hawkins House is owned by the Office of Public Works. More Button

Written Answers. - Nursing Staff.

Was asked: when funding will be provided to create the nursing post for an association (details supplied) in County Cork.More Button

Written Answers. - National Lottery Funding.

Was asked: the reason behind the decision not to give national lottery funding to an association (details supplied) in County Cork.More Button

Written Answers. - Cancer Screening Programme.

Was asked: if the BreastCheck services will be extended nationally by agreeing to provide the ?6 million necessary in 2002; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The board of BreastCheck has submitted a business plan to my Department for the national expansion of the programme, requiring a further investment of €27 million, including €13 million c...More Button

A number of key issues have been raised by health boards and health professionals in relation to the national roll out of BreastCheck which need to be addressed in advance of national expansion. In...More Button

My Department is currently in discussions with the executive of BreastCheck in relation to the expansion of the programme and especially the linkages with the symptomatic services. As I advised the...More Button

Was asked: the reason women aged over 64 are not included in the breast cancer screening programme; and if he will make a statement on the possible extension of this screening to include women over 64 years o...More Button

The national breast screening programme commenced in March 2000 with phase one of the programme covering the Eastern Regional Health Authority, Midland Health Board and North Eastern Health Board a...More Button

The board of BreastCheck has submitted proposals for the next phase of screening, to include women in the 50-64 age group in the south, west, mid-west and north west. Following such extension and w...More Button

As the Deputy is aware, any woman irrespective of her age or residence, who has immediate concerns or symptoms should contact her GP who, where appropriate, will refer her to the symptomatic servic...More Button

Written Answers. - Alcohol Consumption.

Was asked: if his Department has carried out or intends to carry out a comparative study on the legal age for alcohol consumption in various EU States and other Western countries and the high incidence of alc...More Button

Was asked: the plans which have been put in place to tackle the increasingly early ages at which children are consuming alcohol.More Button

Was asked: if he will investigate the strong links between the promotion of alcohol on student campuses and the increasing consumption of alcohol by young people.More Button

I propose to answer Questions Nos. 183, 184 and 185 together.More Button

I have outlined my concerns on alcohol related problems and the measures being taken by my Department on a number of occasions. My Department is already involved in a wide range of partnerships wit...More Button

Education programmes have been developed so that young people may be more informed and better equipped to make informed decisions when faced with the issue of alcohol. Children are targeted through...More Button

A national working group on alcohol consumption in higher education was established by the heads of universities and third level institutions to formulate a response to a growing concern about alco...More Button

My Department is represented on a number of alcohol-related European Union and World Health Organisation committees and contributes to a wide range of policy positions including that on the legal a...More Button

In addition to measuring the proportion of alcohol related attendances in accident and emergency, the study will provide information on the patterns of alcohol related injuries and the context in w...More Button

Question No. 186 answered with Question No. 171.More Button

Written Answers. - Helicopter Emergency Service.

Was asked: when the long-awaited report on the urgent need for an all-Ireland helicopter emergency medical service, commissioned by his Department and the Northern Ireland Health Department, is due to be publ...More Button

My Department and the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety in Belfast have commissioned a feasibility study and report on the costs and benefits associated with the introduction ...More Button

Written Answers. - Medical Indemnity Insurance.

Was asked: in relation to the proposed enterprise liability for medical indemnity, if his Department proposes to assume responsibility for historic liabilities where there may be a shortfall of insurance fund...More Button

The issue of historic liabilities of the mutual defence bodies is one that remains to be resolved. The MDU and the MPS have historically offered cover to their members on an occurrence basis. This ...More Button

These liabilities remain the responsibility of the defence bodies. It is a matter for them to determine how they will finance them following the introduction of enterprise liability. I am not aware...More Button

I do not see that the introduction of enterprise liability will have any adverse effect on the practice of private medicine in Ireland. In fact it should lead to a reduction in the indemnity costs ...More Button

Question No. 190 answered with Question No. 171.More Button

Written Answers. - Pharmacy Regulations.

Was asked: the form of entry regulation he considers should apply for the opening of new retail pharmacies; and his views on the recent purchase by individual corporations of a large number of retail pharmaci...More Button

The opening of new pharmacies is governed by the Pharmacy Acts, 1875-1977, subject to restrictions imposed by non-pharmacy legislation such as the Planning Act. The Health (Community Pharmacy Contr...More Button

Written Answers. - Food Safety Authority.

Was asked: the progress being made on the establishment of an all-Ireland food safety body; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Written Answers. - Drug Abuse.

Was asked: the early intervention measures which are being implemented into incidents of drug and alcohol misuse by young people; his views on whether such measures are effective; and if he will make a statem...More Button

I have expressed my concerns about the issue of drug and alcohol misuse by young people on a number of occasions. In response to this very complex issue the Government developed the National Drug S...More Button

Significant progress is also being made nationally in the prevention actions set down in the strategy. In addition to the implementation of the social, personal and health education – SPHE &n...More Button

The health promotion unit of my Department is currently engaged in a three year alcohol awareness campaign entitled ‘Less is More – It's your choice'. Some phases of the campaign have focused...More Button

The recommendations of the strategic task force on alcohol, which I established earlier this year, are framed using the ten strategy areas for alcohol action outlined in the WHO European charter on...More Button

Written Answers. - Playground Facilities.

Was asked: if he will report on progress to ensure children have access to nearby playgrounds.More Button