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Kenny, Seán

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Non-Use of Motor Vehicles Bill 2013: Second Stage (Continued)

The primary purpose of the Bill is to provide for a prospective system of declaring vehicles off the road for motor tax purposes, closing a loophole whereby owners can declare retrospectively that ...More Button

Where owners tell the motor tax authorities they intend to keep their vehicle off the road for a period, they will not be liable for motor tax. This closes off the existing tax evasion loophole,...More Button

I welcome the fact the Government is putting an end to this, and compliant taxpayers will welcome this move as well. Up to €55 million per annum is not collected currently through this form of t...More Button

There are many valid reasons a person may wish to put their car off the road for a while, such as working abroad for a time, and they will be facilitated so long as they let their motor tax offic...More Button

Once the Bill is enacted, a non-use declaration can be made in advance of the vehicle being taken off the road for a period of between three and 12 calendar months.More Button

The forms can be submitted initially via motor tax offices and will be available via Motor Tax Online later in the year. A declaration can be made up to one month in advance of the expiry of a mot...More Button

There will be a three-month transitional period to the new system. During this time, those in arrears must pay the arrears and either take out a vehicle licence or make a prospective declaration...More Button

In addition to the recommendation in the local government efficiency review group report, the 2011 Annual Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General also contained a chapter highlighting the l...More Button