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Lindsay, Patrick James

Thursday, 16 June 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 223 Nbr. 5

Committee on Finance. - Resolution No. 3: Tax in Respect of Certain Goods (Resumed).

Nor of Suez, 1956.More Button

Would the Minister consider talking about Ireland?More Button

The Minister started off very badly in the context of 1956-57.More Button

It is very difficult to allow propaganda——More Button

——in respect of economic facts.More Button

Which you provided in 1956.More Button

Why does the Minister not increase it?More Button

A member of the best cabinet in Europe should have no difficulty.More Button

What member of the Opposition said that? It is a cheap accusation.More Button

Please continue.More Button

What are they?More Button

He is improving.More Button

Or more publicly.More Button

This has been a great day for the country and a greater day for this Parliament, and one for which we should be deeply grateful, because early in the debate this morning, we were honoured by a sacr...More Button

I know it is difficult for the Minister for Transport and Power really to be of us and, as he would probably describe it, to get down to our level. He is, of course, the passenger in this Governme...More Button

His function here today in disseminating propaganda on behalf of his Government is, of course, his way of paying back for his seat as a passenger in this Government. In fact, it is common knowledg...More Button

He talked here today of the need for intelligent thinking, implying of course that the only intelligent thinking, or the only persons with a capacity intelligently to think, are on the benches whic...More Button

The Minister for Transport and Power told us today that the inflation, which, he says, is the cause of our trouble, is not of the Government's making, that it is world-wide. He discovered that in ...More Button

We have a Minister for Transport and Power who sits third in line here. Maybe I had better deal with the second first—the Minister for External Affairs. We rarely see him. He is drafting re...More Button

The Minister for Transport and Power is of course, as I said, the non-paying passenger in this Government. Goodness knows, it is a great achievement to have been able to carry him all along the lin...More Button

We have the rest of them then. We have the Minister for Social Welfare. He is a sort of executive officer who gets in a bit of money from taxation and pays it out again in various ways and tries t...More Button

I have a great piece of stuff here from my old friend The Western People of Saturday, April 3rd, 1965, and I shall be dealing with that when I come to talk about my special province in polit...More Button

I am not going to be drawn by the Minister for Justice. I thought I might have kept him quiet by ranking him as an average member of his Cabinet but, as my friend, Deputy Dillon, would say: “I wan...More Button

We gave the people the opportunity of deciding what to do, and the people, as has happened many times in the past 30 years, were fooled into the belief that this best Cabinet in Europe was the righ...More Button

We have the terrible situation that the Government have not been able to plan, obviously, for any longer than about 90 days. They run into trouble and then they have to introduce another Budget. ...More Button

The Minister for Transport and Power talked today about responsibility. That is a new word. He has dropped “dynamism.” That used to be the great thing; now it is “responsibility.” In my view, and...More Button

This great Cabinet, this greatest Cabinet in Europe, has a Minister for Local Government who has a line of patter but no money. He has no money to build houses. He has not enough to meet the comm...More Button

It would be better to say: “We have not got the money; we are in trouble” instead of trying to argue, to bluff their way by saying: “We have built more houses. We have houses and flats ready, and...More Button

The Minister said the other day when he was looking for this extra taxation, that we should all step together, as it were. This “step together” business is a new concept. It is only to be operated...More Button

This is due to the indoctrination within the Party itself that they and they alone have the monopoly of patriotism and that they are the only people to whom this country could be entrusted at any t...More Button

I now come to what I regard as my principal business here, that is, to speak on behalf of the people of the west of Ireland, which is also the business, I am glad to say, of the Minister for Justic...More Button

The way things have been, with depopulation, with emigration, with these small amounts of industrialisation, comparatively speaking, we have no ground for being wildly jubilant. I know the difficu...More Button

Every Deputy, I think, from the Province of Connacht was on a deputation yesterday, with the exception of the Minister for Justice, and I can well understand why he was not there. It was a deputati...More Button

He pretended that the matter was not permanent. He pretended that it was not as bad as in fact it was. He recited a litany of things such as drainage being done, hill-farm sheep, a pilot station ...More Button

I am talking about the prevailing cynicism. I regard this as appropriate because yesterday, on this particular deputation, all the Deputies there who support the Government declared that, in their...More Button

When taxation is imposed, whether at the beginning of the year or piece-meal as we are having it now, it is bound to affect the old, the pensioned, the unemployed, the small wage-earner and the sm...More Button

I have talked here before about Government policy and its effect on the people of whom I speak. I have talked about its result in the closing of houses and of entire families going away. The Mini...More Button

The Government have fallen down flat on the fishing industry. It is true that they are making certain strides in Killybegs, County Donegal, but that is due to the local people themselves and the ...More Button

I want to remind the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Agriculture of some of the things the Minister for Agriculture said before the last election. I am glad the Minister for Justice is h...More Button

The West, however, as we know it, will disappear unless we win the battle of the small farm, unless we succeed in giving the Western farmer the means to provide himself and his family with a comfor...More Button

That was a year ago and with the exception of some minor relief schemes, nothing has been done to help the West. That speech runs to about three columns in the newspaper and further down under the...More Button

We regard this as a national, not a local problem, and I give you a solemn assurance that no other matter will receive more unremitting and determined attention from the new Fianna Fáil Gove...More Button

There is another quotation, one in which the Minister for Justice will have a great interest. It is under the sub-title of “Drainage” and in it the Minister states:More Button

Drainage is of fundamental importance to the farmers of the West. The first step in dealing with the problem of arterial drainage is being pushed ahead as rapidly as our resources will permit and a...More Button

The Shannon Basin affects a great part of the West of Ireland and at the special request of An Taoiseach, Mr. Donogh O'Malley, who is in charge of the Board of Works, has prepared a special crash p...More Button

There has not been a word about the Shannon since then. Deputy O'Malley has moved from the Board of Works into the province of Health where he has projected great things for the health of our peop...More Button

Anybody who says we are living in a period of prosperity simply has his head in the sand. I cannot use that phrase in connection with the Minister for Transport and Power because he has his head i...More Button

By and large, our present difficulties are due to the fact that this Government have no plan except day-to-day planning. They do not believe in planning. They have said this. The Taoiseach, at Mu...More Button

Now we have the wholesale selective tax. It is interesting to hear the Minister for Transport and Power trying to get rid of the idea that the turnover tax was responsible for the spiral into whic...More Button

We now find ourselves in the desparate situation of having no money at home, of having moved in on all our reserves, of having exhausted our credit abroad and are now traipsing from New York to Ger...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Jet Aircraft Noise Abatement.

Is the training of jet pilots and others a matter of day to day administration in Aer Lingus?More Button

I was wondering what function the Minister had in the matter.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Sale of Quarries.

Would a member of the best Cabinet in Europe speak up?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Fertiliser Prices.

It is not.More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Ewe Lamb Subsidy.

The Minister is not responsible for his in-laws.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Price of Tomatoes.

The Minister is now in the dock.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Non-Nursing Hospital Staffs.

The will of the people is a great thing now.More Button