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Hogan, Phil

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 752 Nbr. 2

Written Answers - Tax Code

Was asked: if he will review a matter (details supplied) regarding haulage contractors; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

The current arrangements for charging motor tax on the basis of whole calendar months for periods of three, six or twelve months have applied since the 1960s, and in a more restricted form since th...More Button

The introduction of an option for a monthly tax period would increase the administrative costs and complexity of the motor tax system, including the necessity to issue monthly renewal notices in su...More Button

Was asked: if he will consider not including houses that are paying fees to a management company for the proposed property tax. More Button

I intend to bring proposals to Government shortly on the establishment, membership and terms of reference of an inter-Departmental expert group to be tasked with designing a property tax. It will t...More Button

Written Answers - Water Services

Was asked: if he is satisfied that public water supply pipelines which are asbestos based are non-health hazardous and that the interior insulating coating is corrosion free. More Button

Was asked: his policy on public water pipelines which are asbestos based; and if he is satisfied that the insulation coating is adequate to withstand corrosion and is up to standard regarding posing any healt...More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 160 and 189 together. More Button

Asbestos cement piping formerly used in local authority water mains was required to meet the specifications defined in Irish Standard 188 to include bitumen lining and coating. The main health ris...More Button

The World Health Organisation’s position on asbestos in drinking water is that there is no consistent evidence that ingested asbestos is hazardous to health and that there is no need to estab...More Button

Was asked: if he will make an order to local authorities that when fitting water meters there would be some system put in place which would have the capacity of alerting the house holder if there was a leak i...More Button

The Programme for Government provides for the introduction of a fair funding model to deliver clean and reliable water. The Programme for Government also committed to the establishment of Irish ...More Button

On 16 January, my Department commenced a public consultation on these proposed reforms, seeking views from the public on the establishment of Irish Water and the introduction of water charges.More Button

The Government has indicated its intention to commence the installation of water meters in households connected to public water supplies later in 2012. Specifications for the meters and associated...More Button

Questions Nos. 174 to 177, inclusive, answered with Question No. 171.More Button

Was asked: his policy regarding lead piping for public water supply; and if he is satisfied that these pipes are non-health hazardous. More Button

The European Communities (Drinking Water) (No. 2) Regulations, 2007 designate water services authorities (the 34 county and city councils) as the authorities which are primarily responsible for pub...More Button

The 2007 Regulations provide that the EPA is the supervisory authority for drinking water supplied by water services authorities. Guidance Notes published by the EPA in April 2009 advises water se...More Button

My Department’s Water Services Investment Programme 2010-2012, a copy of which is available in the Oireachtas Library, provides funding for works by water services authorities for water conse...More Button

Question No. 189 answered with Question No. 160.More Button

Written Answers - Local Authority Charges

Was asked: if he will specify the actual houses in each housing estate entitled to avail of the unfinished housing estate waiver in the list of estates for Mayo County Council. More Button

Was asked: if a person with self-catering accommodation is liable for the non-principal private residence charge; if there are exemptions for those who have been funded by an enterprise board and are register...More Button

The Local Government (Charges) Act 2009, as amended, broadened the revenue base of local authorities through the introduction of the charge on non-principal private residences (NPPR). The charge is...More Button

Section 2(d) of the Act provides that a building in respect of which local authority rates are payable and that is wholly used as a dwelling is not a residential property for the purposes of the Ac...More Button

Was asked: if a person with self-catering accommodation is liable for the household charge; if liability or non-liability for paying the non-principal private residence charge affects liability for paying the...More Button

The Local Government (Household Charge) Act 2011 and the Local Government (Charges) Act 2009 set out the legislation underpinning the household charge and the charge on non-principal private reside...More Button

Under the legislation, owners of residential property, including self-catering accommodation, are liable for the household charge. Owners of residential property that have a liability to pay the c...More Button

Question No. 168 answered with Question No. 164.More Button

Was asked: if he will be willing to write to each household affected by the household charge asking them to pay the charge, on the basis that taxpayers deserve to be approached directly when the State imposes...More Button

Significant efforts will be made to ensure that property owners are aware of the household charge and the liability and payment dates. The Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) and local author...More Button

It is also intended that a household charge information leaflet will be issued shortly to residential properties in the State. I am confident that those liable to the household charge will be awar...More Button

Was asked: if he will clarify the proposals by him to take money at source from householders who are unable to pay the new household charge; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

I have no proposals to collect the household charge from homeowners by deduction from earnings. The Question may be referring to the proposals that my colleague the Minister for Justice and Equali...More Button

Was asked: the percentage of commercial rates that have been collected in 2011 by local authority area and in each local authority area the percentage of rate payers that have paid their full rates for 2011; ...More Button

Audited information in relation to the collection of commercial rates in 2011 is not yet available in my Department. Local authorities are required to publish their 2011 Annual Financial Statement...More Button

Was asked: the reason various phases of an estate (details supplied) are obliged to pay the household charge when its final phase was exempted from the fee; if his attention has been drawn to the fact that a ...More Button

Written Answers - Planning Issues

Was asked: the status and details of the planning enforcement proceedings or any other legal action which has been instituted by Mayo County Council or Ballina Town Council against the developer of a housing ...More Button

Written Answers - Local Authority Housing

Was asked: the €31 million allocated to local authorities to improve the insulation of local authority houses, the amount of the €31 million that was drawn down by local authorities; the amount that...More Button

Written Answers - Departmental Bodies

Was asked: his plans for the future of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority; if the existing authority or Dublin City Council has responsibility for planning the development of the Poolbeg area; if his ...More Button

Was asked: the position regarding the future status of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 164 and 168 together. More Button

Since its establishment in 1997, the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) has overseen the urban regeneration of the Docklands area into a vibrant city quarter, realising considerable achi...More Button

As part of the Government’s commitment to securing ongoing savings and efficiencies, the scope for agency reform and rationalisation will continue to receive careful consideration. The futur...More Button

Regarding responsibility for planning in the Docklands area, a developer may choose to either make a planning application to Dublin City Council or to apply to the Authority for a certificate of ex...More Button

Engagements between the DDDA and the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) are a matter, in the first instance, for the Authority itself. As outlined in the DDDA’s 2010 Annual Report & Fin...More Button

Written Answers - Appointments to State Boards

Was asked: if he intends to appoint additional board members to An Bord Pleanála; if so, the prospective timelines for such appointments; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

Written Answers - Waste Management

Was asked: the fact that persons who have bin waivers in south Dublin will lose their waivers in April, when he is going to make waivers available on a national basis. More Button

The Programme for Government contains a commitment to introduce competitive tendering for household waste collection, under which service providers would bid to provide waste collection services in...More Button

A public consultation designed to inform the policy development process concluded in September 2011. A large number of responses were received from a broad spectrum of interests. As one might expec...More Button

Written Answers - Water and Sewerage Schemes

Was asked: his views on a matter (details supplied) regarding the Water Services Amendment Bill 2011; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

Was asked: the new proposed regulations regarding septic tanks, the position regarding a person required to carry out large scale works if they fail to meet the required regulations; if they will have to appl...More Button

Was asked: if a person’s septic tank does not meet the required regulations and they live on a site that is less than 0.5 of an acre, if they have to apply for planning permission and if the local autho...More Button

Was asked: if a house owner fails to meet the required standard in the new regulations proposed by him and if remedial works are to be carried out which would involve spending a large sum of money and if the ...More Button

Was asked: if he will clarify a matter (details supplied) regarding septic tanks; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

Was asked: when a decision will issue on financial assistance being made available to households that will not be in a position to afford the cost of upgrading or replacing their septic tanks; and if he will ...More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 171, 174 to 177, inclusive, 177 and 180 together.More Button

I consider that the appeals procedures provided for in the Bill are adequate. Persons aggrieved by the requirements of an Advisory Notice issued by a water services authority can appeal that decis...More Button

With regard to any remediation works required, I have previously signalled my intention to introduce planning exemptions for works arising from the Bill. Any necessary exemptions will be put in pla...More Button

It is not intended to apply new standards, for example as set out in the EPA’s 2009 Code of Practice, to older on-site systems as part of the new inspection system. Where an inspection reve...More Button

My Department will keep under review all possible options to provide financial support to house-holders whose systems are deemed, following inspection, to require substantial remediation or upgradi...More Button

On 23 November 2011, the European Commission submitted an application to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) seeking the imposition of a lump-sum penalty and daily fines against Ireland for failing...More Button

Was asked: if he will prioritise progress on a sewerage scheme (details supplied) in County Kerry; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

The Water Services Investment Programme 2010-2012, a copy of which is available in the Oireachtas Library, provides for the development of a comprehensive range of new water services infrastructure...More Button

The Programme aims to prioritise projects that target environmental compliance issues and support economic and employment growth. A key input to the development of the Programme was the assessment...More Button

Question No. 180 answered with Question No. 171.More Button

Was asked: if a contractor has been appointed for the construction of the Bandon main drainage scheme in County Cork; when he expects work to commence; the expected duration of the works; and if he will make ...More Button

The Water Services Investment Programme 2010-2012 a copy of which is available in the Oireachtas Library, provides for the development of a comprehensive range of new water services infrastructur...More Button

Contracts for both a wastewater treatment plant upgrade and network for the Bandon Sewerage Scheme Phase 2 are included as contacts to start during the life of the Programme.More Button

In October 2011 my Department approved the revised Design Brief submitted by Cork County Council for the appointment a Consultant to prepare a Preliminary Report for the upgrade of the Bandon Waste...More Button

The Council has recently completed the Tender Evaluation Process in relation to the network element of the scheme and has sought my Department’s approval of the necessary funding to allow for...More Button

Was asked: if he will indicate the level of grant aid available for group sewerage schemes; the criteria for qualification for same; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

The rate of grant available for Group Sewerage Schemes under my Department’s Rural Water Programme is €2,031.58 per house or 75% of the cost of the scheme, whichever is the lesser. More Button

Responsibility for the administration of the Rural Water Programme has been devolved to local authorities since 1997. The selection and approval of individual group scheme proposals for funding and...More Button

Written Answers - Meitheal Forbartha na Gaeltachta

Was asked: his plans for the Dingle Peninsula, Kerry, considering that Meitheal Forbartha na Gaeltachta Teoranta has disbanded and it is not under any Leader programme; the way he will address this situation;...More Button

I refer to the reply to Questions Nos. 362 and 391 of 29 November 2011.More Button

Significant progress is being made; all relevant Rural Development Programme RDP (LEADER) project files have been released by the liquidator and are now with my Department. All project promoters wi...More Button

My intention is to find a solution that will be efficient and effective and applied at the earliest possible opportunity to all Gaeltacht areas including Kerry and all relevant stakeholders will be...More Button

Written Answers - Pension Provisions

Was asked: if he will report on the implementation of the decision taken to approve a revised system of pension entitlements for local government non-officer grade whose pensions are integrated with social we...More Button

The calculation and revision of pensions for former local authority employees is a matter for local authorities under the provisions of the Local Government Superannuation Scheme. More Button

My Department issued a circular letter to all local authorities in August 2005 to advise them of the revised method of calculation of pension entitlement for public servants whose pensions are inte...More Button

Written Answers - Community Development

Was asked: when Leader funds will be paid to an organisation (details supplied) in County Mayo; the reason for the delay in this payment; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

There are 35 Local Action Groups contracted, on my Department’s behalf, to deliver Axes 3 & 4 of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) throughout the country and these groups are the principa...More Button

All funding requests are subject to a risk assessment process to determine whether or not they will be subject to a control procedure. The programme is required by EU regulation to conduct controls...More Button

Bonniconlon Community Centre Ltd has already received an RDP grant payment of €56,150.43 in October 2011 as part of the phased payment process allowable under the RDP. Mayo North East Leader P...More Button

This process is part of the overall management of the RDP and is required by EU regulation. Mayo North East LEADER Partnership and Bonniconlon Community Centre Ltd will be advised of the results of...More Button

Written Answers - Departmental Staff

Was asked: the number of civil servants from his Department who are based in the European Commission working in the relevant permanent representative offices; their titles and functions; and if he will make a...More Button

My Department has two civil servants working in the offices of the Irish Permanent Representation to the European Union in Brussels, an Environment Counsellor (Principal Officer level post) and an ...More Button