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Kenny, Enda

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Leaders' Questions

I know the Deputy has raised this out of a sense of seriousness because it is ultimately the most personally invasive and sensitive issue which could arise. I remember meeting Louise O'Keeffe with...More Button

I do not know how many victims of sexual abuse there have been over the years in the primary school system. It is no more than the secondary school system, I assume. We had the redress scheme, ...More Button

I cannot recall all the details of the file in this case. Deputy Micheál Martin's asked if something can be done about this. I have no idea of the scale of what might be involved. I need to re...More Button

People who were abused have to live with that for all of their lives. It is a horrific issue to have to contend with every waking moment. I do not want to go beyond that. To commit to somethin...More Button

Deputy Micheál Martin mentioned seven out of 210 cases have been settled. That is 210 cases before the courts. However, we have no idea of the numbers who might wish to come forward to say they w...More Button

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

We will not resile from our responsibilities. We are well aware of the fact that we are a co-guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement. That is the very point I have been making for quite some time....More Button

It was made clear after my meeting with the Prime Minister in Downing Street that we did not want a return to having a hard border and that we did not want to see an end to the common travel area, ...More Button

The Deputy asked if we had an agreement with the British Government on the use of Irish ports. We do not have an agreement because we do not yet know whether the British Government is looking fo...More Button

The Finance Bill is on Second Stage in the House and is being taken by the Minister for Finance himself. If the Deputy has an issue in respect of inheritance tax, I suggest she puts down an amendm...More Button

The Minister has made some changes to the threshold in respect of inheritance tax.More Button

The Minister has also made changes in respect of section 110 with regard to vulture funds and all of that. It is obvious the Minister does not favour either tax avoidance or tax evasion and has cl...More Button

Deputy Collins is entitled to raise the issue and air it here, of course. I suggest that if she wants a further discussion on it, she should put down an amendment on the specifics of what she is t...More Button

I thank Deputy Healy-Rae for his question. The Time to Move On from Congregated Settings report found that there were a number of people still experiencing institutional living conditions which we...More Button

The focus here has to be on the person concerned, as Deputy Healy-Rae is well aware. With regard to St. Mary of the Angels, it is important to say that there is no imminent closure involved here...More Button

On 18 September, a family forum meeting took place. Discussions were held around HIQA inspections and decongregation and concerns were raised. Many family members were concerned that their rela...More Button

On 5 October, representatives of St. John of God services and the HSE disability services met the family representative group to discuss the concerns that had been outlined by family members. Repr...More Button

There are currently 77 adults with intellectual disabilities residing on the campus. Of these, 17 are accommodated in an old-style ward. It is not suitable in this day and age and does not meet...More Button

Deputy Healy-Rae will appreciate that we have moved beyond the point where everybody might be institutionalised in these kinds of settings. That is not to decry the service given by the staff in s...More Button

There are people are currently living in institutions like this who can benefit from moving back into their communities where services are provided for them. As the Minister of State, Deputy Fin...More Button

I assure the Deputy that every one of the individuals in the institution has a caseworker. Nothing will be done without full consultation. As every public representative knows, when very good h...More Button

Some people have an extreme range of issues and some may find accommodation on the existing campus. As I said, there is no immediate or imminent closure of this institution. There will be prope...More Button

Questions on Promised Legislation

The Government, in conjunction with the Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, Deputy Simon Coveney, published a housing programme which is of an unprecedented scale. It d...More Button

The Minister introduced a scheme for reconstruction and there are opportunities for people who have houses that are not habitable to renovate them, lease them for a five-year period and then reac...More Button

As housing units come on stream and are repaired and made habitable, many people turn them down because they are not close enough to where they are living or not suitable for their needs. This i...More Button

I thank Deputy Adams for raising this issue. The national maternity strategy recognises that in recent years there has been a lot of pressure on the services provided as a result of the increase i...More Button

The National Maternity Hospital on Holles Street is to move to St. Vincent's Hospital. That matter is being progressed. Some difficulties in terms of governance have arisen, which I hope can be...More Button

Questions on Promised Legislation (Continued)

Increased funding is anticipated to be available to the Department of Health under the Government's six year capital programme 2016-21 and as Members know, developments are proposed for the relocat...More Button

Death of Former Member: Expressions of Sympathy

I also welcome Joe, Frances, Helen and Veronica to the House. It has all been said by Deputy Martin. I sympathise with them on behalf of my party on the loss of Paddy Lalor. I remember him very ...More Button

I agree with Deputy Martin that he was a person who loved life. He was a popular Deputy and Minister and someone who was genuinely interested in the affairs of his constituency and people and he...More Button

Deputy Martin mentioned Paddy's hurling exploits. Paddy brought that sort of capacity to his general political work. A person would not want to take him on without being clear as to what to do ...More Button

One of Paddy's opening remarks in Irish was to extend a fáilte Uí Cheallaigh to the visitor and he would ask me occasionally, "Did I say that properly?" I used to say to him, "Paddy, it is no bo...More Button

Brexit Issues

Was asked: if the new Cabinet committee which is overseeing the Government response to Brexit has met.More Button

Was asked: if there have been specific steps taken to allow negotiations between Ireland and Britain on Brexit.More Button

Was asked: the status of the invitations, format and schedule for the civic dialogue forum on 2 November 2016. More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 1 to 3, inclusive, together.More Button

The Cabinet committee on Brexit has met twice to date, on 8 September and 19 October, for an in-depth discussion of the issues arising from the UK decision to leave the European Union. The commi...More Button

Most recently, the Government discussed the action taken to date to prepare for Brexit, including, in particular, priority concerns for this country: the economy and trade; the peace process and ...More Button

There is ongoing close political and official engagement, including with the British Government, Northern Ireland and EU member states and institutions, on issues arising from Brexit.More Button

The Government has engaged in extensive contacts with our EU partners. In the aftermath of the referendum, I have had meetings with the British Prime Minister, Ms Theresa May, in London; the Ger...More Button

I have also taken the opportunity, on the margins of recent EU summits, to raise our concerns with the President of the European Council, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, and other EU leaders.More Button

Other Ministers, including, of course, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Minister of State with responsibility for European affairs, are continually raising and explaining our co...More Button

The annual summit of Secretaries General with UK permanent secretaries took place in London on 5 and 6 October. This well established annual forum served as a valuable vehicle for discussion and...More Button

The Government also continues to work closely with the Northern Ireland Executive and the First Minister and the deputy First Minister, including, in particular, through the North-South Ministeri...More Button

The invitations to attend the conference on 2 November launching the all-island civic dialogue issued last week. Invitations have been extended to a broad range of civic society groups, trade un...More Button

Was asked: the extent to which he has had discussions with the UK authorities and his EU colleagues in the context of the UK's proposed exit from the European Union; the extent to which the full implications ...More Button

As the Deputy is aware, Brexit and its implications for Ireland is an issue of the highest priority for me personally and for this Government. More Button

At political and official level, there has been close and regular engagement with the UK administration through existing frameworks. I spoke with Theresa May on the day of her appointment, and h...More Button

At EU level, I have also had extensive discussions with partners and the Institutions both in bilateral exchanges and in the wider format of the European Council itself, most recently last week i...More Button

As agreed among EU leaders in June, there can be no formal negotiation with the United Kingdom until Article 50 is triggered. More Button

We also await more detail from the UK on what kind of future relationship it will seek with the EU. The current lack of clarity however does not preclude us from preparing for the negotiations a...More Button

  Questions Nos. 8 to 14, inclusive, answered orally.More Button

Brexit Issues (Continued)

First, the civic forum, from the political point of view, should be a listening exercise. It is not about grandstanding by political parties across the entire island. That is why, in an all-islan...More Button

Traditional manufacturing and small and medium enterprises here are a real focus of where the Government must be. To that extent, the budget contained a number of measures in respect of Enterpri...More Button

Deputy Martin is quite right that while the challenges ahead are unknown, at least if we knew at this stage what Britain's ask will be, we could focus on that. It seems as if the Prime Minister ...More Button

Of course Deputy Ryan is also fully entitled to a briefing on the issues that have been discussed at permanent secretary level so that the range can be there for everybody to see. Gabh mo leithscé...More Button

  Question No. 4 replied to with Written Answers.More Button

Cabinet Committees

Was asked: when the Cabinet sub-committee on infrastructure, environment and climate action last met; and when the next meeting is to take place. More Button

Was asked: the number of meetings of the Cabinet committee on infrastructure, environment and climate action that have been held in 2016.More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 5 and 6 together.

  The Cabinet sub-committee on infrastructure, environment and climate action was reconstituted in June and held its first meet...More Button

Cabinet Committees (Continued)

It is. An additional €5.14 billion was announced in the summer economic statement to deal with transport, housing, broadband, health, education and flood defences. Some €4.6 billion will be alloc...More Button

Deputy Adams should have a conversation with the Minister of State, Deputy Canney. He is dealing extensively with the progress being made in respect of flood relief works and flood prevention ac...More Button

We are also looking at a scheme to deal with the relocation of people from a small number of houses that have been flooded for the past number of years and where it is no longer possible to live....More Button

I again thank Deputy Eamon Ryan for the contributions by the different members of the delegation who appeared before the Cabinet sub-committee yesterday. I found their contributions succinct, ac...More Button

In respect of media coverage, the Deputy will be aware of allegations of the Government using the media as a tool for itself in promoting its own cause. There is a delicate balance in having int...More Button

Clearly, the extent of the diminution of the Arctic ice cap this year is further evidence of climate change on the move. One of the boats that sailed through the Northwest Passage did so in thre...More Button

This is obviously an issue for us. We have got a reasonably good deal from Commissioner Cañete. The challenges here between 2020 and 2030 will be exceptional even given the credits we will be a...More Button

I assure the Deputies that the Ministers and their officials are working really well and strongly from a technical point of view in dealing with Brussels. We cannot get approval for our deal unl...More Button

I will consider Deputy Eamon Ryan's suggestion that a sub-committee might play a part. We have evidence, obviously, of people wanting to participate in improving the environmental situation here, ...More Button

Ireland really had four conditions.More Button

The first condition was that our annual compliance targets from 2021 to 2030 be determined using a realistic starting point which would reflect the reality of the end point in 2020, and not based o...More Button

Question No. 7 replied to with Written Answers.More Button

Cyprus Reunification

Was asked: if he will report on his meeting with the President of the Republic of Cyprus.More Button

I had a meeting last Tuesday in Government Buildings with President Anastasiades of Cyprus during the course of his state visit to Ireland. He updated me on the current political situation in Cypr...More Button

I have had occasion to meet President Anastasiades on many occasions at the EU Council meetings. I know him well. Sometimes the seating arrangements are such that I sit beside him at some of thes...More Button

As we are both members of the same political grouping within the European Parliament, I also have occasion to meet him in that regard. He is well aware of the assistance that Europe has been mak...More Button

Does the Deputy mean with Wales and Scotland?More Button

As the Deputy knows, we have the British-Irish Council that meets on a six-monthly basis. It includes Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of M...More Button

Cyprus Reunification (Continued)

However, it is the totality of the vote that the British Government states is the decision. Given that Brexit is now irreversible we must deal with the consequences of the decision of the electora...More Button

European Council: Statements

The meeting of the European Council which took place last Thursday and Friday dealt with several issues of importance to the Union. It began on Thursday afternoon with a substantial discussion abo...More Button

European Council: Statements (Continued)

This openness is one of the reasons international companies locate here and why Irish companies, particularly SMEs, do so well exporting and trading on the international stage.More Button

The Government, while watchful of our own interests, continues to support free trade agreements where the substance and the detail are right. From Ireland’s perspective, the discussions on trad...More Button

More generally, the Council also discussed EU trade defence instruments. They came to the fore due to a variety of global trade factors, particularly pressure on the steel sector. We do not hav...More Button

I will leave it at that. The Minister of State, Deputy Dara Murphy, will deal with Russia when he replies to the debate.More Button

In many cases it has to do with security checks made by institutions.More Button

Cabinet Committee Meetings

Was asked: when the Cabinet committee on the economy, trade and jobs last met. More Button

The Cabinet Committee on the Economy, Trade and Jobs last met on Tuesday 4th October 2016.

  It is next scheduled to meet on Monday 7th November.More Button

  Questions Nos. 5 and 6 answered orally.More Button

Army Barracks

Was asked: his views on a matter (details supplied) regarding the use of a house; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button