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Higgins, Joe

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

The Taoiseach is responsible for the trouble over the past month.More Button

Fix it then; tax the millionaires.More Button

A contribution has already been made.More Button

Water Sector Reforms: Motion (Continued)

That is outrageous. They will have the landlords in the country rack-renting.More Button

The Minister cannot say that for another Government. He cannot decide that.More Button

That law can be repealed.More Button

The contempt with which the Minister and the Government are treating the elected representatives of the people is breathtaking.More Button

He started by saying this was a very important day for the country because of the proposals on Irish Water and water charges he was introducing. Then he walked out and left the representatives of ...More Button

I have no doubt he has gone to the media to sell his snake oil trickery in order to get out before the Opposition, as if the Government has not had enough access over the past 24 hours to all its f...More Button

Water Sector Reforms: Motion (Resumed) (Continued)

I propose to share time with Deputies Mick Wallace and Joan Collins.More Button

The people of Ireland are not fools, and they recognise political trickery when they see it. Today, in the supposed concessions on water charges, they will recognise a transparent manoeuvre to g...More Button

To do so, the Government proposes to gouge €1.2 billion from the pockets of ordinary people in parallel with the central taxation they pay directly, from which water services have been maintained...More Button

The majority of ordinary people want to fight this and, if they have already registered, in April they will be sent a bill for €40 or €65. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain, in or...More Button

In a press conference, the Minister said that if people were taken to court by Irish Water it would affect their credit rating. False. The Irish Credit Bureau, which is the agency of the banks,...More Button

To add to the rack-renting torture that so many people are subjected to as private tenants, the Government will appoint landlords to rob tenants' deposits. This is breathtaking. One of the most v...More Button

The water charges saga has been characterised by the most incredible mendacity and deceit by Fine Gael and the Labour Party. Conservation was the catch-cry. The Taoiseach passionately said we s...More Button

The Tánaiste has had the audacity to continue the media smear of decent residents in communities such as west Tallaght that have been hit by years of austerity. Among the ordinary women who orga...More Button

The Government and the media portray this as leading the stupid mob by the nose. James Connolly answered that much more eloquently than I ever could.More Button

What undermines democracy in the country is establishment political parties lying through their teeth to ordinary people at election time. The Tánaiste had a Tesco advertisement in one hand, promi...More Button

The campaign for the abolition of this bankers' and bondholders' water tax will continue without let-up. If it is still there, it will be a massive issue at the next general election and the Gov...More Button

Mother and Baby Homes Inquiries

Asked the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs: if he will include the Westbank Orphanage in Greystones, County Wicklow, in the inquiry into the mother and baby homes; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button