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Kyne, Thomas Anthony

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess).

I was somewhat amazed to hear the Taoiseach suggest that because of a win in Waterford, all noses, and particularly those of the Labour Party, were rubbed in the dirt. I am afraid the Taoiseach mus...More Button

I wonder could one describe the result as a victory? Is it something of which to be proud? The Labour Party at least maintained their position. I think they gained 89 votes, not a tremendous gai...More Button

The Labour Party gained a slight increase in Waterford. Apparently Fianna Fáil are losing their grip in Waterford. Indeed, the only reason they won there was the machine and the fact that ...More Button

There is one matter I should like to raise now. I heard a prominent Fianna Fáil representative insist to the representatives of the law and the representative of the State that because he w...More Button

As I say, we have no grievance. We were beaten. There is no doubt about that. We had not a hope of winning Waterford unless we managed to get one vote over Fine Gael. Had we got that we should ...More Button

What gain will Waterford get out of this? I know South Kerry is getting Valentia Bridge. Unfortunately we have no bridge to be built. Perhaps we might have got it if we had. Perhaps we will get...More Button

Everybody, and that includes all Deputies, believed that non-contributory old age pensioners, widows and unemployment assistance recipients would qualify for this increase. The no means test in th...More Button

I wonder will the Minister for Transport and Power now reverse his decision to close down our railway line. Will he take heed of what Mr. Frank Lemass is reported to have said, according to the ne...More Button

He said that no one in his senses could expect a railway to be a paying proposition in present times and that it should be contributed to as a social service. I have been saying that for the past ...More Button

Now that we have two Deputies to one in Waterford, I wonder will these two voices be joined with mine in demanding that Waterford should get the same social service in the form of a railway as othe...More Button

I should like to ask the Taoiseach if a Bill has been passed in the British Parliament authorising the closure of this railway line? Has the British Government refused to pass such a Bill or have ...More Button

Fishguard and Rosslare was incorporated by a Special Act of 1893, and owns the harbours and works at Fishguard and Rosslare, 105 miles of railway in Ireland (Rosslare to Fermoy) and one mile of rai...More Button

When this line is closed, will the shareholders continue to be paid? Has the matter been examined and have the shareholders agreed to the closure? I should like some information about this, which...More Button

We already had it in regard to the closure of the Tramore line. On that occasion the closure was to take place on 1st April—a most appropriate day for Government action—and early on th...More Button

In regard to housing, we have over 120 families in the county council area who are approved tenants. The medical officers and the engineers have reported that these people are in urgent need of ho...More Button

What about roads? The men in the Gaeltacht area of which we are so fond, the Irish speakers, whose wives are Irish speakers and whose children are being brought up in the Gaelic language—whe...More Button

There is an Irish college there but it is the students from Dublin and other places, sons of wealthy people, who benefit and who can be sent there to get a complete course in Irish so that they wil...More Button

Have we money for water and sewerage schemes? The Minister for Local Government persisted in sending circulars to local authorities saying that water and sewerage were essential. He exhorted them...More Button

I think it was the Taoiseach who said that there had been an improvement in the number on the live register between May and the present time. He meant, of course, that there were fewer unemployed....More Button

One thing that hurt me more than anything else was this. I respect the Taoiseach as a friend whom I knew for years before he ever became either Deputy or Minister. I am told that in Dungarvan on...More Button

If it is true that the Taoiseach said that, he has gone down in my estimation because I like honesty. I would not say anything wrong about Fianna Fáil for anybody if I knew in my heart it w...More Button

There are threats of pressure on workers, that if they do not settle the differences between themselves and the employers quietly and without losing man hours, it will be done for them. That is a r...More Button

It was amusing to hear the Taoiseach say: “Look at what the Labour Government in England had to do. They had to cause unemployment to keep things stabilised.” We do not suffer from over-employmen...More Button

Independent of whom?More Button

The Taoiseach said that if we did not get agreement among the unions it would have to be done.More Button

We are very close to reality. We do not forget the time the attempt was made in regard to ESB workers.More Button

It was not carried out.More Button

You did not force them back to work.More Button

That time we were summoned by wire to attend the Dáil.More Button

In regard to price control, does it ever strike the Minister responsible that the state of emergency Act is still here? Under that he could have taken all those flour millers and lodged them in M...More Button

I feel that.More Button

They have said they are going to impose the increase. If we were Government, we would say we would not allow anybody to dictate to the Government.More Button

I know he said it, but we also heard that Health Act legislation would be brought in before the end of this year. This is the last day of the session and it is not here. If a mistake could be mad...More Button

I wish to say a few words about fisheries. Fianna Fáil have been in power for a long number of years. It is true there was a period of Cumann na nGaedheal Government and two periods of two...More Button

I am quite satisfied from the little I know of fishing—and I live in a fishing area—that the fishermen of Ireland are being exploited and robbed by middlemen. The man who catches the fi...More Button

We have heard statements to the effect that the credit squeeze was on. We know it was on. We know it was on in England, but we also had the statement by the Taoiseach this morning that due to good...More Button

That is a matter for Great Britain.More Button

We still have four times as many unemployed here, in proportion.More Button

An increase? I am talking about unemployment. What I want to draw the attention of the Government to is this: how eager should we be to leave the British sphere of trade? How anxious should we b...More Button

I read recently where the British Premier described Mr. Smith as a Walter Mitty type of person who had a Republic nobody recognised but himself. Could the same be said of our Minister for External...More Button

President Kennedy's speech was written out for him. Could nothing be done to silence the man for a while and give the other people there, who have something to contribute, a chance? He is suppose...More Button

I worked under the Department of Social Welfare for a time. I can assure the House it is the worst run Department so far as sending money to the people entitled to it is concerned. The excuses the...More Button

I could give the Minister hundreds of such cases. I know what I am talking about. I will meet any of the officials of the Department. I know as much about the game as any of them. Indeed, I know...More Button

I do not know if we will get good government by reason of the new Deputies elected. I hope so. It may have been politically sound to get these two in with the tactics used. None of us wishes th...More Button

I did not.More Button

I did not claim it was not.More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

I said his speech was written for him.More Button