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Blaney, Neil T.C.

Tuesday, 18 October 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 224 Nbr. 10

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Exclusion of Press from Council Meetings.

Section 15 of the Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1902, provides that no resolution of any council, board or commissioners to exclude the press from meetings of the authority shall be valid unless ...More Button

I am not aware.More Button

I do not think so.More Button

I still do not think so.More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Membership of Cork Corporation.

The answer is “No”.More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Physically Handicapped Drivers.

I am aware that some physically handicapped drivers experience difficulties in finding convenient parking places. I understand that, in general, the more serious cases are known to the Garda and a...More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - County Dublin Drain.

I have been informed by Dublin County Council that the Chief Medical Officer has been asked to have an inspection carried out to see what measures can be taken to remedy or improve the existing fac...More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Water and Sewerage Schemes.

In so far as my Department is concerned there has been no delay in dealing with the Ballisodare sewerage scheme, final contract documents for which were approved on the 14th April, 1965.More Button

With your permission, a Cheann Comhairle, I propose to take the replies to Questions Nos. 16, 17 and 18 together.More Button

I hope to be in a position shortly to give a decision on the compulsory purchase order for the acquisition of a reservoir site for the Oola water scheme, which was submitted by Limerick County Coun...More Button

I understand that the county council are at present in the process of acquiring, by agreement, a site for a treatment works for the Oola sewerage scheme. Revised contract documents for the sewera...More Button

Loan applications to finance the two schemes cannot be considered until all the necessary land rights have been acquired.More Button

I understand from Cork County Council that the yield tests on the proposed source of the Rylane scheme have proved satisfactory. The council are awaiting the results of chemical and bacteriological...More Button

Revised preliminary proposals for extensions to Castletownroche water supply which were received in my Department on 10th August, 1966 are at present under examination. I am not in a position to s...More Button

With your permission, a Cheann Comhairle, I propose to take Questions Nos. 21 and 22 together.More Button

Revised contract documents for the Midleton water supply improvement scheme are still under consideration in my Department. I am not yet in a position to say when approval will issue thereto.More Button

I am aware of that.More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Midleton (Cork) Bridge.

Revised plans recently submitted by Midleton Urban District Council are at present under consideration and a decision in the matter will issue to the local authority as soon as possible.More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Piggeries in Dublin City.

I am informed by Dublin Corporation that all piggeries within the Dublin county borough are regularly inspected by the health inspectors engaged on corporation duties. Their maintenance and operati...More Button

It is understood that no precise figures are readily available showing the number of piggeries in residential areas in the city but the most recent survey indicates that there are now some 193 pig...More Button

I should imagine that if the contraction already evident over the past 12 years were to continue in the future this would represent satisfactory progress. We have dropped from 394 in a much smalle...More Button

While the Deputy may be aware of that, I have no information about it.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Local Elections Bill, 1966: Committee Stage.

Listening to the Fine Gael speakers amazes me by reason of the inconsistency they are showing. They made that point the other day and they are now really underlining that today so as to assure us o...More Button

I am trying to straighten out Fine Gael here. Of course people have been trying to do that for years and have not succeeded. It is true. Less than 12 months ago no objection to an extension to si...More Button

It may well be that instead of the four nice handy little arguments which the last speaker used and some of those thought up by Deputy Fitzpatrick — I would imagine he was thinking them up as...More Button

It does seem that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the handling of local affairs but is purely and simply a political matter which no matter how illfounded is this wishful thinking on the Depu...More Button

It is difficult to know what Fine Gael want. This is what bothers me. What do Fine Gael want at the moment? Do they want local elections? If they do want them it would be fair to ask why becaus...More Button

I put this counter-argument to Deputy Fitzpatrick. The law as we have it up to the postponement, indicated that the election would be held in June on a day to be appointed by the Minister for Loca...More Button

The Minister may fix any day up to the 31st December, 1966, on which to hold the election.More Button

I think it is much more likely that my version of what we did in the House a year ago on the last postponement Bill is the true one rather than Deputy Fitzpatrick's. It does show that we, in fact,...More Button

I say to Deputy Fitzpatrick and to those who talk in terms of changes on local councils there have been and there always will be, for various personal and domestic reasons and indeed the death of m...More Button

I feel that Fine Gael have an exaggerated opinion of how well they would do in any sort of an election at the moment and no blame to them for that. Let them have these notions and hopes in their ow...More Button

To those people who brought up this little quibble about the drafting of whether you put the word “quinquennial” or “quinquennially” as it is in this Bill here is a matter that has been determined ...More Button

Private Members' Business. - Local Elections Bill, 1966: Committee Stage (Resumed).

Fine Gael, as I said earlier, never seem to learn. They think that if they repeat the charges they are making as to the necessity for this Bill often enough people will believe them. I do not int...More Button

They want to get away with the story that this year the elections are postponed for purely Fianna Fáil political reasons. They want us to believe that whatever might have been the reasons l...More Button

While appreciating the views of Deputy Larkin as to the more frequent testing of public opinion in regard to the worth or otherwise of the members of his local authority or any other local authorit...More Button

I say further, from my own experience, a member of a local authority being elected for the first time—and everybody must be elected for a first time—without any doubt, anything less tha...More Button

The law of this House, whatever it is, whatever this House says, is only the law of this House. We are passing something that changes. Anything that we determine in this House we are entitled to ...More Button

It amuses me to hear Fine Gael Deputies talking as if the people down the country, in their own counties or in my county, are so concerned about whether in fact the Fine Gael people or the Fianna F...More Button

I feel that all this worry in Deputy Fitzpatrick's mind, and indeed in Deputy O'Hara's mind, is a bit phoney to say the least of it. I do not think it is a real fear and I do not think they are th...More Button

Deputy Fitzpatrick is still not satisfied with the drafting.More Button

I think I answered the question.More Button

I understand that this was framed to give me the law that I wish to have and I do not even go so far as to say that I have a full comprehension of it in the manner in which it is put but I am assur...More Button

I am satisfied it is not incorrect. All I can say is the man who drafted it is an expert. He has long experience and who am I and who are we, if it comes to that, to start querying whether or not...More Button

It is not even worth that because it is only a Bill for a year. We are going to put back the thing for that time, and if it does that, if it gives us an election in five years— with the free...More Button

Good man yourself.More Button

No headaches.More Button

The Deputy had a fair innings.More Button

In my county, too.More Button

True for you.More Button

I will, on another section.More Button

I will give the Deputy all he wants on another section. I want to get one through tonight.More Button

Legal quibbling does not twist what I said. I said what my own personal view was.More Button

The Deputy would not be there long.More Button

No.More Button

This is the way I got it.More Button

I am offering to the House a Bill that has been duly considered, well discussed, and excellently drafted.More Button

They were extended last year.More Button

They still carry through.More Button

They still stand. Harbour boards, vocational committees, still stand.More Button

We had it last year.More Button

No, not for a year.More Button

Until the next local elections were held.More Button

Section 3 agreed to.More Button

Question proposed: “That section 4 stand part of the Bill.”More Button

Yes.More Button

It is quite possible.More Button

The House will decide.More Button

If we are still here, which I have no doubt will be the case —I thank the Deputy for the assurance that we will be — then we will decide.More Button

Section 5 agreed to.More Button

Question proposed: “That section 6 stand part of the Bill.”More Button

Lest there might be misunderstanding, let me say that it was announced on 27th April that the Government's intention was to postpone these elections. The Bill was introduced on 8th June, hence the...More Button

Again, may I say to Deputy Fitzpatrick that he is making an awful lot of noise about something in which I do not believe he has a great lot of belief? He is living in the hope that this notice may...More Button

I do not think there is anything further I can usefully say on the section, except, perhaps, to warn the people who may be caught by this noise that it is nothing but propaganda being pushed throug...More Button

Does the Deputy wish to go on record as backing up Deputy Fitzpatrick and being lumped with him in what I am about to say?More Button

And I am giving one reply. I am entitled to ask the Deputy a question while I am on my feet but he is not entitled to ask me one while I am on my feet. Is Deputy P. Byrne adding his voice to that...More Button

If that is their view, they should stand up and record that view. If that was a proper thing to do, it is a proper thing now to regularise, as this section does, the position of mayors and chairme...More Button

I do mind until I finish this matter off. The Government's intention was to have this Bill dealt with and it would have been dealt with were it not for the fact that subsequent to 8th June last t...More Button

That being so, the charge of Deputy Fitzpatrick does not carry any weight. Not only was the Bill introduced on 8th June but the text was circulated to Deputies on 10th June. If Fine Gael felt so s...More Button

In reply to Deputy Corish, he has misunderstood in regard to my chiding the Opposition for not taking up this matter. What I was saying was that subsequent to the introduction of the Bill on the 8...More Button

There was nothing to make legal in April. The Deputy seems to be trying to create an atmosphere of distrust and fear among the people, if they are foolish enough to listen to him, that there was s...More Button

The Deputy knows well, or at least he should know and I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that he did know, that at column 730 of the Official Report for 27th April last, in reply to Questions...More Button

I intend to ask the House shortly for leave to introduce a Bill to postpone until June, 1967, the local elections due to be held this year, and to make consequential provisions for the extension of...More Button

I then went on:More Button

As is customary, I shall give the reasons for my proposals when the Bill is moved for Second Reading.More Button

Surely that answer indicated not only a postponement but a postponement until June, 1967—which is what is in the Bill—that the Bill would deal with consequential provisions—which ...More Button

So that, far from being accused of hedging and holding things back for too long, for the 12 months of 1966— the Bill of 1965 enabled the Minister to designate a day until the end of December,...More Button

I cannot comprehend all this talk, all this concern. As I said earlier, I can only say that I describe the lot of it as a phoney effort by the Fine Gael people to perpetrate propaganda, using this...More Button

Question proposed: “That the Title be the Title to the Bill”.More Button

Matters like the possible extension of postal voting, for instance. Some changes in the law, I said. It would deal with disqualification also for membership of local authorities. This refers to q...More Button

Qualification and disqualifications and odds and ends like that. It will be quite useful. We need it. It deals with a number of things. A commission sat on this matter of electoral law. A numb...More Button

I would love to be able to say that it would enable, say, Post Office workers to do the same for Fianna Fáil as they are free to do for Labour.More Button

Not small, no. A lot of changes, yes, but they will be in line with the general recommendations of the Commission on Electoral Law, some of whose recommendations we have already had in some of th...More Button

That is not possible. I like to help Deputy Fitzpatrick when I know that he genuinely wants help. This is the first time tonight that I believe he does want help. This will be dealing with the ma...More Button

If we would all talk less, I would say yes.More Button

You draw it out of me. I cannot help it.More Button

It might never happen again.More Button

We appreciate that.More Button

After all this talk?More Button

I would like to reply to the challenge made by Deputy Fitzpatrick. After all the time of the House the Deputy has wasted from 5.20 p.m. surely he would not ask us now to withdraw the Bill?More Button

If we could have a little election of our own without disturbing anybody else, I would be delighted to take it up.More Button