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Lynch, John

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Order of Business.

It is proposed to take business in the following order: Nos. 1, 2 and 13; Questions at 2.30 p.m.More Button

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess).

I move:More Button

That the Dáil do now adjourn until Wednesday, 8th February, 1967.More Button

In recent years it has been the practice on the motion for the adjournment for the Taoiseach to give a comprehensive review of the economy. As, however, the House has so recently had an opportunity...More Button

In my speech on 16th November, I referred to the adverse trends that had set in in 1965 and that retarded the unprecedented rate of growth in our economy of 4.3 per cent per annum since 1958. Some...More Button

The measures introduced by the Government to overcome the difficulties and to reverse the adverse trends we had experienced in 1965-66 have proved successful and, while we have not yet available to...More Button

The rise in exports of £14 million in the first ten months of this year represents a percentage increase of 7½. This is a very satisfactory increase when account is taken of the diffi...More Button

Industrial exports have been particularly buoyant. In the first eight months of this year for which exports have been classified on this basis, industrial exports grew by 13 per cent compared with...More Button

If I may refer further to the agricultural scene; early in 1966, it was estimated that agricultural output and family farm incomes would be appreciably higher this year than in the previous year. ...More Button

Subsequently, circumstances, mainly in continental markets and over which we had no control, led to difficulties in the cattle and beef export trade and adversely affected the demand and prices for...More Button

The Government are keenly aware of the need of farmers for credit and during the year sponsored the introduction of special agricultural credit schemes. Under these schemes, farmers have been prov...More Button

The Government have amply demonstrated their willingness to take measures to help farmers when occasion demands and it is also the Government's policy to work in as close co-operation as possible ...More Button

I might say that I deplore, and find it difficult to understand, the renewed agitation of the National Farmers Association, in view of the fact that the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries and I...More Button

Another problem which is being continuously adverted to is the small farm problem. Most of our farms of course come within the small or medium-sized category. The Government's aims for the develo...More Button

The small farm business plan submitted by the NFA as well as being very costly had many limitations. For one thing, thousands of our small farmers would be excluded because their size of business ...More Button

To return to the general economic scene, all the signs point to an improvement in the trend in the second half of the year. The volume of consumer spending, as evidenced by the changes in the volu...More Button

The changing trend in consumption, production and investment is reflected in the import figures. Following a decline of £16.4 million in the first half of the year, imports rose by £10...More Button

As Deputies will have seen from the Central Bank announcement last week, credit has been increased as a result of the advice given by the Central Bank. In the months from May to October, during t...More Button

It would be foolish, however, to conclude that because we have corrected the adverse balance of payments situation we can now relax all restrictions. I want to emphasise that, on the contrary, now...More Button

The favourable psychological climate introduced by the adoption of appropriate policy measures provides the conditions for a rapid growth of domestic investment and savings and gives the best assur...More Button

The steady rate of growth of national production in conditions of a manageable balance of payments deficit is the only way we can, as a community, secure significant increases in real income and em...More Button

Before I leave this general subject, I should like again to refer to exports in more detail. The annual report of Córas Tráchtála for the year 1965-66 indicates that, of an es...More Button

In regard to the future development of incomes, experience has shown that the only increases in incomes which hold their value are those which are matched by increased productivity. If we are to h...More Button

As I have said, the recent release of additional credit is intended to stimulate the growth of the economy. It will enable more goods and services to be produced and more people to be employed and ...More Button

The most harmful effect of an early incomes increase would be in the competitiveness of our exports. Britain, our main market, is at present going through a difficult economic period. A severe fr...More Button

The present restraint on incomes in Britain is also particularly relevant to the Irish market in this way: British manufacturers, not being faced with increases in labour costs, can continue to sel...More Button

Whatever the conditions in Britain, it must be realised that income increases that outstrip production and productivity are not income increases at all. Not only do they cause insecurity in employ...More Button

Understanding is needed among all sections of the community of the dangers involved in seeking an increase in incomes before an increase in production materialises. On this, I should like to refer...More Button

Taking industry as a whole, too little weight is given to personnel work. This could be too easily interpreted as a basic lack of interest by management in its workers. It is probably due, in the ...More Button

As Deputies are aware, the Minister for Labour is giving high priority to this aspect of his responsibilities and I would appeal in the most urgent fashion, both to management and the trade unions,...More Button

Another matter which I think deserves some reference is our application for entry into the European Economic Community. Five and a half years have elapsed since we first sought entry into the Comm...More Button

It is not necessary to remind the House of the impressive list of measures which the Government have introduced in order to assist our people in industry and otherwise to prepare for Common Market ...More Button

I believe that this, apart from being a useful exercise, is more than that, in that the type of competition we are likely to face from Britain will be little less—in fact, I believe it will b...More Button

Given a favourable outcome, the stage will be set for the opening of negotiations by the countries which are applicants for membership of the Community. It is not my expectation, at this stage, th...More Button

We cannot, therefore, afford to waste any time in finalising our own preparations. The Government have already put in hands a White Paper on the European Communities which will contain, for the inf...More Button

On the general economic front, the main task is to ensure that, so far as is humanly possible, everything is done to prepare industry for the sharper competition it will face in the Common Market....More Button

An important aspect of this work is settling the legislative changes that may have to be adopted. These extend beyond the changes consequential on the assumption of obligations relating to the fre...More Button

While these changes and adjustments need, as far as possible, to be planned in advance, they will not be undertaken suddenly. So far as can be predicted, a number of years is likely to elapse befo...More Button

I want to say a word about the attitude of the Fine Gael Party towards entry to the EEC. As the House and the country are aware, Deputy Cosgrave, Leader of the Fine Gael Party, and a colleague vis...More Button

One has to try to preserve a balance. At the end of a short article referring to the visit of Deputy Cosgrave to Brussels, it said that Mr. Cosgrave would tell the Commission that Fine Gael would ...More Button

I should like to know whether this is an official release and, if so, if this represents the Fine Gael point of view, because, as the House and country are aware, our application was made without r...More Button

When Deputy Cosgrave is speaking, I should like him to give us some indication as to whether this, in fact, is an official release and if, in fact, he made such a proposition to the Commission and ...More Button

I do not think I need go into any other matters. I am not going to try, at this stage, to rub the noses of the Opposition in the dust or, should I say, in the mud of South Kerry and Waterford, but...More Button

I am prepared to match my reply to the tone that will have been set. The Government have received a renewed mandate to carry through their policies. These are aimed at raising production and empl...More Button

How are the Government exploiting the differences?More Button

That is common to both organisations.More Button

It is down by half now.More Button

I do not like to interrupt Deputy Corish, but Deputy Sweetman loves to suggest that only he understand figures.More Button

I shall explain what I mean by the decline when I come to reply.More Button

I was at three functions since I was appointed Taoiseach.More Button

That comes under incomes.More Button

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess) (Resumed).

That is synonymous.More Button

A ten per cent reduction in the tariff?More Button

You insisted on the debate.More Button

I challenge the Deputy to state one inflammatory statement I made.More Button

Just give me one inflammatory sentence.More Button

You are welcome to him.More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

Until about an hour and a half ago, I thought the spirit had completely left both the Fine Gael and Labour Parties because I never heard in all my time in this House such inept offerings as I heard...More Button

If one comes in here and shouts loud enough, he is regarded as a strong character with fire in his belly. If a man seldom raises his voice in the House, he is accused of being coy. I am accused o...More Button

I have never before heard such excuses trotted out here for lack of success in two by-elections. In 1964 we had two by-elections, one in Cork and one in Kildare. These were typical constituencies...More Button

On this occasion we went to the hustings at a time that could not have been more propitious for the two Opposition Parties. Again we brought off a double. I went to South Kerry and Waterford. I ...More Button

Apparently Deputy O'Higgins——More Button

According to Deputy O'Higgins, there were 16,000 votes against Fianna Fáil and, if we were to go on that basis, Fine Gael were beaten in those two elections by almost two to one. Where is t...More Button

However, I will refer to this topic again because I will have plenty of time to deal with it. I want to deal now with a few points which were made during the debate. The main one as far as I could...More Button

Fine Gael have been suggesting, for example, that we could have negotiated with the Common Market the same type of agreements as Denmark and Austria have negotiated. I hope now that they have vis...More Button

Denmark and Austria were held up as having the type of agreement which we could have negotiated with the European Economic Community, if we had gone about it in the right way.More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

I will give Deputy Donegan the status of Denmark's agreement. He knows it as well as I do. Denmark and Germany have had, over a number of years, a trade agreement which provides for the admission...More Button

Indeed, we are.More Button

At this moment there is an agent in Germany negotiating about these 2,000 cattle.More Button

Is beag Gaeilge atá ag an Teachta.More Button

I want to say that the full extent of this alleged agreement that Fine Gael would have us believe Denmark has with the European Economic Community is only a concession and it is on similar lines to...More Button

We were told that we should have negotiated the same type of agreement but the fact remains that there is no such agreement yet and there is not likely to be for some considerable time.More Button

We were accused of not making sufficient preparation for the European Economic Community, in particular by the last speaker, Deputy T.F. O'Higgins. He seems to have forgotten that at the time of o...More Button

When the British application for membership was suspended, we saw that there might be some slackening off in interest in the possibility of freer trading by our industrialists and, in 1964, we intr...More Button

This work is proceeding apace. I am glad to say that many Irish firms have applied for re-adaptation grants and many of them are now increasing their competitiveness to the extent that even in the...More Button

When we come in here, it depends on which side of the House you are: if you are a Labour man, you blame the industrialists: if you are a member of the other Party, you blame both sides of industry;...More Button

A few specific points were raised in the course of the debate and there is one to which I should like to refer in particular in so far as an attack was made by Deputy Lindsay on a group of individu...More Button

There has also been established this consortium to which Deputy Lindsay referred as high-up members of the Fianna Fáil Party, unsuccessful candidates to the Seanad elections and a neutral el...More Button

Deputy James Tully spoke about social benefits and asked what taxes did the Government propose in order to increase social benefits and, if we said what taxes we would propose, the Labour Party wou...More Button

Deputy O'Higgins, in his contribution a while ago, claimed that it was Fine Gael who pushed Fianna Fáil into making some recompense to the recipients of social welfare benefits in the last o...More Button

The fact is that over their last three-year period in office, they succeeded in giving an overall increase of 2/6 to old age pensioners. In one year when we came back we gave a 10/-increase. At th...More Button

I should like to return for a short time to the by-elections. I have here a publication called The Citizen, with the sub-title “For the People”. I must confess it is the first time I was g...More Button

The issue of the by-elections in Waterford and South Kerry is simply: Is Fianna Fáil's mandate to continue in office which it won in the 1965 General Election to be endorsed by the dictate o...More Button

We know the answer to that. It goes on to say why the verdict should be in favour of Fine Gael. Unfortunately, either this document did not reach sufficient voters in the constituencies concerned...More Button

The amusing part of this debate was that, having lost the by-elections, Fine Gael began blaming Labour and Labour supporters because they did not vote for Fine Gael. They gave Labour supporters a l...More Button

That is advice that you are free to accept or reject. Whether you accept it or not, it will not imperil our position.More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

I should hate to have the bright smile of Deputy Dunne absent from the House and that might well be——More Button

We always claim that the Fianna Fáil Party get on the figures—and the results show this— as many as, and, perhaps, more—in fact, I am certain they get more— votes fro...More Button

That is only one of the excuses.More Button

I am talking about Fine Gael excuses—that the Labour Party did not give them their second preferences, or else as, I think, Deputy Cosgrave said today, the journalists brought about their def...More Button

It is not usual to criticise public servants who cannot speak for themselves. However, there is only one person left and, like the bad team, blame the referee. I am sure the returning officer wil...More Button

I have not finished with this document yet. There is another article in page 3. Again I quote The Citizen: For the People, December, 1966. The article is entitled “Fianna Fáil Dile...More Button

The name is good but the stuff is not all that good.More Button

In the course of this article, Mr. Jim Ryan discusses the “vicious struggle” that was taking place in Fianna Fáil before the selection of the Taoiseach.More Button

I quote from the article:More Button

... it is the first time that a faction within an Irish political Party, openly declared its dissent from the rest of the party.More Button

As far as I know, it is not the first time there was an election in an Irish political Party to choose the next leader. There was an election, in our memory, when Deputy Dillon pipped Deputy Cosg...More Button

Lower down they discuss me. They describe me as being weak, indecisive and mediocre, but I am sorry that some Fine Gael man across the way had not the guts to get up and say this to my face in the...More Button

If that is weakness, indecision and mediocrity, I am happy to have these qualities.More Button

I did not parade the all-Ireland Cup around the constituency as Fine Gael did. That is not the end of this personal attack on me. The article goes on to say:More Button

He was elected because .... he is not a sufficiently strong character to provoke antagonism.More Button

I promise that before I get out of this Seat the people in the Fine Gael Party will get as much antagonism from me as will make them blue in their faces. That antagonism is not going to come by m...More Button

I am not denying we have had difficulties for the past year-and-a-half. I did not deny it in Waterford. It is because I did not deny it, because I explained how these came about and what action w...More Button

I made an appeal in the course of my opening remarks for co-operation between people engaged in both sides of industry. Our country does not belong to any single group. It does not belong to ind...More Button

Question declared carried.More Button

The Dáil adjourned at 11.40 p.m. until 3 p.m. on Wednesday, 8th February, 1967.More Button