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Howlin, Brendan

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Nomination of Taoiseach (Resumed) (Continued)

I propose to share time with Deputy Burton.More Button

On a personal level, I wish Deputy Varadkar well today, particularly as we worked together in government. While my party cannot support his election as Taoiseach on the basis of the existing progr...More Button

While I sincerely wish him well for his time as Taoiseach, I must inform him that Labour will continue to oppose his Government. The programme for Government and the confidence-and-supply agreem...More Button

At a high level they attain a wrong and short-sighted commitment to spending one third of all available funding on tax cuts at a time when public services badly need investment. The rainy day fund...More Button

I hope his stewardship for Ireland will see these tactics abandoned by his Government. Speaking of things that should be disavowed, I note that the Minister will be supported today by Deputy Lowry...More Button

Can the Deputy show that record to the House?More Button

Great expectations.More Button

Appointment of Taoiseach and Nomination of Members of Government (Continued)

I propose to share time with Deputies Penrose, Sherlock and Jan O'Sullivan.More Button

On my own behalf and that of the Labour Party, I offer my congratulations to each of the new appointees. Some have had the honour of serving in government and others are experiencing that honour...More Button

Approximately one week ago I flagged my concern that Deputy Varadkar as Taoiseach would seek to appoint one Minister to lead two Departments, namely, the Departments of Finance and Public Expendi...More Button

People may say that I have a vested interest in this area, and I suppose I do. I do not raise this issue to score points but to bring attention to a very real issue. It might be suggested that ...More Button

The leader of Fianna Fáil was critical of the Labour Party for taking the spending Ministry in the previous Government. I remind him that what we did in government was negotiate an open and publ...More Button

My colleagues will address a range of issues that now stand before the Taoiseach and his Ministers. Each of those deserves attention. I want to briefly mention some issues. Brexit remains the ...More Button

The Taoiseach and his Ministers have reading to do. I hope that will be done in detail. I hope that they enjoy some celebrations tonight and tomorrow, and that when we come back next Tuesday th...More Button