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Flanagan, Seán

Thursday, 26 May 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 222 Nbr. 15

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Petrol Grades.

I propose, with your permission, a Cheann Comhairle, to take Questions Nos. 19 and 20 together.More Button

I have seen a press report that the British Standards Institution — compliance with whose standards is, I understand, voluntary — has prepared a draft scheme for classifying the various...More Button

I understand that, apart from the octane rating of petrol, there could be other factors such as variations caused by length and method of storage and the use of additives which could affect the sui...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Nylon Sheets.

Imported sheets are subject to an ad valorem duty of 40 per cent or a specific duty of 8/-each, whichever is the greater. This duty was imposed for the protection of Irish manufacturers of ...More Button

In order that traders may be able to offer a variety of sheets, they are allowed to import one sheet duty-free for every four they buy from the home manufacturers. Under this arrangement they may,...More Button

I am sure that Irish manufacturers will make nylon sheets as soon as the demand warrants it.More Button

That is what it says here.More Button

It should be.More Button

Committee on Finance - Industrial Training Bill, 1965: Second Stage.

I move that the Bill be now read a Second Time.More Button

This Bill rests on five main propositions. They are, first: that one of the most important investments that a nation can make is in developing the skills and know-how of its people; second: that, ...More Button

If these propositions were being met over the broad spectrum of our industrial and commercial life there would be no need for this Bill. But they are not. The investment of time, effort and money...More Button

I have, of course, been painting the general picture. I admit freely that some of our more progressive firms have excellent training schemes— schemes which can compare favourably with the be...More Button

The provisions of the Bill were explained in some detail in the memorandum which was circulated with it. I think, therefore, that it is only necessary for me to emphasise the main features and expl...More Button

The Bill applies to all activities of industry and commerce, including trades and occupations, but it does not apply to professional occupations nor does it apply to activities of primary productio...More Button

Apprentices in State employment come within the scope of the Apprenticeship Act, 1959, and they are covered by the provisions of this Bill, which do not, however, apply to other persons in State e...More Button

The Bill provides for the establishment of a new training authority to be known as An Chomhairle Traenála. An Chomhairle will consist of a Chairman and six ordinary members. If the Chairman...More Button

The functions of An Chomhairle are set out very fully in section 9 of the Bill and are summarised in paragraph 7 of the explanatory memorandum. It will be the duty of An Chomhairle to provide, an...More Button

A further point I should make is that An Chomhairle will not, at any stage, be duplicating training schemes already in existence. In fact, subsection 2 of section 9 of the Bill places on An Chomha...More Button

In the same way, An Chomhairle will not take over existing schemes which are being run successfully by other organisations. Its aim will be to help such organisations to do a better job. For inst...More Button

There is clearly scope for co-operation between An Chomhairle and the Council but it obviously would not make sense for An Chomhairle, which will have many urgent tasks to perform, either to duplic...More Button

In brief, the aim of An Chomhairle should be to provide, or secure the provision of, training where it is neglected, to co-operate with other bodies and organisations to secure improvements in trai...More Button

Subject to what I just said it is the intention that An Chomhairle should have power to concern itself with all types of industrial and commercial training including:More Button

the training of apprentices; the retraining of adults to skilled level by accelerated vocational training methods; the training and retraining of operatives; the training of unemployed and redundan...More Button

In the normal course of events, An Chomhairle will proceed by bringing an industry, or where this is desirable, an occupation which is common to a number of industries, under the scope of the Act b...More Button

The intention is that An Chomhairle should, in consultation with the appropriate industrial training committee, tackle the various training problems of the industry as a whole. It would deal with t...More Button

I have a special word to say about apprenticeship. The Bill provides for the repeal of the Apprenticeship Act, 1959 and for the transfer to An Chomhairle Traenála of the functions assigned ...More Button

We have adopted this approach because we are convinced that the training of apprentices must form an integral part of the general training programme of an industry. We believe that it would be a b...More Button

I want to stress that much of the success that has been achieved has been due to the spirit of goodwill and co-operation displayed by the workers' and employers' representatives both in An Cheard C...More Button

I have mentioned that apprenticeship committees under the 1959 Act will operate, for the time being, as industrial training committees under section 22 of this Bill. I can see no reason why, on th...More Button

There is another point about apprenticeship and accelerated vocational training which I should like to put in perspective. There is no question of abolishing the apprenticeship system as the main ...More Button

Accordingly, the new authority will have power to provide training courses, probably in special centres, using accelerated vocational methods for training adults. In this way it will be possible t...More Button

I want to emphasise again that the object of these courses will be to supplement, not to replace, the apprenticeship system. The nature of the courses and the number of adults to receive training ...More Button

As I see it, An Chomhairle will seek general agreement on the way this problem should be handled. I am satisfied that the trade union movement as a whole will deal with the question in a responsib...More Button

In view of what I have said earlier, I believe that these provisions will be brought into use very seldom and I hope they will not have to be used at all. But we must insist that the development o...More Button

One final word on this point. I trust nobody will try to argue that you cannot produce a skilled man by accelerated vocational training methods. It is being done in the North; it is being done i...More Button

Deputies will have observed that it is only in relation to apprentices that An Chomhairle can make legally enforceable rules. So far as the training of other workers is concerned An Chomhairle wil...More Button

The Bill accordingly provides that An Chomhairle may raise training levies from the employers in an industry which it has brought within the scope of the Act by means of an industrial training orde...More Button

Before making a levy order, An Chomhairle will consult with the appropriate industrial training committee. There will also be consultations about the basis on which the compensatory grants should b...More Button

Apart from making grants to offset levies An Chomhairle may, under section 17, make grants or loans to persons providing approved courses or other training facilities. An Chomhairle may arrange wi...More Button

It is intended that, in time, all grants for industrial training should be channelled through the one agency. For this purpose, section 18 provides that, on a date or dates to be determined, An Cho...More Button

The Bill has been drafted so as to concentrate executive powers in the hands of a representative but compact authority, and, at the same time, so as to ensure that there will be full consultation,...More Button

It is clearly desirable that An Chomhairle should be in a position to move quickly when circumstances seem to warrant this course. It may be necessary for An Chomhairle to mitigate the effects of ...More Button

There is provision for the financing of An Chomhairle by means of non-repayable grants. It is clear that the effective discharge of its functions will involve An Chomhairle in considerable expendi...More Button

I think I have done what I set out to do, namely, to explain the main provisions of the Bill and the thinking behind them. This Bill is only one of a series of manpower measures we are taking. An...More Button

I do not think that anyone will quarrel with the principles underlying this Bill, or with the objectives which it sets out to attain. There may be differences of opinion as to the best way of achi...More Button

The Comhairle would have power to sue the union.More Button

No.More Button