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Hillery, Patrick John

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess).

Would you blame him?More Button

The Deputy is becoming amusing now.More Button

The Deputy should not go to elections. They are hurting him.More Button

The Prices Advisory Body decided that. Is the Deputy going to exclude all the evidence?More Button

The Prices Advisory Body made the decision. They are independent.More Button

The Deputy is speaking about threats. Who threatened Labour?More Button

He was talking about getting agreement on procedure, not on settling disputes. You have got too far away from reality.More Button

That was not an attempt. It was done to protect the public.More Button

What was not carried out?More Button

The Deputy would want to read what is in the Statute Book.More Button

The Deputy should read the Act.More Button

Do the Labour Party think everybody who breaks the law should be put into the Black Maria? The Minister said yesterday that if there is evidence of their having broken the law, they will be prosecu...More Button

The Minister for Industry and Commerce will not allow them to dictate to him. He has said they will be prosecuted if they have broken the law.More Button

Would you put him in without trial?More Button

Bíonn cead cainte ag fear caillte an imeartha. Listening to Deputy Lindsay and Deputy Kyne, I was reminded of the old Irish proverb: The man who loses the game can do all the talking. I am ...More Button

Deputy Lindsay said Ministers should give up politics and sit in ivory towers waiting for some miracle to happen. Deputies should stop making representations. Deputy Kyne thought our friends and ...More Button

Deputy Kyne's Party is the oldest Party in the country. If we have more friends and supporters and better workers and more money, it is a credit to us.More Button

We had the totally ludicrous suggestion that the civil servants were writing home to their people “Vote for the Fianna Fáil man or I will lose my job”. But the crowning thing was the sugges...More Button

We had better get back to reality. Deputy Lindsay set the whole theme of his speech by saying that we sneered at Deputy Cosgrave's visit to the EEC in Brussels. He said it was a good thing that t...More Button

Deputy Lindsay asked what preparations are we making for the entry of this country into EEC. He was dealing at that time mostly with our industries. He berated us for going too slowly. He said: “...More Button

But there are firms who have not been making preparations. That is not the fault of the Government. The Government have made available grants and every assistance in the form of advice to firms ...More Button

——did not see it as a step towards joining the EEC and ensuring that our employment opportunities would increase and that there would be a better standard of living in this country. Th...More Button

Before I left the Department of Industry and Commerce, I found it necessary to ask staff of the Department to visit the management of factories in connection with the taking of measures necessary t...More Button

As well as that, a recent policy of the Government has been for the Minister for Industry and Commerce to make journeys abroad to attract new industry to this country. In my time, as Minister for...More Button

I have said before often enough that my own opinion is that the main attraction to an industrialist to set up here will be the presence of a trained labour force. This House has already passed the...More Button

I believe that the availability of a trained labour force, plus the other activities which we have undertaken, for example the placement service of the employment exchanges, will bring many industr...More Button

I would ask members of the Opposition to examine their consciences to see what effect their attitude may have on some industrialists who might set up here. On many occasions when I was Minister f...More Button

Only a friend would say that. Deputy Lindsay spoke of the vague plans we have for education. I do not want to go deeply into this because it may be that the Minister for Education will want to re...More Button

It is some years now since we announced our plans for post-primary education and the making available of courses which would give equal opportunity in so far as the aptitudes and the ability of th...More Button

What the present Minister for Education has achieved is to devise a scheme which would allow us to make available free education to all our children with a system that was not built from the ground...More Button

Deputy Kyne said that the Taoiseach threatened Labour that if they did not solve their disputes, we would do it for them. The Taoiseach said no such thing. He said that Minister after Minister, i...More Button

Deputy Briscoe said this morning that the worker had been cared for by the Fianna Fáil Government.More Button

Debate adjourned.More Button

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess) (Resumed).

I was saying that Deputy Briscoe was right in asserting that the record of this and former Fianna Fáil Governments in matters concerning the workers was one of which we could be proud. It ...More Button

Is the Deputy going to make a duet of this? We had the Conditions of Employment Act 1936 to regulate the conditions of employment of industrial workers——More Button

1936—before the Deputy's time.More Button

Why?More Button

As I said, we introduced this Act to cover the conditions of industrial workers in regard to matters of the normal working week, shift work, overtime, night work and the like. This was followed by...More Button

I need no assistance, I assure the House.More Button

When we were not allowed to talk, the Deputy spoke freely enough. The Industrial Relations Act of 1946 set up the Labour Court and other machinery for the settlement of industrial disputes. The c...More Button

It provided an elaborate code dealing with the safety, health and welfare of workers, in factories, docks, buildings and engineering construction works. That Act provided for the establishment on ...More Button

If the workers will not accept what I say in this matter—and I have experience that Labour Deputies are not inclined to accept what one says—I should like to quote Mr. Barry Desmond, wh...More Button

When this Act (i.e. the Factories Act) became law in 1955 a special and particular responsibility developed on the trade union movement. During the passage of the Act through the Houses of the Oir...More Button

As a result, section 73 of that Act provides that persons employed in a factory may select from among themselves a safety committee and may nominate one of their members as a safety delegate.... I...More Button

Speaking on the same occasion, Mr. Desmond also said:More Button

Therefore, the trade unions also have a major responsibility in promoting safe working in industry.... Union members should and indeed, in their own best interest, must co-operate in the observance...More Button

One is delighted to get an amendment and here is an amendment brought in or suggested by Labour Deputies to give an initiative to workers and here now are Labour Deputies asking me why I am not doi...More Button

You must go back to your predecessors who wanted to see that the workers had the initiative in setting up these committees.More Button

I am making a journey through the various legislative actions of Fianna Fáil to protect the workers.More Button

We had the Office Premises Act in 1958. Last year or the year before under the present Taoiseach, the Mines and Quarries Act was completed. I took the stage after the election last year in the Se...More Button

The Apprenticeship Act of 1959 was introduced and passed through the Oireachtas by the present Taoiseach when he was Minister for Industry and Commerce. This has been singularly successful in prov...More Button

The establishment of a separate Department of State with staff specially recruited for this work should further facilitate the work of Fianna Fáil Government for workers. It is true that th...More Button

At present the Government are proceeding on the basis that the road to better industrial relations lies to a large extent in allaying the fears of workers and giving them the greatest possible degr...More Button

The Taoiseach referred to this this morning. Although the workers now may seem to be less in need of State-provided protection than their predecessors were from the exploitation of bosses and the ...More Button

Some workers may still be under the impression that in pressing a demand to the point of strike, they are hurting their employers. In actual fact, I honestly believe that a strike now hurts worker...More Button

There is another danger which is for the trade union itself to look at, that is, the failure of workers generally to take an interest in trade union activities. If we want any evidence that workers...More Button

Trade unions rightly pride themselves on being democratic organisations, but how can democracy work, I ask you, if 97 per cent of the people concerned opt out of the affairs of the organisation an...More Button

I reluctantly go back to the by-elections. Deputy Kyne asked me to ascertain if the Taoiseach did in fact say in Dungarvan—and this is Deputy Kyne's statement—that the unions would have...More Button

Some of his own crowd must have thought that up. To finish on the by-elections, we have been told that we have too many supporters, too many Ministers, too many TD's, too much money, too many cars...More Button

The only thing they did not say was: “Change generals and we will fight you all over again.” Now they know the man they thought could not do it has done it and they are not saying anything about ...More Button