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Gilmore, Eamon

Wednesday, 27 March 2002

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 551 Nbr. 3

Order of Business.

This proposal to guillotine the Report and Final Stages of this Bill is not agreed. The Government is introducing an amendment today which is not an amendment to housing legislation but proposes to...More Button

It was circulated yesterday to be debated today in a restricted debate which will be guillotined at 1.30 p.m. and so will not get the attention it deserves. This is part of a series of such legisla...More Button

Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) (No. 2) Bill, 2001: Report and Final Stages.

I oppose these amendments on a number of grounds. I oppose the way they are being introduced and the manner in which it is proposed to rush them through the House today.More Button

Problems are being encountered, particularly during the summer months, with very large encampments of what are called “Traveller traders” and the occupation of public spaces, football fields and so...More Button

The question arises as to whether we should address those problems by way of additional legislation. Many of the difficulties arise because insufficient accommodation has been provided for Travelle...More Button

Where is the Minister with responsibility for housing and urban renewal who authored this amendment? Why is he not in the House to take this Bill? Perhaps there is a good reason for his absence but...More Button

What we have before us is effectively new legislation. Amendment No. 1, which is, purportedly, an amendment to the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, 2001, will amend the Criminal Justice (Pu...More Button

I would like to read into the record comments made jointly by Pavee Point, the Irish Travellers' Movement and the National Traveller Women's Forum in a document circulated to us today:More Button

Traveller organisations have worked with the State and other social partners on the monitoring committee for the report of the task force on the Travelling community. As part of this work, and at t...More Button

I spoke yesterday to representatives of Traveller organisations who told me they had no knowledge this proposal was to be introduced. They were not consulted or informed about it and when they rais...More Button

Was the Garda consulted about the introduction of this legislation, because the amendment provides for arrest without warrant in certain circumstances? What discussions took place with the Garda ab...More Button

The amendment has been tabled to address a specific problem related to Traveller encampments but it has wider implications because for the first time it will criminalise trespass, which had previou...More Button

The amendment has implications, for example, in disputes about fishing rights. One definition of “land” in the amendment describes it as “land covered by water”. There have been, and continue to be...More Button

What is being proposed has enormous implications. I recall the discussions we had in the House in regard to occupiers' liability and the question of entry onto property owned by somebody else and w...More Button

I accept there is a problem and I do not stand over or support the occupation of public grounds or amenities by anybody nor do I, or will I, support destruction of and damage to public amenities. I...More Button

This legislation is being introduced with May in mind rather than June, July and August, when this problem arises in practice. The Government can pass the legislation today and flog it around the c...More Button

The Minister of State's response is disappointing. He has not addressed the issues put to him. He gave many figures about the Traveller accommodation programme, but did not address my point that th...More Button

The Minister of State did not answer my question about the Garda. Was the Garda consulted about this legislation and what is its view of it? It is irresponsible of the Oireachtas to enact legislati...More Button

However, one individual family—More Button

Let us consider this carefully because this is where the issue of enforceability will come into play. This legislation fundamentally changes the responsibility for the enforcement of the law in rel...More Button

This island has, unfortunately, experienced many instances of legislation being passed which pitched the police force against sections of the community. If this legislation is enacted, I will encou...More Button

Private Members' Business. - Public Services: Motion (Resumed).

I welcome and support the motion tabled by Fine Gael dealing with public services. It is a highly appropriate motion for what is probably the last Private Members' business of this Dáil. The...More Button

This Government has made a virtue of cutting tax but its undeclared policy has been, at best, to preside neutrally over a languishing public service and at worst, to see public services go into a s...More Button

This Government has brought the city of Dublin to a standstill. It failed to advance the Luas project or to invest in public transport. It presided over the provision of bus corridors by the Dublin...More Button

The Government has failed to provide adequate infrastructure. This can be seen in our roads. We have heard the criticisms of the Government's performance on the national development plan, particula...More Button

It is no exaggeration that as investment in our public services has reached such a sorry point under this Government's administration, so too has the morale of many of our public servants. Morale a...More Button

Written Answers. - Convention on Human Rights.

Asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs: in view of particular assurances previously given by him, the position with regard to the ratification of Protocol 7 and 12 to the European Convention on Human Rights; the specific steps already ta...More Button