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Kyne, Thomas Anthony

Wednesday, 29 June 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 223 Nbr. 10

Ministers and Secretaries (Amendment) Bill, 1966: Second Stage (resumed).

Does this mean that this is the Fine Gael amendment?More Button

Committee on Finance. - Resolution No. 3: Tax in Respect of Certain Goods (Resumed).

When progress was reported last Thursday afternoon, I was speaking of the responsibility of the Government in respect of this extra taxation. I accused them of letting the position drift from a ti...More Button

I said that, as a result of the drift and the consequent shortage of money, my own local authority, and, as far as I can read in the national newspapers, every local authority, is experiencing a sh...More Button

I presume the Government would like to see the country prosper, as would all Parties here. No doubt they would like to see housing schemes, water schemes and sewerage schemes. If, through some act...More Button

I mentioned that I did not believe the statement by Government speakers that the new taxes—particularly the five per cent, which I can only regard as a purchase tax—will not interfere w...More Button

All taxation, unless there is some adjustment by the Government in power to hold prices and the cost of living, is bound to be reflected not in advance of increases in prices but following an incre...More Button

I had the advantage of travelling around the world in my youth and I have been in practically every maritime country in the world and in most of them I found the greatest difficulty trying to expl...More Button

With all due respect to the Minister for External Affairs, I agree that he was moved by the best motives but this must involve cost and there must be for him a feeling of being important. You are g...More Button

That is not the function of Ireland in the world. That is why we are in the morass in which we are. That is why housing is short of money, why water and sewerage schemes are short of money and t...More Button

If one thinks of London or of Greater London, one finds that there are 12 million people there, and if one thinks of the New York Police Force, one finds that in 1953, when I was there, there were ...More Button

I also spoke in a limited and general way on Thursday afternoon last about CIE losses. In particular, I referred to a proposal to close down the railway line between Mallow and Waterford city via ...More Button

If CIE intend to close the line between Mallow and Waterford via Fermoy and Dungarvan, they should remember that this line is of vital importance to these two towns and also to the towns and stops ...More Button

Where will the products of this industrial estate, if established, flow? Waterford Corporation have a project for a £2 million extension, of which Waterford County Council have agreed to unde...More Button

How are these goods to be distributed west of Waterford it this vital railway link is cut? It cannot be done except by putting the traffic on to the roads. I have additional information since I s...More Button

What proposals are being made by CIE to deal with increased traffic either by road or rail which will result from the development of the Waterford industrial estate? There are none. The matter is ...More Button

Since last Thursday I have got some further information. Those of us who are interested asked our county engineer in Waterford the cost of the abandonment of the railway line and the re-alignment ...More Button

Most of the traffic will be main road traffic and Waterford County Council will have to get therefore a 60 per cent grant. If you take 60 per cent of £14,000 or £15,000, plus a capital...More Button

The Minister for Local Government goes around screaming about road safety and appealing to local authorities to hold meetings, bring out propaganda, and do all sorts of things to save life. With t...More Button

I referred to the need for investigation of matters like this by a Committee of Dáil Éireann. In Great Britain, there is a Special Committee appointed by the Government to scrutinise...More Button

In his own interests, the Minister for Finance should seriously consider setting up a Committee on the lines of committees in other countries to investigate these State and semi-State bodies. The m...More Button

In regard to the taxes on petrol and on cigarettes, the Labour Party offered, through me as a Deputy, a long time ago—so long now that I find it difficult to trace the year, but I am sure I c...More Button

I was impressed by a newspaper report of a statement by the Taoiseach which I understand was sent mainly to Fianna Fáil Deputies and Senators, in which he said, following the Presidential e...More Button

I thought quite honestly that the mini-Budget would provide that through increased taxation perhaps on cigarettes, petrol, drink or other non-essentials or through what I could call luxury taxes, a...More Button

I have mentioned the causes of strikes. None of us in the House can but regret that the economy of the country has been so disrupted by strikes, whether here or in the neighbouring country, Britai...More Button

What has happened over the past 12 months? I think I know. The new boy coming into productive employment, the new fitter, the new millworker, the new machinist, the new road worker, has arrived i...More Button

These workers realise that manpower in industry is much more important than machinery or administration, that the factory hand who takes the cow skin in the tannery and, with the help of his fellow...More Button

As far as the labour movement is concerned and, in particular, as far as I am concerned in the labour movement, they do that with my blessing, with my help and with my encouragement. Even if they h...More Button

Employers and Government must realise that this is a pressing problem and must be dealt with on that basis. That is why the Labour Party took the action they did in regard to the ESB dispute. We d...More Button

I can warn the Government it is waste of time endeavouring to legislate for people against their wishes. I know the Government have a responsibility to legislate for the good of the majority. You ...More Button

There is one sensible way of dealing with this matter. In times of peace, employers and workers should get together. I was a trade union official in my area for 20 years and during that time we h...More Button

Now the workers are educated to a point where they will not accept compulsion from anybody because they know they can defeat it. That is the reason why the labour movement fought the Electricity B...More Button

I should like to say more on this motion but it would be unfair of me to deprive other Deputies of the opportunity of putting their views. I should like to conclude by expressing surprise at the f...More Button