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Lindsay, Patrick James

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess).

We end the 1966 session of Dáil Éireann in a remarkable way. It has been a year of remarkable happenings, remarkable for their pressures and for their results. However, so far in th...More Button

Not necessarily deserved, nor would it necessarily happen that if somebody else was present, the praise would not have been of the highest also. Listening to the Taoiseach's speech this morning in...More Button

Be that as it may, the situation as I see it reminds me of a poem I learned very many years ago, “The Lotus Eaters”. It would appear that the lotus was a special bloom in those areas of classical ...More Button

One could not help but be amused by the pithy effort of Deputy Briscoe congratulating all and sundry on the wonderful successes achieved during this year. One must be particularly amused by his re...More Button

The Taoiseach referred to the EEC and to the visit of Deputy Cosgrave and Senator Garret FitzGerald to the Community within the last week. The reference, I thought, contained a certain element of ...More Button

The Taoiseach expresses the view that in some way we ought to be thankful that our application for membership of EEC was not received immediately, or almost immediately, it was made because we were...More Button

We made our application five and a half years ago. Is it good enough then to make a claim on behalf of the Government that we have lost no opportunity of advising and urging the people what to do,...More Button

We in the Fine Gael Party see no sign from this Government of advice, guidance or leadership to the rural community as to what they may expect, and how they may expect it, in the event of our going...More Button

How will our fishery interests be affected by membership of EEC? We have certain limits around our coasts confined to our own fishermen and inside which foreign fishermen are not permitted to com...More Button

A debate of this kind naturally should review what has been happening. As Deputy Cosgrave said, there is no doubt there has been less housing, both State-aided and private enterprise. Health is in...More Button

As Deputy Corish has rightly said, this Government are wasting time in relation to health planning by the appointment of another Minister who is spending his time going through the same motions as...More Button

Social welfare affects the most defenceless of our community. In social welfare, the conduct of this Government has been nothing short of disgraceful. Banner headlines appear in the newspapers aro...More Button

There is one matter in relation to social welfare, apart altogether from the default by the Government on the old age pensioners, to which I must refer again. I have referred to it in previous deb...More Button

When the increase in the British pensions came about, our Department of Social Welfare, directed of course by its then political head, the present Minister for Local Government, Deputy Boland, sent...More Button

The Taoiseach did not mention anything specific except productivity, labour relations and the EEC. He did not deal with any of the Departments. He said that they had been dealt with recently and d...More Button

There are two aspects of the Department of Education to which I want to refer. One is the method adopted by the present Minister of appointing a consortium of architects, heating experts, quantity...More Button

The second thing to which I want to refer is the position of the University College, Galway. That matter was referred to in the debate on the Education Estimate. During that debate and in recent ...More Button

This Government, in our view, do not behave as a Government responsible to Dáil Éireann. All their major statements are made outside this House. The Dáil is being treated wi...More Button

Here is an example of what I mean. It is reported in the Irish Independent of 15th December, 1966, under the heading “Colley to Outline Aid for Small Industries”:More Button

The Government's plans for coming to the aid of small industries scattered throughout the country may be revealed tomorrow night by the Minister for Industry and Commerce, Mr. Colley.More Button

He is scheduled to speak to Comh-Chomhairle Átha Cliath of Fianna Fáil on “The Future of Small Industries”.More Button

The Taoiseach was talking today about the European Economic Community. Surely that was the place to talk about the future of small industries? Not having done it this morning, he should do it this ...More Button

I want to make a particular appeal to the Government on behalf of the western seaboard because unless the Government do something very soon, there will be a seaboard without inhabitants. The people...More Button

We have cattle on our hands now that we cannot sell. Poultry and pigs have declined. Even land acquisition is at a standstill. In this respect I would urge on the Taoiseach to take a hard look ...More Button

The Taoiseach has told us that as a result of the by-elections, he has got a mandate. He has won the two seats on a minority vote but you do not get a mandate on a minority vote. You do not get a...More Button

We had Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries there all the time. They may have made a dart up to Dublin and back again, but I do not think it good enough that people who are paid salaries for th...More Button

The Taoiseach has said he got a mandate. He certainly did not get a mandate from the people of the surviving Gaeltacht in Kerry, the simple people of the Dingle Peninsula, in spite of the fact tha...More Button

Take the example of the LeasCheann Comhairle with two other Deputies and a gentleman from the press, who did not announce himself as such, going to an independent county councillor in that area and...More Button

People of this area resisted the blandishments and the threats of Fianna Fáil. They showed great dignity when, on the following Friday night, two Ministers, the Minister for Agriculture and...More Button

I saw two of them.More Button

They are not. I enjoy them and I enjoyed particularly to see in the Dingle area a fine people, diminishing in numbers under Fianna Fáil, still holding on to the traditions of truth and hones...More Button

I hope the people will have a better year in 1967. That can come only from leadership properly given and we await the efforts of the new Taoiseach in this regard. The very first thing he will hav...More Button