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Kenny, Enda

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Leaders' Questions

The Deputy's charge of certain parties looking after certain sectors is nothing short of disgraceful. The change from 17:1 to 19:1 in the PTR the Minister announced in the budget takes effect next...More Button

Of course that will be debated fully here in the Oireachtas.More Button

It is an important element to education. The answer to the Deputy's question is "Yes". The impact analysis has been requested by the Minister from each CEO and will be reported to him a...More Button

Deputy Martin never listens. I said his comment was disgraceful in suggesting any party is looking after a particular segment of Irish society. The party he leads from the days of the Galway tent...More Button

That is the comment I said was disgraceful. It was disgraceful for him to say that. Let us deal with the issue here.More Button

The pupil-teacher ratio in secondary schools is 19:1. The pupil-teacher ratio in colleges of further education was 17:1 and will be 19:1 from next September. The issue of devolution of responsibi...More Button

----- to make the choices as to the nature and quality of the courses to be pursued. The impact of the decision made by the Minister is to bring the pupil-teacher ratio for colleges of further edu...More Button

As a former teacher, the Deputy should know it is not the pupil-teacher ratio that makes the real difference here.More Button

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

It is the quality of the person standing in front of the class that counts.More Button

One can produce reports that are the height of this roof that will show one but Deputy Martin never listens and that is what has him where he is.More Button

The most important ingredient of education is parental and student interest and the quality of the teacher and the teaching that is given in the first place.More Button

That is why the Minister for Education and Science has given the devolved responsibility to chief executive officers to allow them to make choices regarding courses and their nature. This will be ...More Button

This sector, as maintained, is important but then Deputy Martin never listens.More Button

I understand that Bank of Ireland announced last October that it intended to introduce a range of increases in interest rates with effect from 18 December 2012. The credit card purchase interest r...More Button

This bank is owned by private investors with a 15% share held by the Government and this area is not regulated by Government. I can confirm that the Government is in constant contact with the re...More Button

I do not like this but the Government is in constant contact with the regulator. I have written to him on a number of occasions stating that if he considers that he should have more appropriate ...More Button

As the Minister for Education and Science remarked, we treat banks differently than Sinn Féin did in the past. This is an area that is not regulated. It is an issue in respect of which the Govern...More Button

Our job as a Government is to restore our economy to good health. It is heading in that direction and for the first time in a number of years, we have had three consecutive quarters of growth. ...More Button

Deputy Pringle should bear in mind that Ireland is one of the few countries which has managed to get into a strong position for whatever Minister has attended for a number of years. The reason for...More Button

Deputy Pringle asked about coastal communities. We must have a debate and an understanding that the level of production and fish required, based on the extraordinary growth in the world's popula...More Button

It is clear that in the coming ten to 15 years the level of fish production required will be extraordinary and it will not be got from fishing in the sea because the levels of fish are not there....More Button

Deputy Pringle is well aware there has been serious overfishing by the Faroe Islands and Iceland and this has led to calls by Ireland at EU level to have sanctions imposed. In the context of resto...More Button

Yes you are. Deputy Martin is listening at last and I thank him.More Button

Despite the decision on drift net fishing I hear allegations of illegal fishing off the coast of Deputy Martin's county. I do not know whether it is true. There is an issue in respect of the mort...More Button

This is an issue in which everyone has an interest. The development of aquaculture, taking into account environmental sensitivities and the opportunity for economic development and jobs, is one ...More Button

Order of Business

It is proposed to take No. 27, Statements on European Council, Brussels; No. a7, Appropriation Bill 2012 - Order for Second Stage, Second and Subsequent Stages; No. 1, National Vetting ...More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

I dealt with this matter yesterday. It is almost the end of this Dáil session and we want to move on with setting up the personal insolvency service, which is an alternative to dealing with banks....More Button

There has to be an understanding of moral hazard, in addition to distinguishing between those who cannot or will not pay. We want to move on with the Bill and Members can make their points in the ...More Button

The Minister for Justice and Equality will give full details of the schedule and timetable for the implementation of personal insolvency arrangements during the course of the debate. I do not have...More Button

The Minister will give a report.More Button

What is the Deputy's question? We want the Good Friday Agreement implemented in full and as a co-guarantor of that, we see it as an important matter. I have not had the opportunity to read the bi...More Button

I am sorry for the confusion. I will first read the report in respect of the bill of rights and the reference to the distinctive issue concerning Northern Ireland. I will follow that through with...More Button

There is no promised legislation, although I noted the comments from the different organisations that work together to get extra accommodation for homeless persons.More Button

The Government will support these efforts.More Button

The Garda Commissioner made these recommendations and the Minister accepted them.More Button

There will be a change in the way gardaí will do business, which will be to the benefit of every community. There will be more visibility, connection and contacts, with greater information.More Button

There is a High Court case on this in January and I answered questions on it yesterday. I am precluded from saying anything that could prejudice that case.More Button

While I do not have a definite date for the Deputy, I can confirm that discussions are taking place with the Criminal Assets Bureau in respect of the criminal justice (proceeds of crime) Bill. How...More Button

This will be done after the insolvency service has been set up arising from the Dunne case. Appropriate legislation will be put in place that will recognise a right the banks have always enjoyed w...More Button

The Bill has been passed by the Seanad and we are waiting for it.More Button

As the Deputy is aware, we have a packed agenda. In regard to Priory Hall, the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Deputy Phil Hogan, has been awaiting developments on th...More Button

Is the Deputy referring to schools?More Button

A pilot scheme is being done in regard to savings in schools, whereby if they procure their requirements from-----More Button

It was not the case that schools were being mandated to buy from a particular supplier. The Minister of State, Deputy Brian Hayes, has done substantial work on the concept of public procurement wh...More Button

Senator Martin McAleese has indicated that the report will be available for the end of the year. While only a short period is left, I spoke to the Senator some time ago and he is confident the dat...More Button

Two issues arise. The Government has considered the sale of timber from forestry lands as potentially a sale of a State asset. I refer to the timber rather than the land. The forestry Bill, whic...More Button

European Council Brussels: Statements

I am pleased to brief the House on the outcome of last week's European Council meeting in Brussels on 13 and 14 December. This was the final Council meeting before Ireland's Presidency begins in l...More Button

The meeting began on Thursday evening with the usual engagement with the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, MEP. Mr. Schulz made a call on leaders to improve democratic account...More Button

Improving the perception of the European Union and eurozone will be an important aspect of Ireland's Presidency and 2013, including through the discussion that will take place at the informal mee...More Button

As I stated last week when I briefed the House, progress on banking union, especially the single supervisor, was of pressing urgency not only for Ireland but for the euro area as a whole. The br...More Button

The European Council built upon this by setting a deadline for the operational framework for the single supervisory mechanism, to be agreed as soon as possible in the first semester of 2013. More Button

European Council Brussels: Statements (Continued)

This process will include giving a definition to what is meant by "legacy assets". It was also made completely clear that this process would ultimately allow the European Stability Mechanism, ESM,...More Button

The deal on a single supervisor means we can now move on with the next elements of banking union, which include the harmonisation of national recovery and deposit guarantee schemes. For these me...More Button

It was agreed that, after a single supervisor mechanism, SSM, is in place, the next logical step is the creation of a single resolution mechanism, SRM. On this, the Commission has been asked to ...More Button

In keeping with our clear and consistent position, the European Council also agreed that the immediate priority was to complete and implement the measures that had been agreed, including the six ...More Button

Last week's European Council meeting also made important progress on mapping out the way ahead on economic and monetary union, EMU. I set out the background to the discussion of this issue in th...More Button

The outcome of last week's meeting mainly focuses on the short to medium term and ties in directly to Irish interests and concerns. In his report to the meeting, President Van Rompuy set out an ...More Button

However, as I said to the House last week, it was clear to me that there were elements in President Van Rompuy's report that required greater explanation and elaboration. These issues were at th...More Button

Following our discussion, therefore, President Van Rompuy will now consider and consult further, and will present a time-bound roadmap on the following four issues to the June 2013 European Counc...More Button

On the first of these, co-ordination of economic reforms, the Commission is to bring forward a proposal in the context of the European semester, building on Article 11 of the Treaty on Stability,...More Button

We also agreed that, to improve governance within the euro area and building on the provisions of the stability treaty, the Heads of State or Government of the euro area will adopt rules of proce...More Button

To help shape the ongoing work in the immediate period ahead, the European Council welcomed the annual growth survey recently published by the Commission, which launches the 2013 European semeste...More Button

The European Council also gave close consideration to completion of the Single Market, which is a key priority for the Irish Presidency. Last week's conclusions called on the Council and Parliam...More Button

As President, Ireland will prioritise these Single Market and digital single market actions. The untapped potential of the EU's Single Market has an important contribution to make to delivering ...More Button

The European Council also called for consideration of the Commission's recent youth employment package, including early adoption of the recommendations on the youth guarantee schemes. This is al...More Button

On enlargement, the European Council made good progress and welcomed and endorsed the conclusions agreed at the General Affairs Council last week. These will shape the enlargement agenda over th...More Button

We welcome the reference in the conclusions to regaining the momentum in the accession negotiations with Turkey, where we would hope to progress over the next six months. We also intend to advan...More Button

The European Council adopted conclusions on the Common Security and Defence Policy, CSDP, which includes CSDP missions and capabilities, and preparations for a discussion on defence issues at the...More Button

We also discussed the deteriorating situation in Syria and the ways in which the EU could try to end the current violence and hasten the emergence of a negotiated solution. The Council reiterate...More Button

The Council considered the outcome of the most recent meeting of the Friends of Syria, which took place in Marrakesh on 12 December and at which Ireland was represented by the Minister of State, ...More Button

The issue of recognition of the Syrian opposition coalition was also addressed at the Council. Ireland remains firmly of the view, in line with the clear majority of EU partners, that it would b...More Button

Last week's Council outcome was a good and positive one, both from an Irish and European perspective. It represents progress on a number of key issues that will guide our work as Presidency in t...More Button

I raised it with the Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron.More Button