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Hayes, Brian

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Credit Institutions (Eligible Liabilities Guarantee)(Amendment) Scheme 2012: Motion

Almost one year ago to the day, the Minister for Finance addressed colleagues in the House on the subject of the bank guarantee scheme, otherwise known as the ELG scheme. A lot has happened since ...More Button

Credit Institutions (Eligible Liabilities Guarantee)(Amendment) Scheme 2012: Motion (Continued)

In the context of the subsequent recent visit of the troika partners and the eighth review of the programme, it was agreed that such a strategy would be finalised by year end. The early indication...More Button

The Minister for Finance facilitated this move by issuing a series of notices under paragraph 13 of the schedule to the ELG scheme, whereby he is empowered to limit the applicability of the guarant...More Button

It refers to the Channel Islands.More Button

Deputy Boyd Barrett wants us to default.More Button

The Deputy is talking about a situation like Argentina.More Button

I thank my colleagues for their contributions to the debate. In the five minutes allowed to me I will reply on some of the issues raised.More Button

I recognise the appalling circumstances in which the country has found itself because of the reckless lending policies and arrogance of the banking sector over a generation. Many in the House to...More Button

The task of the Government on entering office had two dimensions, the first of which was to correct the appalling deficit of fiscal mismanagement by the previous Administration having been in pow...More Button

Our ambition in asking the House to accept the extension of the ELG scheme is to ensure it is brought to a swift conclusion next year. Will those who are criticising the two Government parties t...More Button

That is why the Taoiseach, Tánaiste, and the Ministers for Finance and Public Expenditure and Reform have been in direct negotiations and discussions with the banks about their commitments. They g...More Button

The objective is to bring this guarantee to an end and to get the banks out of the accident and emergency ward we found them in when we took up office and to get our money - the €64 billion colle...More Button

Deputy Boyd Barrett argued for default. He is correct that 20% of the taxes we will take in this year will go to paying the national debt. He says we should not pay that debt, that we should de...More Button

Airport Development Projects

I am taking this topical issue on behalf of my colleague, the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Deputy Varadkar. Since his appointment, the Minister has set out to rationalise the system ...More Button

Next week, the Minister for Finance will announce budget measures to achieve a further €3.5 billion in savings through expenditure cuts and revenue-raising initiatives. The State has recognised ...More Button

As the Deputy will be aware, following the Government decision last May to separate Shannon Airport from the Dublin Airport Authority group and merge it with a restructured Shannon Development to...More Button

Airport Development Projects (Continued)

On the basis of the work undertaken by the task force and the steering group, detailed proposals on the restructuring of the State airports and Shannon Development have been submitted to the Govern...More Button

I agree with Deputy Mulherin that we need a plan for Knock airport and the region, given the importance of the airport to the entire region in terms of tourism and business development. However, a...More Button

Student Support Schemes Issues

The Deputy is not the only one.More Button

On behalf of the Minister for Health, I thank the Deputy for raising this issue, in which she obviously has had a keen interest.More Button

Student clinical placements in the health sector are a feature of training and education in a range of health disciplines. These placements build on the academic training received in colleges an...More Button

Arrangements for a payment to student medical scientists undertaking clinical placement in hospitals were put in place in the 1980s. These arrangements applied to all hospitals where such placem...More Button

Student Support Schemes Issues (Continued)

The Health Service Executive is currently examining this issue with a view to determining which hospitals are involved and the number of students affected. This process will be concluded shortly. ...More Button

Deputy Tuffy made a compelling case which cut through the verbiage that one regularly hears on these matters. The HSE needs to get its act together because clearly there is a disparity in the pa...More Button

It is absurd that one group of students should receive an allowance of €903.98 per month while, just because the Dublin hospitals have disentangled themselves from it and decided not to provide sup...More Button

Vaccination Programme (Continued)

I thank Deputy Ó Fearghaíl for raising this and for providing me with the opportunity, on behalf of the Minister for Health and Children, to outline to the House the importance of the issue raised.More Button

The Minister's priority is to ensure that the children and adolescents affected are provided with services and supports to meet their health and medical needs. The Department is working closely ...More Button

The HSE provides a wide range of services and supports to those affected, including access to rapid diagnosis, clear treatment pathways, temporary medical cards and reimbursement of expenses incu...More Button

The Department of Education and Skills has held a number of meetings with SOUND to outline the range of educational supports that may be provided for children with narcolepsy, subject to an asses...More Button

A meeting was held recently between SOUND and representatives from the Higher Education Authority national access office and the Department of Education and Skills higher education unit on the is...More Button

The Department of Health is considering all possible supports that may need to be put in place for those affected. Any such supports require the Minister's approval and the consent of the Minist...More Button

I thank Deputy Ó Fearghaíl for raising this matter in such a constructive way. He recognises, as does the Government, the State's responsibility to the people who have been affected this way as a ...More Button

On behalf of the Minister for Health and Children, I can assure the Deputy that the Minister is preparing a memorandum for the Government on this issue. I understand the memorandum will set out ...More Button