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Kenny, Enda

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Leaders' Questions

It is not acceptable that families and children, in particular, have to stay in bed and breakfast accommodation and hotel rooms.More Button

In many cases, they are quite a distance from Dublin, in particular, and the families have to travel to schools and so on, which is not acceptable. It is not true to say that there was nothing in ...More Button

Last year the Government put €2.2 billion on the table to deal with this legacy issue. Yesterday, in the budget, the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform added to that sum. This year €500...More Button

The problem is the planning regulations and the planning permission process.More Button

Until we deal with the question of the provision of extra houses, in reality we cannot deal with this problem.More Button

It is not true to say that the rent supplement has not been increased. The Department of Social Protection has dealt with thousands of cases over the past period where, in individual circumstances...More Button

-----the rent supplement can be increased, thereby giving certainty to both the tenant and the landlord.More Button

It is clear that interference in the market, to its detriment, is not something we should do.More Button

While people are calling for what they call "clarity" on rent certainty, if we interfere in the wrong way, we will make matters worse.More Button

As was pointed out by the Minister for Finance, we had three reports in the 1980s by Mr. Peter Bacon which were supposed to sort out all of this but things actually got worse. The Government will ...More Button

-----in a way that will make things worse. The Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Deputy Alan Kelly, is working very hard on this issue and we hope we will be able to br...More Button

Believe me, I am frustrated about the fact that this is not moving in the way that one would want. We have PPPs, private builders, NAMA, social housing and modular units. Those are five issues. ...More Button

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

It is all part of the legacy of destruction that the Deputy's party left behind it.More Button

As the Deputy knows, the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government is taking action as a matter of urgency.More Button

First, 500 units of modular housing will be delivered in two tranches of 150 and 350.More Button

They seem to think one can deliver these units overnight. There are processes that one must fulfil.More Button

I never hear interviews with anybody who has been allocated a house that was a void and closed up and which has now been returned to proper condition. There were 2,333 units returned to use in 201...More Button

To date the local authority in Waterford has returned 74 units to use and is projecting a figure of 148 by the end of the year.More Button

These are places where people will be able to live. It takes a while to repair the destruction caused by the Deputy's party.More Button

The Minister has met local authority chief executives-----More Button

-----to discuss their targets, the money they have been given and the objective of getting on with the business to be done. Why is that when the Minister provides money and objectives and tells lo...More Button

-----that we are not seeing the results? Is it that some of them do not want to build? They might prefer to have agencies to do it for them. A sum of €37.16 million has been confirmed for the Du...More Button

Clearly, I admit there is a real challenge, but the challenge is not money.More Button

It is the process by which the money can be spent and housing delivered. One will not deal with the issue until more houses are provided, that is, blocks and concrete, to provide houses for people.More Button

The answer is "Yes". I visited the scene of the inferno at Carrickmines. The site, although a temporary site established eight or ten years ago, was very neat and clean. However, the units were ...More Button

The Deputy is aware that an audit is being carried out of all Traveller accommodation units and halting sites throughout the country, many of them in locations with which I am familiar. In Prior...More Button

Accommodation for Travellers is provided through a range of measures. There are the standard local authority housing units financed by way of the Department for the Environment, Community and Lo...More Button

It is open to Travellers to opt for any form of accommodation. The 2014 annual count of Traveller families showed that of 10,226 families, the majority, 35%, were accommodated in standard social...More Button

The level of investment was reduced in recent years, similar to many other forms of investment. Notwithstanding this, €400 million has been invested in the provision and support of this type of ...More Button

Every council has a local Traveller accommodation consultative committee comprising local authority officials, members of Traveller representative groups and other relevant bodies, including publ...More Button

The site in Glenamuck was not an unauthorised site. It was a temporary site, with services provided by the local authority, pending the putting in place of more permanent accommodation for the f...More Button

The first point the Deputy makes is important. Clearly, the vast majority of communities in this country are prepared to work with the local authorities and different agencies in their own interes...More Button

In respect of the deeper question the Deputy raises, this is an issue that is reacted to in different ways in different parts of the country and, in many cases, it is based on unfortunate experie...More Button

Yes, I spoke to Deputy Fitzmaurice about this previously and I spoke to his predecessor in the House, who had agreed a certain line of action and then decided to renege upon that. I cannot comment...More Button

As Minister, Deputy Deenihan worked exceptionally hard to try to bring about a resolution to these kinds of cases. It is not that people are being driven off the land, as Deputy Fitzmaurice says...More Button

Unfortunately, not all of the people involved, for their own very personal and sensitive reasons, wanted to comply with offers put forward.More Button

The Deputy says people are willing to co-operate. I take his point about the longer-term involvement of Bord na Móna in terms of peat cutting. The offers were there for alternative bogs to be mad...More Button

I would like to see a resolution to this and I am glad to hear Deputy Fitzmaurice say he is willing to work towards that. Without going near the European personnel at all, I believe a degree of ...More Button

The boglands in question are not being taken from anybody, nor was that ever the intention. The Boora bog in the Midlands opened up further to tourists recently. It has significant capacity for t...More Button

The issue here is that turbary rights are a long-standing right in Irish law. It is not a case of getting people off the bogs, but of them not cutting turf. The objective is to have turf available.More Button

Most houses do not use turf alone for heat and the quality of Bord na Móna products is higher and of a better calorific burning standard than turf cut by conventional means. People retain their ow...More Button

I understand that. The issue is that they want to continue to cut turf. However, the boglands in question have been designated in a particular way and that is the law that applies. What the Depu...More Button

Others have a different point of view. I hope the Deputy's influence in this area will be able to bring about a resolution. I know he has been intensely involved over the past number of years, bu...More Button

Order of Business

It is proposed to take No. 37, financial motions by the Minister for Finance - motion 5 resumed. It is proposed, notwithstanding anything in Standing Orders, that the following arrangements shall ...More Button

For 2016, the Department of Health will have funding from the Exchequer of €13.175 billion in current expenditure and €414 million in capital. Further funds come in from contributions from the HSE...More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

In the last period the Tánaiste has nominated a number of MABS officers around the country to work in a more focused and structured way with people who have mortgage difficulties. This is paying d...More Button

Suffice it to say that whenever the Deputy speaks about housing and the construction sector, the party he leads should be ashamed of itself for what it did.More Button

In respect of the Stormont House Agreement, we signed off on it before Christmas, with the intention that it would be implemented in full. As the Deputy is aware, there are some serious discussion...More Button

Regarding the Council of Europe convention-----More Button

We gave approval at the Cabinet meeting yesterday for progress to be made on it. I think the Minister for Justice and Equality will report on the matter shortly. The intention is to move it forwa...More Button

The Minister is to finalise the statutory instrument for consideration and expects this to take place soon. I think he wrote to the Deputy in September stating his intentions. Clearly, the tenant...More Button

This question concerns a commercial body which has made its own decision. That decision has been welcomed, I think, by different groups in terms of being able to use more advanced methods to provi...More Button

I cannot give the Deputy an indication of when the legislation will be brought before us. I will advise him on the matter later.More Button

As the Deputy is aware, I cannot comment on the work of the sole member who will make his own arrangements, in which I cannot interfere in any way. Generally, there may be a request for either res...More Button

The general Bill on bail was cleared in July and work is proceeding on it. On the other Bill on consecutive sentencing, the Minister has made decisions and the Bill is being put through the House....More Button

Will the Deputy repeat that question?More Button

I cannot see it being implemented before the next election.More Button

The mobility allowance is a complex area, as the Deputy is well aware. The important thing is, first, to protect the people who are in receipt of the mobility allowance. Detailed work has been ...More Button

This is more or less the same question Deputy O'Dea asked, which I have already answered. Detailed work is also ongoing in respect of rural transport provision, which would accommodate what Deputy...More Button

This is part of the budgetary process and will be acted upon administratively. The Bill to which Deputy O'Reilly refers is due next year. The impact of the decision by the Government will follow ...More Button

The Minister for Education and Skills has already set out the programme to do away with prefabricated buildings that in many cases have been in schools for many years. She will make announcements ...More Button

I will see if we can fit in a debate on the outstanding reports of the Convention on the Constitution before the end of this session. The convention has wound up. We thank it for its work. I a...More Button

The Minister is working very hard to see that the 500 units of modular housing can be developed in two tranches of 150 and 350 in a very short time.More Button

Do you mean to have a referendum?More Button

Thank you very much. If I was Deputy Ross, I would accept the advice of the Ceann Comhairle and move the Bill first.More Button

I have already clarified the position in so far as elections are concerned between now and the end of the year. I commend Deputy Mathews’ comments on the gardaí and their considered actions in reg...More Button

In respect of the bankruptcy Bill, we have to deal with the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest legislation and the Public Service Stability Agreement 2013-2016, Haddington Road, ...More Button

With the help of the parties we could maybe move things through, such as the Garda Síochána (Policing Authority and Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2015 and the Legal Service Regulation Bill 2011. ...More Button

I am glad to note that the largest school in the country will be opened at Edgeworthstown. Every time I pass there and see the statue of Maria Edgeworth I think of her famous book, Castle Rackr...More Button

We had this problem for many years, whereby properties were subject to ground rents which were paid to absentee landlords. The Government changed the legislation many years ago to allow for those ...More Button

I thank Deputy Mitchell O’Connor for her question. The heads of the Domestic Violence Bill 2015 have been cleared and the Bill is being processed. The family courts Bill will be next year.More Button

Thirty-fifth Amendment of the Constitution (Fixed Period for the Duration of Dáil Éireann) Bill 2015: First Stage (Continued)

It is not, but I remind the Deputy that it is the President who dissolves the Dáil on the request of the Taoiseach and that he can refuse, if he so wishes.More Button

Financial Resolution No. 5: General (Resumed)

The main aim of the budget announced yesterday is to keep the recovery moving. It is not just a budget for 2016 but also another step in our plan to sustain the recovery in the years ahead. The p...More Button

There is no denying that the country still faces many challenges arising from the economic crash brought about by the previous Administration. In addressing these challenges the budget for 2016 ...More Button

Our first priority is to continue to make work pay. While the Government has changed Fianna Fáil’s bailout agreement to avoid future increases in income tax, it was clear that the existing level...More Button

Making work pay more than welfare will also be an essential part of our plan to get Ireland working again. Today, there are too many families for whom work simply does not pay and it encourages ...More Button

We started the process of reducing the tax burden on work and jobs for low and middle-income earners in the last budget and have continued with that strategy. By reducing the universal social ch...More Button

These tax changes are only a step in our plan to progressively abolish USC during the next term of office in order to secure full employment. If returned, the Government will take another step e...More Button

The Government is also determined to make work pay more than welfare. We established the Low Pay Commission this year to make annual recommendations on the level of the minimum wage. It recomme...More Button

The Government has also long signalled its desire to end the unfair tax treatment of self-employed workers. The Government supports those who created their own jobs and have created jobs for oth...More Button

The Government will also prioritise more supports that will encourage and support working families. Not having a job is the biggest source of inequality in our society. Jobless households with ...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 5: General (Resumed) (Continued)

We will now offer every child from the age of three a free preschool place until he or she begins primary school. In addition, the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Deputy Reilly, will exte...More Button

I am particularly pleased the Government is introducing a suite of supports which will ensure children with a disability can meaningfully participate in, and fully reap the benefits of, preschool...More Button

We have listened carefully to the concerns of parents and in conjunction with these new services we will also introduce a range of quality assurance measures for early education. Those will incl...More Button

All the measures to make work pay are designed to help create more jobs and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to fill those jobs. Since entering office we have prioritised measures to cre...More Button

As part of the budget, we have published a capital plan to ensure all regions share in its benefits. This €27 billion investment plan for Ireland is essential to restore all the jobs lost in the...More Button

New jobs will also be created from new business ventures. As a Government, we need to support those who take the risk to start new business, create more jobs and export to more countries around ...More Button

The tourism sector was in crisis when we entered Government in 2011. With the introduction of a number of measures to support its recovery, it has now reached new record levels. To keep the rec...More Button

In addition to supporting Irish business, we have also continued the strategy of attracting more foreign investment and jobs. In the first half of this year, IDA Ireland won 110 new investments ...More Button

The Government still needs to do far more to rebuild a sustainable economy with strong sectors that can support full employment. Our flagship in this regard has been the Action Plan for Jobs, de...More Button

The Government’s plan of tax cuts and enterprise supports will help to rebuild a strong and sustainable economy. Reducing the high tax burden on low and middle income families helps to create jo...More Button

As the economy recovers we are now investing more in vital public services. In our hospitals, 880,000 day cases will be carried out by the end of the year - an increase of nearly 20% in the past...More Button

Next year we will recruit 2,260 additional teaching posts, including 600 new resource teachers. That will result in a reduction of the pupil-teacher ratio at primary level from 28:1 to 27:1, and...More Button

In order to tackle crime we are continuing our recruitment strategy with 600 new gardaí next year in addition to the roll-out of vital crime fighting ICT equipment. We will continue to keep the ...More Button

All of those new investments are essential to keep the recovery going and to support economic growth and job creation. The budget is an affordable and sensible way to secure recovery. It signal...More Button

As we look forward and plan for 2016 and the years ahead, the opportunity now exists to secure the economic recovery and to build an enterprise economy and society that delivers secure and well-p...More Button

As the end of this Dáil approaches, we are facing a fork in the road. One track points to continued stability and certainty about the future. The signposts along that way are now clear, namely, n...More Button

As we face this division in the road, one surely can see that along the other track lies instability and chaos. The siren songs of ending austerity and fairer recovery will, in fact, mean the ex...More Button

Yet the Deputy wants to keep taxes at more than 50%.More Button

Yet the Deputy wants to keep the taxes at more than 50%. He has moved away from the policies of Seán Lemass.More Button

Fianna Fáil wrecked the country.More Button

The Deputy wants to keep taxes at more than 50%. There has not been one constructive suggestion made here today - not one.More Button

The numbers have come down and are moving in the right direction.More Button

The Deputy wants to keep taxes at more than 50%.More Button

The Deputy will vote against these tax cuts.More Button

We are doing that.More Button

Explain that.More Button

The Deputy's party is the high tax party.More Button

Seán Lemass would not stand for that.More Button

The high tax party.More Button

The high tax party had nothing to do with it.More Button

Ask Senator Power about that and Fianna Fáil's leadership.More Button

A leader with no followers.More Button

I am quoting his party's Senator. I thank Deputy O'Dea for his assistance.More Button

From whom?More Button

What about the genomics and GLAS schemes?More Button

"Shame on you".More Button