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Kenny, Enda

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Leaders' Questions (Resumed) (Continued)

I want to congratulate the deputy leader for cynical outrage in her consistency, at least. She comes in here time after time and talks about privatisation of the water system. I described it yest...More Button

Deputy McDonald's leader and party made it perfectly clear that Sinn Féin supported water charges and that Sinn Féin would pay its water charges.More Button

Deputy Adams is not here today. I hope that he is in Belfast making arrangements for the Sinn Féin party to come together with the DUP and form a working Executive. We have other matters to consi...More Button

I am glad that the committee, which was set up for a specific purpose, has agreed a report. The process is democratic and Sinn Féin is a very democratic party.More Button

It had other ways of dealing with the middle ground before. They are all democrats, abide by the law and understand that. The committee set up for that purpose has made its recommendation and its...More Button

I differ from Deputy McDonald on this. I come from a part of the world where hundreds of thousands of people welcomed and waited for access to water for a very long time and have always paid for...More Button

Deputy McDonald lives in a world where when the tap is turned on, somebody else has paid for it. That is what she wants.More Button

The whole theme of the Deputy today is not about a solution; it is about the lack of further protest available to her, because that is all she wants.More Button

That is all Sinn Féin wants. Its entire political system is based on outrage, cynicism and protest. In this case, our country is moving on.More Button

I would like to have water meters in every house so that everybody could judge and make arrangements for the safe use of a precious commodity. Deputy McDonald has a different view. She wants ever...More Button

The Deputy asked a very important question there. I thought she knew the answer but I am going to give it to her anyway. She asked who prevails in a democratic society. The answer is the majorit...More Button

The issues are talked out and a decision is made. A decision was made by an Oireachtas committee set up for the purpose of examining the expert review that had made its recommendations and-----More Button

-----it has agreed a report. The Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government now has the responsibility to table legislation to give effect to that report. That is the process ...More Button

-----despite the fact that she wants everything for nothing and wants to pay for nothing-----More Button

The answer to the question is-----More Button

Deputy Ferris knows a lot about paying taxes as well. The answer to the question-----More Button

The question is: who prevails in a democratic society? The answer is the majority. I am glad that, in respect of this matter, a report has been agreed and that the Oireachtas can now proceed to d...More Button

I thank Deputy Boyd Barrett. The very reasons the Deputy outlined for the people who are faced with this situation are the result of an economy that collapsed and a construction sector that vanish...More Button

Of course.More Button

Deputy Pringle has set out the situation in so far as Ulster Bank is concerned. Deputy Pringle has not referred to the very substantial rural development programme that has been published by Gover...More Button

Deputy Pringle is clear on his remarks about the post offices. The Deputy might like to know that between 2004 and 2010 there were 345 post offices closed. He did not refer to any of those at a...More Button

The Government has made a decision that there should be basic banking facilities made available in post offices, and we are working on that.More Button

The assessment of the Minister of State, Deputy Ring-----More Button

-----of a pilot scheme for hubs to operate on the basis of four post offices to be determined was accepted by Government.More Button

I thought the Deputy might take the opportunity to say that people with the challenge of cystic fibrosis in rural Ireland are very encouraged today by the decision made by the Minister, the Departm...More Button

They live in rural Ireland as well.

  The Deputy mentioned Cockhill Bridge in Inishowen, which is now in receipt of several million euro as a consequence of interest in rural Ire...More Button

-----how many of all the social welfare recipients in Donegal want their payments paid into banks as distinct from post offices? If we are serious-----More Button

-----about our post offices, people must use them.More Button

They have that right and that choice. We support the roll-out of the pilot scheme presented at Cabinet by the Minister of State, Deputy Ring, and adopted by Government for four hub post offices to...More Button

We support also the introduction of the roll-out by An Post of the e-payment accounts system, which will help businesses in post offices. We will also advance the model of community banking that h...More Button

Questions on Promised Legislation

I will ask the Minister for Health to respond to Deputy Martin's question on home care packages.More Button

Questions on Promised Legislation (Continued)

I will have the Minister, Deputy Coveney, respond directly to Deputy Cassells on the points he has made.More Button

I will have him respond to the Deputy.More Button

It is not actually a question on legislation.More Button

Cabinet Committees

Was asked: the Cabinet committee which has responsibility for issues pertaining to public transport.More Button

Was asked: when the Cabinet committee on infrastructure, environment and climate action last met; and when it plans to meet next.More Button

Was asked: when the Cabinet committee on infrastructure, environment and climate action last met; and when it will next meet.More Button

Was asked: the Cabinet committee which is responsible for public transport matters; and the membership of same.More Button

Cabinet Committee Meetings

Was asked: when the Cabinet committee on health last met; and when it is scheduled to meet again.More Button

Was asked: when the Cabinet committee on health last met; and when its next meeting is due to be held.More Button

Was asked: when the Cabinet committee on health last met; and when it next intends to meet.More Button

National Emergency Plan

Was asked: the role his Department has in the event of a national emergency. More Button

Air Corps Operations

Was asked: the specific dates that the Air Corps Cessna aircraft have landed, officially or unofficially, at Gormanston aerodrome since the aerodrome was officially closed.More Button

Was asked: the minimum number of CASA pilots that are required in order for the Air Corps to be in a position to provide 24 hour top cover.More Button

Defence Forces

Was asked: if he will give consideration to providing retired Defence Forces personnel with the 1916 centenary commemorative medal; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Defence Forces Recruitment

Was asked: the efforts under way to hire the ten additional employees to the communication and information services to achieve the recommended number of employees and to prevent another military information t...More Button

Was asked: the direct entry or recruitment for specialist positions in the Defence Forces in the past 20 years; the reason for such policy rather than internal promotion; and if he will make a statement on th...More Button

Was asked: if he or officials from his Department had discussions with the military authorities regarding vacancies in specialist positions in the Army and Air Corps, in particular those impacting on the effe...More Button

Was asked: the number of applications from former members of foreign military services to join the Defence Forces; and the number that were allowed to join the Defence Forces in the past ten years.More Button

Defence Forces Drug Tests

Was asked: the number of Defence Forces personnel, Army, Air Corps, Naval Service and Reserve, that have been randomly tested for drugs or alcohol while on duty for each of the past five years; the nature of ...More Button

Air Corps Strength

Was asked: the number of qualified CASA pilots currently serving with the Air Corps.More Button

Garda Operations

Was asked: if his attention has been drawn to the fact that the Garda surveillance helicopter can operate without the need for air traffic controllers; and the number of times in 2016 it took off and landed w...More Button

Departmental Expenditure

Was asked: the cost to his Department of the Air Corps officers mess for inflight catering; if this figure has ever been audited by an external agency; and if not, the reason.More Button

Defence Forces Medicinal Products

Was asked: the details of missions or deployment of soldiers abroad in 2015 that used the anti-malaria drugs malarone and doxycycline; the number of Defence Forces personnel involved; the rank of those on suc...More Button

Was asked: his views on whether doxycycline 100mg is a broad spectrum antibiotic (details supplied).More Button

Defence Forces Personnel Data

Was asked: the number of former members of the Defence Forces that have joined foreign military services on completion of service here either after resigning their commission or before completing their contra...More Button

Was asked: the percentage of Defence Forces personnel that are currently medically trained.More Button

Ministerial Meetings

Was asked: if he has met with a group (details supplied) as he indicated he would.More Button