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Lynch, Kathleen

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Health Services Provision

Former Deputy Batt O'Keeffe must have taught Deputy Kelleher mathematics.More Button

Services for People with Disabilities

The Government is committed to the provision and development of services for children with a disability, including early intervention services, within available resources. While these services are...More Button

The aim of the programme on progressing disability services for children and young people is to achieve a national, unified approach to delivering disability health services in order that there i...More Button

There are almost 60 geographically based multidisciplinary teams established as part of the reconfigured service model under this programme. It is hoped that a further 30 teams will be reconfigu...More Button

I agree with the Deputy. What we inherited was quite significant despite a significant amount of money being spent annually. It became clear, on looking at the situation when we entered Governmen...More Button

I do not know how we have strayed into this area because there is another question tabled on mental health. Obviously, the Deputy felt the need to raise it earlier.More Button

This is good news but unfortunately the issue does not get much publicity or air time. I share the Deputy's concern about issues in recent years relating to the provision of day services and train...More Button

The HSE established a national oversight group in October last year that includes umbrella organisations representing disability agencies.More Button

The vision for the Health Service Executive's Disability Services Programme is to contribute to the realisation of a society where people with disabilities are supported, as far as possible, to par...More Button

Specialist Disability services are provided by or on behalf of the HSE to enable children and adults with a disability to achieve their full potential and maximise independence, including living as...More Button

In planning for the delivery of intellectual disability services, the Health Service Executive (HSE) and disability service providers maintain the National Intellectual Disability Database (NIDD).More Button

The NIDD provides a comprehensive database for decision-making in relation to the planning, funding and management of services for people with an intellectual disability. The 2012 Report of the ...More Button

The Report forecasts that in excess of 4500 additional residential, day and residential support/respite places will be needed to meet service requirements in the period 2013 – 2017. Of these 450...More Button

In 2012, the 2271 individuals forecast as requiring a full-time residential service between 2013 and 2017 were in receipt of specialist disability services to meet their needs at that time. 99.4...More Button

The HSE’s National Operational Plan for 2014 provides an additional €7m towards meeting the needs of approximately 1200 young people with a disability leaving secondary school or Rehabilitative T...More Button

Services for People with Disabilities (Continued)

Despite the fact that I take entire responsibility for the disability and mental health service,and how we need to transform it, what we inherited was chaotic. We inherited it from the party of wh...More Button

No one is responsible for the type of weather we have seen in the past few weeks. Coming from Cork, I know that better than most and, when there is an issue of health and safety, that will be deal...More Button

When I came into office, I found a service in chaos.More Button

The group identified the need for a new centralised regional application process and arrangements for implementing the new process are in train. The HSE is liaising with disability agencies and th...More Button

We made the argument this happens every year and should come as no surprise so we needed to plan for it, which is exactly what we did.More Button

This is the first year and there will always be little hiccups in the initial stages. I am confident even if we do not reach the deadline in March or June it will be a far more stable process and ...More Button

Care of the Elderly Provision

I thank the Deputy for tabling the question. We are looking at this issue intensively because we recognise the need in the future will be greater. I would like to assure the Deputy that the needs...More Button

Accordingly in 2014, there is an enhanced focus on home and community supports. Although the budget for long-term residential care has been reduced by €35 million to €939 million, it should be n...More Button

I share the Deputy's concerns. It is offensive to people as they age to have a tag put on them which is clearly not of their own making. The number is not 600, although it is a substantial one. ...More Button

The reason we are putting in the 25 intermediate-transitional care beds, which will benefit 650 people, and the 20 beds for cases that are more complex, which will benefit 130 people, is for the ...More Button

We are very conscious that we need to do things differently and that the need will increase but we are convinced that if we do this properly, the outcome will be much better, not only for the Sta...More Button

I am not convinced that all those in beds in acute hospitals would necessarily need to go into long-term care, although a proportion would need to do so. However, we believe that with the right in...More Button

We are extraordinarily lucky to have Mr. Pat Healy as director. He has an in-depth knowledge of this whole area, has been involved in it throughout his career and has realised where the blockage...More Button

Written Answers follow Adjournment.More Button

In line with Government policy, the Health Service Executive provides a range of community-based services aimed at ensuring older people receive safe, timely and appropriate care and treatment at t...More Button

The Local Health Office, which provides information, advice and assistance, is the entry point to community health and personal social services. HSE North Dublin provides a wide range of health ...More Button

Home help Services are provided by three HSE funded organisations in north Dublin. The number of Home Help hours to be delivered in 2014 will be maintained at 2013 levels. Home Care Packages ar...More Button

In addition, there are two public long stay units in North Dublin. Lusk Community Unit provides 45 long term care beds and 5 respite beds. Raheny Community Nursing Unit provides 100 long term ...More Button

Further details of Older People Services, including useful contact resources for people in the Dublin North area are available from the HSE website.More Button

  Question No. 8 answered orally.More Button

Speech and Language Therapy

Health related supports and interventions for children can be accessed through HSE Primary Care and Disability Services. The National Service Plan 2013 provided for additional funding of €20m to s...More Button

As the particular issue raised by the Deputy relates to an individual case, this is a service matter for the Health Service Executive. Accordingly, I have arranged for the question to be referred ...More Button

  Question No. 53 answered with Question No. 22.More Button

  Question No. 54 answered with Question No. 30.More Button

Health Services Funding

As this is a service matter it has been referred to the Health Service Executive for direct reply.More Button

Mobility Allowance Review

In November 2013, the Government decided that the detailed preparatory work required for a new travel subsidy scheme and associated statutory provisions should be progressed by the Minister for Hea...More Button

Disability Services Funding

The Government is providing funding of €1.4 billion to the Disability Services Programme in 2014, including an additional €14m to address the priority needs identified by the Minister for Health an...More Button

The HSE, through its Occupational Guidance Service, is working with schools, service providers, young people and their families to identify training needs and explore suitable options for school-...More Button

The HSE have informed me that they are liaising with disability agencies and the National Council for Special Education to supply the necessary information to parents and students on the new appl...More Button

Prosper Fingal was established in 1978 as a parents and friends organisation (formerly called The Fingal Association for the Handicapped), to provide a local day service for adults with a moderate ...More Button

The level of funding available for the health budgets are considered as part of the annual estimates and budgetary process. Pending completion of the national estimates, budgetary and service plann...More Button

Palliative Care for Children

In 2010, the Department of Health published "Palliative Care for Children with Life-limiting Conditions in Ireland - A National Policy". The report contains 31 recommendations which are being impl...More Button

A programme of care for children with life-limiting conditions is being jointly funded by the HSE and the Irish Hospice Foundation. The programme includes the appointment in 2011 of the first Pa...More Button

The nurses liaise closely with statutory and voluntary service providers including local GPs, Public Health Nurses, Disability Services, the Jack and Jill Foundation and LauraLynn's Children's Ho...More Button

Another aspect of the children's programme is the provision of structured education programmes for all health care staff who care for children with life-limiting conditions. This is being delive...More Button

In the HSE's National Service Plan for 2014, the key priority in relation to children is to develop and integrate community based paediatric palliative care services. In 2012, HSE regions spent ...More Button

In addition to this, the Palliative Care National Development Committee has commenced working on the development of a model for the provision of Hospice at Home care. This is being carried out i...More Button

In 2013, the budget for Palliative Care Services was €72m. The budget for 2014 is almost €73m.More Button

Mental Health Services Funding

A Vision for Change recommended that a National Service User Executive (NSUE) be established to inform mental health policy makers and service providers on issues relating to user invol...More Button

Nursing Homes Support Scheme Expenditure

The needs of our older people are, and will remain, a very high priority for me and for the Government, and the resources that are available will be applied to provide the best possible mix of supp...More Button

Mental Health Services Provision

In the context of a developing community mental health services, “A Vision for Change” recommends a ratio of 17 acute in-patient beds per 100,000 population, and also that these beds include acute ...More Button

Community mental health team capacity for General Adult, Psychiatry of Old Age, and MHID, is therefore being enhanced, arising from investment in mental health services over 2012 -13 and continui...More Button

By the end of 2014, the HSE expects to be close to completion of the planned reduction in adult acute in-patient beds to circa. 20 beds per 100,000 people. As such, I have no plans at present to ...More Button

I am satisfied that the approach now being adopted best reflects implementation at local level of the widely agreed policy "A Vision for Change", and reflects also what is practicable in line wit...More Button

National Treatment Purchase Fund

I propose to take Questions Nos. 241, 243 and 244 together.

  In order to be an "approved nursing home" for the purposes of the Nursing Homes Support Scheme, all privat...More Button

Nursing Homes Support Scheme Applications

As this is a service matter it has been referred to the Health Service Executive for direct reply.More Button

National Lottery Funding Disbursement

The Department of Health provided Lottery funding of €6,000 to the Galway branch of this organisation in 2010, and Lottery funding of €34,000 to the organisation in Waterford in 2012.

&nb...More Button

  Question No. 253 answered with Question No. 26.More Button

Hospitals Building Programme

Replacing the Central Mental Hospital (CMH), Dundrum with an appropriate modern facility is one of the priority health projects set out in the Infrastructure and Capital Investment 2012-2016: Mediu...More Button

  Question No. 257 withdrawn.More Button

Nursing Home Beds

As this is a service matter it has been referred to the Health Service Executive for direct reply.More Button

As this is a service matter it has been referred to the Health Service Executive for direct reply.More Button

Psychological Services

The Department of Health did not provide any funding to Psychotherapy firms in Dublin north central and Dublin north east constituencies over the past five years.

  Having regard...More Button